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  1. I have not heard of this problem nor have I experienced it. I use the same 3 balls in a simulator and while they are considerably beat up they have not cracked. Maybe just a bad ball or two. I've seen balls from all vendors crack and have flaws but I don't hold that against them. Just a part of manufacturing I assume.
  2. I completely agree, I love the S3. Been playing Volvik's for 3 years now and haven't looked back. Just purchased 3 dozen S4s, and love them also. Some reviewers say they don't spin as much as the S3, but I can spin them just fine. I can't really tell the difference between them, but give the edge to the S4 in the wind. Hows the distance of the Vibe compared to the S3? I only have the one round in with it but I see no discernible distance loss with it. My driver SS is 105, slightly above the 95 range of the ball. I will gladly give up a few yards on the driver (but I have not noticed any) for the performance this ball gives me around the green. It is very very soft and responsive. Reminds me of the Tour Balata 90 days. Weather permitting, I am playing again tomorrow and will have another round with it under my belt. I really like the performance and feel after the first outing. Full review forthcoming. I just need to put it through the paces and compare the short game performance head to head with the other top offerings that I have played.
  3. Thank you! The S3 does everything that the iS did and exceeds it in performance of all areas. If you were an iS fan like me you will love what the S3 brings to the table! I made the switch last year completely to the S3 and now that they are available in orange I have not looked back. I just got a couple dozen of the Volvik Vibes and boy are they addictive! Wonderful soft feel and zip into and around the greens. I will have a detailed review forthcoming, I want to make sure that I get enough rounds in on different greens to make a fair assessment.
  4. I am a huge fan of the Volvik iS in orange but hear that the Vivid is actually brighter! I have never lost an orange ball in a spot that I thought I should have found it. I've lost white balls in areas that I have found the orange and yellow ones. I won't be playing anything but an orange or yellow Volvik. I just received 2 dozens of the Vibe and will be getting up a review as soon as the RBC Heritage is over.
  5. This "In short: the Vibe really grips greens like nothing else" has me beyond excited! I have been missing the feel and spin of a Titleist Tour Balata for ever! I am so excited these "soft" balls are making a push into the market. Now I get the performance with the feel! This could be one amazing golf ball!
  6. Finally placed my order! had some communication delays but I'll have 2 doz. in yellow before you know it. I will give it a great review against the S3 and iS as well as sprinkling some Srixon XV and some Pro V1x info as well. The XV and the Pro V1x are the balls I played before discovering the iS. Then the S3 was released and I never looked back!
  7. I play the Volvik S3 because of its consistency. I know exactly what the ball will do with each shot, provided I hit it correctly. I don't rip it off greens and it doesn't release to the back when not expected. I get plenty of short game spin and it is a low spin monster off the tee. I have not found a ball as good as this one! I would compare it to my beloved TP Red, it is that good!
  8. The Volvik Vibe has been released and is becoming more available. I have not seen it in stores yet, but it is available on Volvik's Website! Can not wait for my order to come in!
  9. +1 It is available in yellow too... If you click the link in my first post you can see it. I can't post it here due to the format. they're out, anyone hit or play them, how do they compare to the chrome soft? I have not seen them at retail and they are still not up on the Volvik website so I can't comment. Cannot wait to get my hands these!
  10. I played the orange iS for the past two years and love the color. It is every bit as easy to follow as the yellow.
  11. The Volvik S3 is available in what I call Hyperwhite (so white it looks like blue) and orange. Both are available from Volvik on their website. I have not seen an S3 in yellow nor have I seen the VIBE yet. As soon as Volvik has the VIBE available on the site I'm getting a dozen in yellow and will let you know as well as a detailed review. The S3 is my gamer along with the iS so I'll have a great comparison base. I'll add in the Srixon XV as well as that was my go to ball before finding the S3.
  12. +1 It is available in yellow too... If you click the link in my first post you can see it. I can't post it here due to the format.
  13. Another ball that changed the ball, like the 35 compression influx, now we are seeking a new race for the the 65 compression, 3 piece, Urethane market. I guess good for us, more lower priced options for a similar ball. I have a feeling I'm going to love it. I like lower compression stuff, but like 35 is just too low. 65 seems perfect. Add in a Urethane cover to help with green side spin and I'm in. It has a Urethane cover so you should be set to go!!!
  14. Just saw this while searching around and cannot wait to try them!!! The Volvik S3 has been my go to ball for the past season and a half! Anxiously awaiting the S3 vs Vibe in my next ball challenge. Volvik To Launch Their Softest Ball Ever in VIBE, a Tour Ball For Everyone Volvik, the #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour, announced today the company will launch their new ultra-soft VIBE 3-piece Urethane golf balls at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show January 27. In one of their most exciting golf ball launches for 2016, Volvik believes they have made a Urethane golf ball for every skill level. According to their R&D team, combining an extremely low compression mixed with high grade Urethane makes this 3-piece ball the perfect “soft” option for tour players, advanced golfers and beginners alike. V.I.B.E. stands for Very Intelligent Ball Engineering and vaults Volvik into the surging soft urethane market with what they believe is even more of a performer than the competition in this new niche. Combining a “players” ball with a soft feel off the club face gives the VIBE the perfect combination of distance and straightness off the tee shots due to a low driver spin. "This is by far the softest ball that Volvik has ever produced,” said Jon Claffey, National Director of Sales and Marketing of Volvik USA. “The goal for 2016 was to make sure that Volvik provided a golf ball for every player type and the VIBE was the only category we were missing. When we asked golfers what they wanted to see, they clearly responded; SOFT, SOFT, SOFT! But they also wanted a tour Urethane cover and all the distance and greenside spin that a 3-piece ball provides. We spent significant time and went through many changes, but we finally came up with a ball that we feel can fit every player type at an affordable price.” The VIBE is a 3-piece, 65-compression ball that has tested as one of the longest golf balls on the market today, especially for slower to medium swing speeds to gain extreme distance. While other manufacturers claim lower compressions, Volvik’s testing confirmed that 65 is a compression that every level of player can compress, receive the benefits of an ultra-soft feel while still getting the distance and greenside spin of a true tour quality golf ball. The 336-dimple pattern ensures an enhanced flight time, optimal greenside spin and the short game control that you would expect from a Urethane 3-piece golf ball. "In our quest to make our softest ball ever, we discovered a few important elements,” said Claffey. “One, there is such a thing as too soft. A marshmallow feeling ball will be rejected by fast and slower swing speeds alike. Two, everyone loves a ball that checks up properly on the green and this is an area where many strokes are lost. Third and most importantly, a low driver spin that keeps you straighter is the key to making the world’s best performing golf ball. We feel we have perfectly combined these elements in the VIBE and look forward to having as many golfers as possible test the ball this season so they can see it for themselves.” The VIBE - Very Intelligent Ball Engineering by Volvik Ultra Soft, Tour Quality Urethane for Every Player · Extremely Low 65-Compression For Soft Feel/Tour Quality Cover · Straighter, More Consistent Shots Produced by Low Driver Spin, 3-Piece Construction · Powerful Driving Force Produces Greater Energy Transfer By Power Core · Soft Urethane Feel That Easily Compresses For Medium to Fast Swing Speeds · Enhanced Flight Time Produced By Reduced Aerodynamic Drag In Flight · Optimal Greenside Spin And Short Game Control By 336-Quasi-Cubotahedron Dimple Pattern The VIBE will begin shipping to retailers on February 1, 2016 and will carry a retail price of $35.99. It will initially be available in Yellow and White. About Volvik Volvik is the #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour with over 75 professionals using Volvik's ultra high-performance color golf balls on the world's professional tours. Since 2012, players using Volvik golf balls have earned over $8.5 million in prize money on the PGA TOUR, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour,Web.com Tour, Ladies European Tour, LAGT and Symetra Tour with 14 victories and over 100 Top 10 finishes. Volvik has experienced more color golf balls in play on the world's professional tours than any other manufacturer in the history of golf. Volvik is dedicated to the production of specialized 3- and 4-piece multi-layer golf balls that feature 41 worldwide patents. In over 30 years of golf ball production, Volvik has developed a reputation based on highly innovative development, quickly becoming one of the most significant and trusted golf ball manufacturers in the world.
  15. Well the calendar may have turned but I am still loving the S3. I put it in play in a couple tournaments and it withstood the test. All my comments above in previous post holds true to this day. No surprise there. I love how this ball will give me 36 holes with minimal wear and slight discoloration. I'll take it! I still have not played the S4, I have some but have been playing and practicing with the S3 so much I don't want to have to learn a new ball if there are differences at this point. Cannot beat the performance the S3 has to offer!
  16. [quote name='vwgolfer' timestamp='1447633362' post='12603130'] I have tried some different balls this year. Volvik vista iv. chromesoft, srixon q star. snell. and of course my favorite. bs rx. the winner. 1.Snell. it wins because of the price and quality. 2. Bridgestone RX. always a great ball. 3. bridgestone e6. for the price cant be beat. 4. chromesoft. a little to mushy for my taste but I liked it ok. if it was cheaper I might play it more often. 5. q star. about the same as the chromesoft but not quite as good. 6.volvik. too expensive. did not like the hardness of the cover. it was not for me. 7. titleist. prov. most expensive over hyped golf ball on the market. its ok. way too many people play this when they could be playing the E6 and spending the extra money on beer. [/quote] The Vista iV is the firmest of all their balls. The Volvik S3 would be a good comparison as they both have urethane covers and similar construction. The iV is firm and very low spin. The S3 is much softer and higher spin.One major difference between the two is that the color of the S3 stays hyper white much much longer than the Vice balls. I found the vice balls to discolor after just a few holes. The S3 stays white the entire round. However if you don't clean your ball the dirt can impregnate the cover over night. This is not a problem for me as i keep it clean but forgot one night because it got dark and the next day the ball had a darker spot on it. Weird, almost like I hit a tree... which not that I think about it I did earlier in the round... DANG NOW TO MORE TESTING. Have to tell the wife I need to play more golf and buy more Volvik S3's!
  17. [quote name='dciccoritti' timestamp='1446982981' post='12568988'] [quote name='playa' timestamp='1446959652' post='12568566'] [quote name='dciccoritti' timestamp='1446951070' post='12568072'] [quote name='Big Ben' timestamp='1446877388' post='12564804'] Based on my experience with Duo Spin I bet it's a good ball. Without reading about it sounds like a Callaway Chrome Soft. BB [/quote] This is what I'm thinking. I hate to say it but I think the Chrome Soft is a very good ball but not worth the money they go for. Looking forward to trying these and hoping the performance is very similar. [/quote] Chrome soft are a genuine tour ball. Long, soft, heaps of green side bite, low spinoff driver, very durable. Stacks right up with regular ProV (better imo), but about half the price. What's not worth the money?? [/quote] I agree with everything except the heaps of green side spin. For me the spin is not even close to balls like ProV, TP, FG Tour and even a mid level ball like Project (a). Or at least that's been my experience anyway. But like I said, if the Duo Urethan is similar, then I'll be all over it. I've always respected Wilson Staff and their ability to keep prices reasonable. They seem to offer great value with all their equipment and balls. [/quote] Agree! Love the feel of the Chrome Soft, the green side spin leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth...
  18. [quote name='Choppy' timestamp='1446124674' post='12522842'] Didn't know volvik made a "premium ball". Don't they make the rock hard weird colored sparkly balls? Those are always good for a laugh when somebody comes walking out of the woods with one of those on mens night. Makes for a good scramble tee ball though. [/quote] [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/812091-volvik-golf-balls-not-a-peep/page__st__570__p__11458055__hl__volvik#entry11458055"]VOLVIK HUGE THREAD HERE[/url] is 20 pages of players discussing the attributes of the Volvik golf balls! You can also search for Volvik and find page after page of ball reviews. These are a great offering and what i especially enjoy is the separation between the balls. Each ball does something better than the rest. Low Driver Spin (iV), High Wedge Spin (S3), Right in the Middle with some Color (iS). Soft 2-piece ball that will stick to the greens off the wedges (DS-77). There is even the new S4 which is even firmer and lower spinning than the S3 but I have not played it yet.
  19. [quote name='Choppy' timestamp='1446119755' post='12522622'] [quote name='Dei3Nascar8' timestamp='1446119199' post='12522598'] Volvik Vista iV is your ball! This ball is stupid long and very low spin off the driver! There is enough spin to keep a ball on the green with the wedges but the mid and long irons, for me, release a bit. I am a low ball hitter and need all the spin I can get. I play the iS and S3 because they give me the spin I want. The iV and S3 is popular with the guys who play it on tour. [/quote] What Tour is the Volvik played on? Can't recall ever seeing those things on a ball count. [/quote] The link below shows you their tour presence. The S3 may be the most perfect ball I have ever played. Spins just right for almost every shot and is predictable. With the correct strike you can make this ball do whatever you need. [url="http://www.volvik.com/volvik-on-tour/"]http://www.volvik.com/volvik-on-tour/[/url]
  20. Volvik Vista iV is your ball! This ball is stupid long and very low spin off the driver! There is enough spin to keep a ball on the green with the wedges but the mid and long irons, for me, release a bit. I am a low ball hitter and need all the spin I can get. I play the iS and S3 because they give me the spin I want. The iV and S3 is popular with the guys who play it on tour.
  21. Volvik S3 - Deep off the driver, spins great with the wedges, and proven on tour (if that matters to you). Hyper white urethane cover is z-Star indestructible too. I have not played either of the balls you referred to because, well when you have something this good why change?
  22. [quote name='clemsontiger1' timestamp='1444319489' post='12428000'] Straight forward question. What premium golf ball is the most durable ball out there. [/quote] Volvik S3 is boarder-line indestructible. I thought that only Srixon had a special formula but I have played a Volvik S3 for 36 holes and other than it being a little dingy compared to a new Volvik S3 I will tee it up a third time! So my vote is for the Volvik S3 or Srixon Z-Star XV Tour Yellow.
  23. Volvik DS-77 is what you are looking for!
  24. [quote name='JaxBeachNole' timestamp='1441811549' post='12287508'] [quote name='Pure745' timestamp='1441810050' post='12287360'] Oh man, that 430! If they had a black version with that carbon fiber.. [/quote] Gotta think something can be done [/quote] I was thinking or a Red crown, black carbon fiber... Might, just might be better looking than my CT 2.0 and if it out performed might find its way into the bag... Glad it is not in Red or I'd have to explain why I need another driver to the wife, lol.
  25. [quote name='Boricua Golf' timestamp='1441723388' post='12280796'] I agree with Volvik, awesome golf ball [/quote] Have to give the nod to Volvik! I really like the Vista iS and have played it and the S3 since 2013. You can find my detailed review on this site, if not let me know and I'll post it below. If you want a tour level ball in orange then the iS is the only way to go!
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