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  1. sorry I forgot to mention that. TS3 9.5* set at 10.25*. I don't hit my driver very high. I don't have the numbers as the launch monitor at the club does not measure that.
  2. At our club there is no charge for Demo days. The rep usually has a wide variety of shafts and heads that you can hit. At our club you can make an appointment or if you are simply on the range that day, you can walk over and ask to try a club (not sure if this is the same everywhere). I tested the odd club at a demo day but never signed up for an appointment so I don't know if they would do a true fitting or not
  3. Yes, I have been keeping my eye out for a AD DI in R or SR but given the fact that the Diamana is a regular flex and things didn't change much I am not sure if it is worth it.
  4. I know. Was just hoping that I could get another 5-7yrds of carry with the right shaft. I will keep working on increasing clubhead speed
  5. I am about 5-6 handicap (5.4 index with the new system) and my strength is from 165yrds in. However, one thing I struggle with is my driver. I am fairly accurate but struggle getting enough distance and swing speed. I have been working with an instructor for several years and have my driver to a point where I can play most courses around 6600yrds or less. One issue with my driver is launch angle as it is a bit on the low side for my swing speed of 90-95mph. So I toy around with different shafts to try and find the right combination (yes I know, fitting is the best option). Today I was in my si
  6. Probably depends on how much you play and how much you want to improve. I think the technology (things like moving the weighting around) in irons has improved dramatically especially on off center hits. Inconsistent golfers often struggle with hitting the center of the face. Most of the newer game improvement irons try to minimize the loss of distance when you hit it off the heel or toe and make it easier to get the ball in the air. So if you are playing pretty regularly and want to improve, I think you would benefit from some new irons. Even if you pick up some used ones from the last 7 yrs o
  7. I am curious, are you worried that people will not want to play with you because you are a "hacker". Lots of poor golfers out there that I don't mind playing with as long as they play quickly and are courteous. There is nothing worse that watching someone take 4 practice swings, step away from the ball to get there line, take 3 more practice swings and the dribble the ball up the fairway over and over again. There is always a round or two each year where most of us are "hackers". So I wouldn't worry about be a 20+ handicap. Just play quickly, like mentioned above, don't blame your equipment fo
  8. The group I go with has played Eagle Mountain the last 2yrs and love the course. Lot's of changes in elevation
  9. I am sure some people will brag about hitting a 7 iron a specific distance but for some of us, the T100s provide better gapping. I built my hybrid and wedges around a 24.5* 5 iron and a 45.5* PW (current irons are TM PSI). I've since found out at a fitting that I should be hitting irons 2* flat rather than the standard loft of my current irons and it's about time for a new set of irons anyway. I really liked the T100 but a 27* 5 iron would leave too much gap between my 5 iron and hybrid (21*). Sure I could add a 4 iron to my set but then I would have to remove another club from my bag. With th
  10. awesome look set and great specs except for the x100 shafts...too stiff for me
  11. I agree. Every time I think my bag is set, I find a shaft or driver head in the classifieds that I just have to try.
  12. I don't think about the cost of a ball but I have to admit if I am playing a new course that is either tight or has lots of water I may pull out a ball I have used before rather than a new one until I see how I am hitting the ball that day
  13. And I was just thinking...none of the golfers I regularly play with use them. Also, I've played matches/club championships at our club with over 50 different players and can't remember a single person using iron covers. I didn't realize they were popular with some golfers
  14. I agree, never use them and would never avoid buying a used set of irons because of a little bag chatter
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