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  1. What ISO, shutter speed, and aperture do you shoot at and do you use any nd filters or polarizers?
  2. Champ has a great swing and a ton of upside. He had great showing at the US Open this year and lead the field in driving. If I recall correctly he averaged 339 for the week.
  3. The Ohio Open is a good event along this vain. Ben Curtis won it a couple of years before winning the Open Championship
  4. Have really enjoyed following your journey in the thread. The green trucker hat is outstanding. I see that one in my future.
  5. I am going to be in Cincy in a couple of weeks and am looking for recommendations on somewhere to play. Looking to play mid day on Tuesday. Anywhere within an hour drive of downtown Cincinnati is ok. Shaker Run in Lebanon is a possibility and heard good things about Stonelick. Any other tracks I should consider. Thanks
  6. Any of you guys play Mohican Hills in Jeromesville? I am playing it this week and just wondered what the course is like. All I have heard is the course is usually in good shape, fairly easy off the tee, and undulating, fast, greens. Is that about the gist of it or is there anything else I should know. Thanks
  7. I am a low capper have bounced between +.7 and 1 for the past couple of years and I am the total opposite of the low cappers described here. My brother tells people I am the worst good player in our area and the truth is he is right. It's not uncommon for me to have two or more tops around. I can't tell you how many times I have topped a tee shot and made biridie or par on that hole. It happens so much that the running joke is if I top it off the tee. Just mark a birdie on the card and go to the next hole. Having played with several mini tour players, played in USGA and State Am, and caddie
  8. [quote name='FSCMatt' timestamp='1397588110' post='9098083'] I have no problem paying whatever it'll cost for the fitting. I'm just kind of over buying clubs and hoping they are "the one." I get a pretty good deal through the course I caddy at in SW Michigan so I have a hard time paying much over cost for clubs (I'm spoiled there). If I really enjoy everything at Miles, who knows I might be willing to shell out some money for what I want. [/quote] I was fit for a driver at Miles a couple of years ago and it was one of the better experiences, I have had. During the fitting I must have 50 di
  9. At my home course the 18th is a drive-able par 4. Left of the fairway is the owners and head pros house, it is guarded buy a bunch of trees and isn't visible from the tee. You have to be a bigger hitter to get it there My miss is left and one summer I hit the pool, jacuzzi, dog kennel, and house several times as well as over the house. Luckily I never broke or damaged anything. After asking for a ruling from where to take a drop from his driveway. The owner kindly asked me not to hit driver off that tee anymore.
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