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  1. Long story shortened.....I am well aware of industry issues. I waited patiently for my Ping G425 irons. As for PXG, multiple disappointing experiences in terms of customer service, fittings and performance of products.
  2. Funny you ask. I cancelled the order late yesterday because it was ordered 2 weeks ago and they had no idea as of yesterday when they would be building and shipping it. Once again, PXG gives me another reason why I don't bag any of their clubs.
  3. I was on the fence this year and did 3 range sessions comparing my exisiting G410 fairways (5 and 7 woods) with the G425. I ended up buying the new G425's. What sold me was primarily more consistency with the G425's as well as more forgiveness.
  4. Appears to have cracked right along the weld
  5. I just wanted to share my recent wedge shaft experiment. This year I recently went to graphite shafts in my new G425 irons. Tested every shaft in the fitting cart and ended up with the Alta CB graphite shafts. Simply loved the feel, flight and dispersion with this shaft. So I decided to try some shaft options in my SM8 54 and 58 wedges. Played KBS HiRev 2.0 and disliked these shafts. Spin was mediocre at best (even with a ProV1) and I lost all feel with the club. Very underwhelmed with the KBS. Just reshafted with the Paderson Kinetixx Wedge graphite shafts from Golf Works in
  6. I just ordered a 0211 driver for the heck of it since the price was only $225. I want to see how it stacks up to my G425 max. I ordered it 1/4" long so its only 1/2 shorter than my Ping. Riptide CB shaft so it is similar to my Tensei Orange.
  7. Maybe experiment with a heavier weight in the PXG?
  8. Friction definitely is a factor.....try the ol' vaseline on the face of your driver and see how long and straight the ball flies. It's amazing how effective it is.
  9. There was a lot of buzz about this driver and quite a few tests when it first came out a couple months ago. Has anyone actually found it has a permanent place in their bag? It seems insanely low priced ......now at $225. Wonder if sales have been sluggish?
  10. The mid round cover fits perfectly as said above. They are much much better than the square ones used on the x12's. I can't believe the mid round wasn't the stock cover on the X11's.
  11. I think there is some legit reasoning when it come to laying the face really wide open but for me the look doesn't fit my eye. I still like the look of framing the ball with a traditional club face/ grooves.
  12. I hit the ball all over the place with the Sim2. Dispersion was terrible in both distance and direction.
  13. Yes, they definitely are. I personally have no issues with sound and feel as some others do. Great irons.
  14. Agree and also the supply chain is a moving target. Companies are also being given information by suppliers that is variable. Couple all of that with extremely high demand such as Ping's case and it makes it nearly impossible to give accurate lead times.
  15. He also used a new grip....Superstroke Pistol GT Tour. Back to a slim grip.
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