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  1. My fitter just called Ping yesterday to inquire on my custom g425 iron order. Now they are bumping from 4 weeks to 5-6 weeks. Possibly longer. I've been waiting 4 weeks and was told at least another 2 weeks out. They can't keep up and have recently had some heads that had to be rejected for quality issues.
  2. Direct quote from Titleist/ Scotty Cameron Dealer order site" The Titleist Club business is having our most successful start ever...we shipped 50% more golf clubs in Q1 than our previous high. The demand for golf and our products is unbelievable to see. In Q2 2019, we shipped 30,000 Scotty Cameron Putters. We already shipped 50,000 Scotty Cameron Putters on the books for Q2 2021....astonishing numbers! Because of this, we unfortunately will be quoting Mid July for all new at-once putter orders. We physically cannot build anymore putters without taking sign
  3. Just remember, more loft is your friend. Try skipping the 3 wood and try a 5 instead.
  4. Finally I have gone to superstroke after playing nearly every grip out there over 20 plus years. I like the Superstroke Tour 1.0 the best. It just fits my hands well and feels great. Tried the Pistol GT Tour and 1.0 and just didn't like the sharp edges.
  5. I hope the Toulon's continue and can offer more accessories. I can honestly say that after being a 20 plus year Cameron player and collector, the Toulon Las Vegas has been impressive and is now in my bag. I've tried numerous Byron Morgan, Bettinardi, Peretti putters....both stock and Tour only models and the Toulon is a great putter. Really nice job of performance and aesthetics and that is something very hard to achieve in my opinion.
  6. I also have the gut sense that Toulon may be going away except for a few small batch releases. I certainly hope not but it seems nothing is on the horizon or at least any hints haven't been shared with us.
  7. The Garage is also pretty sparse right now with models. For instance, no Las Vegas H7's. Only DB versions. Really wish there were more Toulon accessories available such as headcovers, grips, weights, etc. Grips and headcovers don't last forever and need regular replacement.
  8. Other than longer battery life, are there any other differences or upgrades on the new S42? Is it worth the extra $75-$80 to go with the S42?
  9. Anyone know why the Toulon weights/ kits have disappeared? Been searching high and low for an A7 and noticed Toulon weights have become extinct. Pretty disappointing to see this.
  10. Just need an A7 weight for my Toulon. Don't need screws, wrench, etc...Just the weight please.
  11. 3 dozen pro V1's. Note one box is "pink #'s" No logos. $95 shipped CONUS only.
  12. All items sold together with putter. Will not separate. No trades. Priced to sell and is firm. Round Back - 34" Brand new Jackpot Johnny CS headcover - blue mid mallet. Brand New...only put on to store this Round Back. Red Pistolero - Brand New - not a pull Black/ Red SC Winn - standard size - Brand New - not a pull 2 sleeves of 2020 ProV1's. No logos ALL ITEMS LISTED - SOLD
  13. Scotty Cameron Round Back. 34" w 15g weights. Red Pistolero grip. Never rolled a ball and is brand new. No head cover included. Listing closed.
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