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  1. Getting rid of some old stock. It's been a while since I've shipped clubs so I will prefer the buyer to pay their own costs. I'm in Seattle area zip 98115. I've been playing a few JDM driver's over the past years and know for you JDM guys shaft selection isn't always the best here in the USA, so here's some experiments gone wrong for me. First two shafts are from my Mizuno ST190 and the last shaft is from my JDM Bridgestone J715 B5 driver. As with any shaft you can pull the adapter off and reshafted to your liking for other brands. I guess PayPal is the only method of payment. Buyer to con
  2. PX LZ gone, thanks Damenace613. As for the rest of the deals you snooze you loose, priced to sell, keep the PM's rolling in.
  3. I just cleared out my inbox. PX LZ shaft is yours. PM your shipping details: preferred carrier and shipping address and I'll get a quote for you.
  4. Just clearing out a few extras. Lots of x flex items that didn't pan out for me. I'm getting old and not playing as much to justify the x flex. Most of the items are priced to sell so you will have to pay for shipping from Seattle, WA. My zip code is 98115 if you want to calculate shipping via your preferred shipping method. Will take Paypal, Venmo, or Chase Quickpay/Zelle. I will ship next day after receiving payment. Matrix - Speed Rulz c type 70 TX w/ TM M1 tip, 44 1/8" - $90 + shipping This shaft was pulled directly from my 2017 TM M1 driver. Shaft upgrade was originally $200 when the
  5. Sleeper driver of recent years. I love the feel of power milling they brought on the J715 series, it feels like it just compresses the ball a hair bit more. I do miss my J40 445 sometimes though as it was more forgiving.
  6. Just grab a thick rubber band and wrap it around the headcover until it fits snug but stretchable enough to clear your club head when taking on/off. Works like a charm. If you're lucky maybe you can find color matched rubber bands. Mine are all black and can't even tell there is a rubber band on them.
  7. I played Salish a couple weeks back and it was in phenomenal shape. Greens as smooth as a babies bottom.
  8. You know what grinds my gears? Sunflower seeds all over the green WTF!!!!!!!!
  9. I was expecting to hear of some Tigeresque story of Adam shorting a waiter, you've dissapointed me tremendously.
  10. As others have said depends on your range. Ask the range crew if they know anything about the balls. I know when I worked at a range we had issues w/ some big hitters hitting over a 100ft tall fence down wind (280 yd long range, but a double decker) onto a city park owned soccer field. The city threatened to shut the range down unless a resolution came about. We spent 3 months limiting any driver use on the range until a new ball was formulated w/ Srixon that would limit the flight off woods but somewhat stay consistent w/ iron shots. I'd say that those balls were pretty consistent to real l
  11. Check out the PGA Tour Youtube channel. They have a series where they post pre-round warm up routines from some pretty notible players. You'll be surprised that most work on wedges 70% of their time and hit very few Woods. *edit meant to say short game 70% of the time which includes putting, chipping, partial wedges, full wedges
  12. PS I tried to buy a Z U45 the other week through Srixon's website, on sale for $99. Horrible customer service, they sold out of the U45 and sent just the dozen of balls I added due to the free shipping offer if you spent over $100. So I essential paid for a dozen of balls + shipping which I could've picked up locally w/o the shipping fee. Where's the communication Srixon?
  13. Go with what ever fit's your swing. I, myself am a big believer in graphite hybrid shafts tweaked to your heart's desire in any driving iron setup. Grapjhite will allow you to tip trim according to bring that ball flight down on top of finding the right flex and bend profile.
  14. Agree w/ this statement. One less par 5 equals a harder course to score on. So is it legit to score a 62 on a 71? Absolutely
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