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  1. Have moved to "SR" flex. Sorry X-flexors. All measurements from end of grip to tip/or adapter. All shafts $160 shipped and PPed. 1) AD DJ 6s TM adapter, black/ white Golf Pride New Decade grip (VG condition) 2) AD BB 6s the "Blue Bullet" TM adapter, blue/ black GP New Decade grip (VG condition) See photo of cosmetic imperfection to adapter 3) AD BB 6s Cobra adapter, black Iomic grip (VG cond.) 4)AD BB 7s TM adapter, Golf Pride grip (VG cond.) 5)AD DI 6s 3 wood length, no adapter, b/w GP New Decade grip (G cond.) See photo 6)AD BB 6sr 3 wood length, no adapter blue
  2. What club did the AD DI Sr come out of? Seems short for a driver???
  3. Oh to see those old Bullseyes. All of us who swing "R" shafts now gamed one of those in the day. No putter covers back then.
  4. Interested in rangefinder. How old? Any trade interests? Have TM tour driver heads, SC putters (older models)
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