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  1. Thanks Monte. Any suggestions for a fix, or a drill I can do? What am I ultimately trying to eliminate? 1. Keep the club laid off an clear hard with the lower body ? Or 2. Stop the club from becoming laid off in the first place?
  2. I'm an 11 Handicap, and trying to be more consistent with my irons. One thing I have noticed in all good players is that their weight goes into their left heel and DOWN during the downswing. Why can't I keep my left foot down, and how big a problem is this? I'm sure there's a lot more that's wrong with my swing too....Thanks for any feedback. -Paul IMG_4350.MOV
  3. My buddy and I were playing the other day and got into a discussion about equipment, and how particular Pros are about their clubs. We debated how many shots would be lost if you handed a pro one of our bags during a tournament and he had to to play a full round with it. Given how good these guys are, I would imagine they would adapt pretty quick, but we were debating how many shots would be left on the table. It's as good a thing to debate as any when you're playing Muni golf and backed up 2 groups deep on the 3rd tee box !
  4. I recently started playing a better ball, and was curious on what people define as a scuff, and when it's bad enough to change out. Here's a pro v-1. Is a scuff like this worth changing the ball, or would this have little to no effect on the shot? I have a bunch of balls that fall into this category. Thanks
  5. I'm considering getting a new driver, and would like to have it custom fit. The shop I would be going to charges $125 for the fitting, plus the cost of the head, shaft, etc. I've never done this before and want to see if this is in even my budget. I know heads and shafts can vary significantly, but does anyone have an ball park estimates? Thanks.
  6. > @OleVirginia said: > Was going to write something about social media (and the media at large, really) emboldening people to overstep socially acceptable norms in the quest for their 15 minutes of viral fame but I don't really want to go down that rabbit hole. Instead, I'll chime in with a freezing cold take... New Yorkers are a--h----! > > TBM Not all of them! :) but a lot are ....any this is coming from one.
  7. I wanted to see if anyone here attended yesterday's first round , and if so what their thoughts were on the fans? I don't write very many posts on GolfWRX, but I have to say that attending Bethpage yesterday was pretty nauseating to say the least. I'm sure there will be people who throw around words like Snowflake, etc when they read this, but the etiquette or lack there of I witnessed yesterday was deplorable; and it was all under the heading of "Hey, I'm from NY". As someone who grew up on Long Island, I was embarrassed. I stood next to the tee-box on 7 watching Phil, Rory and Kisner come through and wanted to vomit at the stuff that was coming out of some of these people's mouths; and could only imagine what the players were thinking. Then Phil hit the restroom after he teed off, only to return to very specific and graphic questions about what he was doing in there.....there were some other choice remark as well thrown Rory's way. That being said, I think I'm venting more on the fact that this has become "acceptable" ... I guess it's just worse in NY because people think that being from NY they just have an excuse to be A--H---e. I was going to take my 5 year old to the tournament yesterday, but I though it would be to long a day for him . I'm glad I made that decision, as I'm not quite sure what I would have said to him at that point when he said, Daddy, why are they yelling those things at them? ...Maybe I just witnessed the worst fans of the week on that particular tee box, but something tell me I'm being being to optimistic. I just happen to see the Billy Horshell Incident last week on twitter, and I guess that's what also prompted me to write this. I was in 100% agreement with Billy and his reaction. Reading comments from people om twitter who genuinely believe they have the right to act, say and do anything they want is total Bull---t. Get some manners people...and If you can't control your self when having a few beers, then don't drink. I'm all for cheering, and a little heckling, but there's a line ....and if you don't know where that line is then stay home.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys.....have to figure out what to do ...or maybe nothing at all. Lord Helmet, I took the blue badges off years ago as well!
  9. Solar, thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I didn't realize there was a playability factor chart, good to know.
  10. I am a 15 Handicap. I got fitted for the clubs about 10 years ago. The fitting wasn't all that great. The first set of irons came with dynamic gold XP shafts, and my ball-flight in my shorter irons was ridiculously high. I'll be the first to admit that was probably due to my inability to learn how to flight the ball down at the time. I ended up selling the clubs and replacing them with another set of MX-200s, but with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. I was told that these shaft might lower my ball-flight a bit, as they are heavier. Long story short I've been playing with this setup for the last 10 years and really like these clubs. However lately when I pick them up they feel heavier than ever (I'm getting old I guess). I was in a gold store the other day and picked up a Mizuno MP-54 (stock Dynamic gold shafts). I immediately noticed how much lighter the club felt and at address, didn't look THAT much smaller or unforgiving than my MX-200s. My question would be, how much distance can you really lose (or swing speed) if you're playing with clubs/shafts that are to heavy? and ...do you think a transition from MX-200s to the MP-54s would be to big a leap? Thanks.
  11. I've been a big fan of Luke for a while, and was surprised he's not playing the Honda.. I know he was out with a bad back last year...do you think this will be his last season?
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