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  1. so you are saying there was still a chance! I know timelines were tight, figure it was better to create awareness then no at all. Never know who is lurching and willing to pull the trigger. will definitely try to give more notice if I see something, but it popped up on my IG and figured it was something the community may find useful even with the short time lines. i didn’t check the final prices but some of those were an absolute steal. If your even up in Toronto and want a game let me know.
  2. Just saw this on IG and thought some could be interested. So good deals and for charity. https://donate.memberforaday.co/theheartbrothers
  3. Hit' Em for the House oakmont and lots of other great golf plus a chance to play with Tom Coyne
  4. I’ve always jumped at the opportunity when they present themselves as I never know if it could happen again. That being said you need to make sure it fits the budget or you can make some future sacrifices to make it happen. knowing that you are the guest, maybe ask your member his preference on 36 at WF (would it be in the same day or consecutive). Sounds like an amazing trip and great connection you have.
  5. I would probably make the drive immediately down to Tobacco Road on arrival then stay in Pinehurst for the duration. find the courses within your budget, for the no. Serious golfers your could try to break up the golf with some breweries (and do a day Pinehurst -Thistle and Cradle - probably more enjoyable for the non golfers than playing full 18).
  6. I have used http://www.thetravellinggolfer.com.au/ when visiting and essentially had access to any club and they arranged all detail if you want. Never hurts to price out a few different companies.
  7. I could be persuaded into joining the convoy!! Always looking for a reason to get back to Bandon.
  8. Tom coyne posted a video the other day of the Dormie Club and it didn’t look like anything was in bad shape. Haven’t been there myself.
  9. Midline and Pine Needles offer national memberships and both have accommodations on site.
  10. Pasatiempo in Santa Cruz would be my reco. I am headed down and will be checking out Baylands Golf Links and Corica GC - South in addition to a couple others
  11. Some great auction items out there. Eyeing the Oakmont, but need to find 2 friends to pitch in.
  12. It isn't that hard. You apply. There used to be a link on the Golf Digest website how to apply to become a rater. I don't know if it is still up. It was basically an email link. I have submitted requests to begin the application process at least twice over the past few years. No response whatsoever. Based on my experience, it's rather difficult to become a rater. I couldn't even get the process started. If you meet the requirements then it really isn't now though (verifiable 5 index or less, ability to play and rate at least a dozen clubs per year). They doubled the number of panelis
  13. Merry Christmas everyone!! Headed towards some warmer weather tomorrow to get a round or Two in.
  14. Damn!! That’s a nice line up! Enjoy and give us a report after!
  15. I got an email from Prince’s saying they don’t have any availability as there a competition. Both Royal’s show tee times so I might just put together my own package and play a couple more heathland courses.
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