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  1. I did alright during Swagmas. Missed out on a couple things but not a big deal. Ended up with the grinch, home alone, and deep freeze covers and a fellow on another forum snagged the game over coin for me. Chun-Li would have been sweet and I was really wanting the Lava Skulls towel but missed out.
  2. I feel like I have definitely gotten more than the membership fee from it and I am excited about the cover of the month thing.
  3. Grabbed a utility rover in the light grey herringbone, a shoe bag, and a camo mask. Always love this sale.
  4. I play year round here so anywhere from mid 20s to over 100.
  5. I am a digger and pretty steep and oddly enough get along better with low bounce irons. Everyone is different.
  6. Plus 4 Jumbo on all clubs but the putter and use a Linksmaster. no issues.
  7. Seems like a lot of folks use Apple Pay based on the feedback on IG and the various Swag Facebook groups.
  8. I have everything stored in Shopify. I just enter a code that is texted to me and address, payment, etc... is all pre-loaded. Apparently Apple Pay is fast too but I don't have an iPhone.
  9. I grabbed this one but I'm not 100% on it. I'm afraid when I get it the yellow will be too much for my liking.
  10. mljones99

    36” putter

    6'6" and have played 36" putters forever but recently gone up to a 37" putter and I'm loving it even more.
  11. Isn't that one of Blades and Balatas logos?
  12. I'm new to the Swag cover game and only have 1, the Queen Jasmine cover from a week or 2 ago. Really impressed with the quality of their covers and some of the designs are really cool. Definitely want to get a few more.
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