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  1. Getting out of the Swag game and this is what I have left. Swag Hawaiian Shirt blade cover - $160 shipped Swag Game Over ball marker - $120 shipped
  2. I'm not a great golfer by any means but for at least for me there is not a single shot or yardage I hit with 14 clubs that I can't hit with 8. So why carry the extra weight? Just my take on it and how I approach golf these days.
  3. I stopped caring what other people think back in high school so kinda hard to shame me one direction or another.
  4. 100% could and have been using a Sunday bag for the last several months. I've also dropped to just carrying 8 clubs so space is never an issue.
  5. Hadn't seen the green and white before, at least that I remember. I kind of want to get one of the bi-color ones now.
  6. Might be a tough find as I don't think Titleist sells them anymore.
  7. some nice looking stuff but nothing worth staying up for.
  8. don't think I've ever seen someone use a Sunday bag on a push cart. Is that a thing?
  9. People complain about it not being a lightweight bag but the member bag is only 4.6 pounds which I don't consider heavy. I find that it balances very well which is more important than weight to me. I don't use double straps though so I can't comment on the balance using them but with a single strap it is pretty close to perfect for me.
  10. Get a Grip with Max Homa and Shane Bacon. Hairless Platypus episode maybe? or the one before it... I can't remember.
  11. He talked about it on his podcast last week... can't remember all the details.
  12. This. Whatever I'm not using gets sold. Reading the original post the word why kept going through my mind lol.
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