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  1. I started playing a half set which solved any club tangle problems, which were very minimal to begin with.
  2. I got mine from the merch tent at the PGA this year (they had a Ryder Cup section) but I think you can get them from Fanatics.
  3. The less dividers the better for me. all my bags have 2 dividers at most.
  4. use the same grips.... no problem getting all 14 in the bag
  5. I'm a big Jones fan and I would personally go with the Utility stand bag over the Classic.
  6. Single Strap Linksmaster is my favorite bag for walking.
  7. Before I retooled my swing I played my irons +1.5". Adjust the straps so the bottom of the bag is lower than you would normally carry it. Or just carry a few more golf balls to add weight to the bottom end.
  8. I have 3 bags but really only use 2 of them. Linksmaster or a Jones Utility Rover. I also have a Jones Original in Camo but don't use it much. If I know for certain I am riding in a cart I'll use the Linksmaster, otherwise it is just whatever I'm feeling that day. I don't carry much so I can easily switch bags in probably less than a minute.
  9. no longer available. Getting out of the Swag game and this is what I have left. Swag Hawaiian Shirt blade cover - $160 shipped Swag Game Over ball marker - $120 shipped
  10. I'm not a great golfer by any means but for at least for me there is not a single shot or yardage I hit with 14 clubs that I can't hit with 8. So why carry the extra weight? Just my take on it and how I approach golf these days.
  11. I stopped caring what other people think back in high school so kinda hard to shame me one direction or another.
  12. 100% could and have been using a Sunday bag for the last several months. I've also dropped to just carrying 8 clubs so space is never an issue.
  13. Hadn't seen the green and white before, at least that I remember. I kind of want to get one of the bi-color ones now.
  14. Might be a tough find as I don't think Titleist sells them anymore.
  15. some nice looking stuff but nothing worth staying up for.
  16. don't think I've ever seen someone use a Sunday bag on a push cart. Is that a thing?
  17. People complain about it not being a lightweight bag but the member bag is only 4.6 pounds which I don't consider heavy. I find that it balances very well which is more important than weight to me. I don't use double straps though so I can't comment on the balance using them but with a single strap it is pretty close to perfect for me.
  18. Get a Grip with Max Homa and Shane Bacon. Hairless Platypus episode maybe? or the one before it... I can't remember.
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