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  1. I feel all the pain of everyone in here as I played for 30 years and have only just now shifted from men's league baseball to getting serious about golf. When I am hitting the golf ball well, I feel like I am on my front side so early, weird feeling to get used to
  2. felt good and solid... I was hitting into a net though. Was just a very different feeling, especially for myself who has been a baseball player all my life and am only now trying to get good at golf
  3. After doing day 3, I hit some without the band on and I was shallowing the club like never before. I know I gripped the club tight before, but now my right (trail, I'm a righty) wrist was incredibly loose and it felt like my right hand/wrist were just along for the ride and that I was just whipping the club at the ball. Anyone else feel that sensation?
  4. If you are coming up 81 and then going west on 90 you'd be near the courses at turning stone which are quite nice
  5. If you liked his previous stuff, you will like his new site. Very very detailed, definitely did a good job on it. Only thing I'm not a fan of is the wait on the different modules if you signed up to pay monthly (like I did). Not sure if you paid for the year up front if you get access to everything right away
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