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  1. [quote name='harold baines' timestamp='1347902166' post='5651935'] pro's it might be the right length for you con's it might be the wrong length for you [/quote] Very true...lol
  2. I've played mostly cast throughout with a few forged sets thrown in here and there always going back to cast..until now. Playing the Diablo forged and getting all I want and need from them......have 3 sets now, one with c-tapers in them too, another one still in plastic as backup..lol. Loving the feel and distance from them.
  3. [quote name='BuckyBadger' timestamp='1347672478' post='5642101'] [quote name='jsmith1' timestamp='1347649315' post='5640389'] Some good stuff, thnx guys. What would be the typical weight of the head at 33"? [/quote] I personally think you need a 33 inch putter between 360 and 380 grams. [/quote] Thnx for the info, I play mostly average speed greens, may try something in the middle.
  4. Some good stuff, thnx guys. What would be the typical weight of the head at 33"?
  5. Was using one the day in the shop and really putting well with it. Are many using one and if so what are the pros and cons of using that length that you have found.
  6. [quote name='PBXEngineer' timestamp='1344806531' post='5456532'] Am finding it more forgiving than my `titleist 910 D3. The project X 6.0 seems to suit my swing 99mph swing speed, but would like to try it with my whiteboard from my 910 D3 [/quote] So would it be a good deal, thinking of getting 9.5 with 6.5 px
  7. Thinking of getting this driver, GS has a coupon that works, can get it for $320....good buy?
  8. Very impressive to anyone that really knows anything about golf or sports, for that matter.
  9. [quote name='bigred90gt' date='15 July 2010 - 08:25 AM' timestamp='1279196712' post='2577317'] http://channelsurfing.net/ Scroll down a ways, and you will see "The OPEN Championship". the link works great for me. [/quote] Works, thanks, better than anything else I've found so far.
  10. for golf and access to great beaches, east coast without a doubt, Treasure Coast is one great area.
  11. [quote name='matt062286' date='06 April 2010 - 07:41 AM' timestamp='1270554072' post='2363240'] I've always considered Links 2003 the best golf sim of all time. The community behind the game has kept it alive for over 7 years now; there are hundreds of courses for it now and some of them are spectacular. I always found it the most realistic as well, I usually lose interest in other golf games when I'm shooting in the 50s every time. [/quote] no doubt, Links was the best of all time, thanx Microsoft for buying it and ruining it. For those that want to play a pretty realistic game as far
  12. I, like many others are disappointed in the recent events that have come to light regarding Tiger, I have always felt that he was a good role model for a highly visible athlete, wether he was supposed to be one or not. He had kept out of the "tabloids" and has made seemingly all the right moves, with a lot of ppl that counted on him with the TW foundation as well. That was one of the reasons that I had admired Tiger and have given him credit for, another being that he came from humble beginnings and had worked hard to get where he has, with no one giving it to him, there isn't too many tha
  13. Taylormade Superquad TP (Best driver of all time) Taylormade 510TP (Most accurate of all time) Tour Edge Bazooka 320J (Longest of all time) Taylormade R7 425 TP (Funnest of all time) Biggest Big Bertha (Best beginning of all time) Honorable mention Taylormade R5 TP Ping V2
  14. [quote name='littlepingman' post='2084112' date='Nov 25 2009, 07:59 AM']Another reason for smokers to kick the habit.[/quote] I'm not a smoker, but seriously, isn't this just another way to screw someone out of what they paid for in good faith, where does it end. There will be so many gray areas here, in fact I hope ppl boycott them.
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