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  1. I had quite a bit of credit to use at short par four so I snatched up a bunch of Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses with the golf Prizm lenses for myself and for friends and have a pair left over so putting it on here. They are brand new in box, never worn - still have stickers on lenses. They come with a hard case, a soft pouch and extra nose pieces. $125 shipped to lower 48. No trade interest.
  2. Tried the Shot scope thinking I would really dig into my stats and turns out I'm lazy and don't really care lol so turning it loose on here. Like new condition.Comes with all original packaging (even the screen protector it shipped with haha). Shipping free to continental US. - SOLD Thanks for looking and stay safe!
  3. These are second gen according to the app/pairing process but I am sure it requires the $99 yearly subscription.
  4. I just got them a week ago direct from Arccos, so I would guess 3. Box has a 2020 copyright on it. Not sure how to tell? EDIT: In checking the app, it only shows 2 generations and these are the second.
  5. Got a set of 14 Arccos sensors (plus one extra so 15 total) and after trying 3 9 hole rounds my cheap Moto G phone just misses too many shots. My brother in law and my son both have them and love them so I thought I would give them a shot, but just too frustrating to have to keep editing throughout the round, plus I don't like keeping my phone in my pocket. All in perfect shape. $135 shipped.
  6. Anyone else recently get billed for a subscription? I have not been a member in 2 years and just got an email yesterday saying they had charged me $199 for an annual subscription. I have emailed them twice with no answer and their voicemailbox is no longer taking messages. Pretty sketchy. I guess it's time to call Visa. ***UPDATE*** Finally got a reply from someone named Erin at Tathata. No refunds for any reason...should have read the service agreement...blah blah blah. Sigh...nothing is ever easy anymore. Why can't I ever get involved with one business that is on the up and up and has dece
  7. I don't have any access to equipment like that...I can't imagine what that would do for my game. Would also love to share it with my buddies. Would make for a great reason to get together more often.
  8. Got the gift of a driver fitting at Martin City Golf in KC (with John who was great) and whatever driver/shaft combo worked best I could walk out with (awesome gift right?). I currently game an XR16 with a speeder and while it is ok, it's way to spinny for me. I don't change equipment a lot so I'm not up on all the latest stuff so I had no idea what I'd end up with. John had me try just about every driver/sharft combo he had (Ping 400 series, Cally Epic/Rogue/SZ, M3/M4, and F8+...may be forgetting 1 or 2). F8+ with X-stiff hazardous (yellow I think) won out for me and it wasn't close. Dropped
  9. You should try it while you are out there and report back. I'd be curious to see if after trying it you still considered it "junk". Also can anyone compare it with the Cleveland version?
  10. Yes it is...also very awkward to look down at it with it's low-profile square head.
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