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  1. I agree with your observation. I have thought the same. A lot of xstiff on bst.
  2. My journey started when I was 25. I went from a 4 hcp to +3.3 in 7 years. 2 primary reasons. 1 playing against better players regularly. I literally got to see what was possible. When I first moved to the area the pro put me in a group and a guy in the group had to give me 8 shots. He was +4. I didn’t even know that existed. 2 playing better courses. I played 2 primary courses during that time that were really good. Ones hosted a pga event for many years. i was a working bloke and practiced 1-2 week nights and played most weekends. Then off for 4-5 months over the winter.
  3. Impressive - based on his site - what finish are those - just stripped or something else?
  4. I have to give kudos to St Andrews. They do a great job with conditions with their price point and amount of play.
  5. for all of us ... golf is to put a smile on our face. Sometimes that is looking down at a well worn friend thru the years and sometimes that is looking down at a brand new friend that helps me hit it further. Sometiwemes we need a new putter to renew confidence and sometimes we like to hit a new ProV ..... it doesn't matter as long as it puts a smile on our face and we keep playing!
  6. I subscribe to those adjustments early in setup and take away versus transition. I think folks should try to be as athletic in transition versus focusing on moves/positions. Just my experience.
  7. I played last week and Lakeside was as you would expect. I then played #1 course on Saturday and was as you described. Much more firm and fast.
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