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  1. This is my understanding after doing research during my kids recruitment. It was always spelled out this way by the college coaches, college athletic compliance people , and sometimes the college athletic director, on the 4 or 5 unofficial visits I made with my kid, it was also stated this way in the 3 official visits that my kid took alone.
  2. A player cannot lose athletic scholarship money due to athletic performance. What they offer the first year has to be carried or increased every year. A player can only lose athletic money if they mess up off the course, poor grades, behavioral issues etc.
  3. HH is correct. Cannot lose your Athletic scholarship based on athletic performance. Walk ons are frequently asked not to come back.
  4. HOF is still around and shafts are made by LA golf labs Call Robert and ask him about what you are looking for.
  5. I’m uniquely familiar with FCG and NCJGA and they both use caddies for 6 year olds. SDJGA used to not have caddies for 7/8 year olds, but I don’t believe that is the case any longer.
  6. Could you let us know where you have seen 6 year olds not have a caddy in an event. I’m all for eliminating caddies in most cases, but have never heard, or seen a Junior tournament where 6 year olds did not have caddies.
  7. Many schools have private money based on academics that I believe is set aside for athletes which brings the whole cost of tuition, housing and food down. Also, there is private is private money outside of the schools which does not count towards athletic money.
  8. Harsh and without moral clarity if this is what is called remarkable.
  9. I think LA golf bought Matrix and the IP. I believe Robert uses them because they will make his shafts in small batches and the excellent quality control. Big believer in HOF shafts. My kid and I have tried many shafts and always have the best numbers with HOF. We are not long drivers.
  10. They are using LA golf labs to make their shafts. Always easy to call Robert and ask.
  11. Anything from House of Forged call Robert and ask.
  12. Club gloves can be found cheap on Craigslist or even eBay. I got a new one, I think it is the XXL for 80 bucks. The bag boy stiff and is better quality than the others and I remove wood heads, rangefinder and put in carryon
  13. I cannot imagine any coach wanting to watch a ten minute video of anybody doing a putting drill. My experience is that coaches hate any videos that are over 90 seconds, preferably 60 seconds. If a coach wants more video, they will request it.
  14. While it is simple and has been said before, when going on recruiting visits, it is important your kid have private time with the older players and seriously get as much info as possible about the coach. The younger players who do hosting on trips may not have a complete picture or may not want to paint any part of the program in a negative light.
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