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  1. With the recent changes about a year a half ago I was under the impression that official visits can start Junior year. I read this on several websites and spoke with a local coach about a year ago. Have the recruiting rules changed? https://www.ajga.org/parents/recruiting/college-recruiting-overview
  2. It is good that official visits can start your junior year. I’m the past when they only started senior year, it just didn’t seem like enough time with the whole pressure thing to announce a verbal and then sign NLI by Mid November.
  3. I think you misunderstood my post. Or I wasn’t clear with my thoughts. I agreed with your earlier post. I added that all levels could be strengthened. Lower D1 schools will get better recruits, D2 etc as well as D3. While D3 does not offer athletic money, it does offer academic money that can now flow to higher quality players. No one is questioning your knowledge regarding recruiting.
  4. They can drop down to D2,D3 or they can go to lower ranked D1 schools and still get a good amount of money/percentage. This whole thing may strengthen all levels of college golf.
  5. A good start may be finding a First Tee org near you and learning the basics and even hiring an instructor for private lessons from a First Tee pro/assistant pro.
  6. I would say this is what 90 percent of under performing parents say. Your kid doesn’t want to practice/play. It is not fun enough for him to do it. It has to be play. It can’t be work. What kid wants to work?
  7. My kid has been playing tournaments 11 years and I have always thought the girls always play faster than boys. It wasn’t until my kid was 11 until our local Jr. Golf association made the switch to have the girls tee off first. Too many boys believing they are Tiger or Bryson. There are some unused D1 womens scholarships, but not from desirable schools. Women may go to the less desirable schools and the team may be full, yet the coaches have scholarship money available but won’t offer it to a player who is not worth it.. Easier to hand out later than pull it back if the player does not pa
  8. If it bothers your kid, then yes your KID (alone) should talk to an official. As a parent after the round, I believe you maybe can help your kid formulate their thoughts, in order to provide a concise factual complaint to an official.
  9. My kids coach texted that golf is limited to 2 fall events this year. I’m not sure if this is a NCAA rule or a Conference rule. Many of the early (Sept)fall events have been canceled.
  10. Keep videos short, 65 seconds or less. one shot of each club front and back driver, iron, pitch/chip, bunker, and putt. 10 shots. Upload to YouTube. Send link in emails to coaches. Put Name, HS grad year, and SAT/PSAT ACT score in subject line. All the other info belongs in a resume. I know some kids and parents make videos hitting every type of club in the bag, full speed, slow motion, and big long videos of the kid speaking about life, dreams and aspirations. Coaches want the info fast and will contact you if interested for more info.
  11. I think it is a great drill for those who set wrists too early and for those with an early release. I also believe it helps with footwork. This something that can be done by taping an alignment stick to a 7-9 iron. I don’t think it should be done with a full swing, but up to a 3/4 swing.
  12. When my kid returns to school in early September, they have an event scheduled 4 days later.
  13. Good búnker play is not that hard and is not reserved to the top 50 players. Saving par from bunkers is not a lost cause to players outside the top 50. Unless I misunderstood what you wrote, I disagree with your premise.
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