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  1. > @clemsontiger1 said: > How long does this last? No expiration date printed on the postcard, just says limited time offer.
  2. Postcard came with the club I received yesterday, code **BOX20TRADE**
  3. Like, seriously. They left you on read? That's no way for bae to act. No Netflix & chill for them tonight. I'm literally so dead right now, I can't even. ...
  4. Just clearing out some extras, see pics for condition. Probably not interested in trades. Priced shipped, add $5 for shipping if west of the Mississippi Ping I25 8.5 Driver, with headcover and generic wrench. PWR65 XStiff Shaft, stock specs $125 Mizuno Bettinardi BC1 35" Putter, with Odyssey branded Player's Wrap Grip. Has had all the yellow paint fill removed, as shown in pics with matching headcover $150 Ping Tour65 Stiff Shaft, with G30 tip, stock. Only used a couple rounds. $75
  5. [quote name='choppstixxx' timestamp='1442086163' post='12304614'] Any chance you would split the lots? For example, I am only looking for 2 dozen of the ProV1's. [/quote] Unlikely that I will split the lots, but, shoot me a PM, and we'll go from there, thanks
  6. Cashing out my Pro Shop credit from my club for the year, and really couldn't think of anything I wanted. 5 dozen standard numbering ProV1 $225 210 200shipped, add $5 if you are west of the Mississippi.SOLD 5 dozen standard numbering ProV1x $225 210 shipped, add $5 if you are west of the Mississippi. SOLD Not interested in trades on these, Thanks!
  7. As an update, bags are gone, wife finally said to trash or donate, so had to get them out of the basement.
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