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  1. Anyone have the hookup?
  2. I try to take clear pictures. Prices include shipping in US. Open to trades. 1. Bettinardi BB-ONE Limited Run brand new. Really slick. $425 2. 46* sm7 head good shape. I have an s400 or modus 130x I can ship with it if wanted. $50 head only $70 w/ shaft 3. srixon XV balls 5 sleeves. $30 4 adidas boost shoes size 9 wore these for a couple years. Still in good shape. Junior golfer pay $20 for shipping both pair.
  3. Looking for a 10.5* with the RCH 65 Stiff.
  4. Artisan is open to the public. You can schedule a putter or wedge fitting. Can’t say enough good about the guys up there. I bet this putter is solid!
  5. How To Enter In a post below, answering the following 1. Ridglea CC Fort Worth 2. Fort Worth, TX 5. +.6 4. EF triple diamond w/ 757 TR X flex 5. No 6. TSi3 7. Yes!
  6. I try to take clear pictures but feel free to ask for more. Price includes shipping. Could be interested in trades for something cool. Apex Pro Dot 5-P w/ 24* UT I love these irons! Just wanted a little softer shaft. PX 6.5 in 5-P. Modus 120x in the 24* but I have an extra 6.5 4 iron shaft I’ll throw in if you want it. I also have a 21* UT with a steelfiber 110x that I’ll include for extra. These are all grip less. No grips on the clubs. Just the UT left... $95 and ill throw in a PX 6.5 pin 10/7
  7. I try to take good pictures but feel free to ask for more. I could be open to trades but I’m really just looking for cash unless you have something cool. Callaway Epic Flash 3+ TC serial w/ RIPx 85TX great shape. Been my gamer for the last year and I’ve really enjoyed it. Just wanting to try something else. Plays right around 42.75” with .5” tipping. 13.4* of loft. $250 Nike Engage wedge set 50 square, 54 toe sweep, 60 dual sole my favorite wedges of all time until I got my artisans. Go figure. Still have a lot of
  8. I try to take clear pictures but feel free to ask for more. Prices include shipping. I’ll be out of town Monday-Saturday of this coming week so if the putter sells I’ll be able to ship on Tuesday the 8th. Cash is king but trade for something cool is possible. 1. Epic Flash SZ Triple Diamond 9* head only great shape. Playing this same head in a 10.5. Comes with headcover. sold 2. Evnroll ER5 Hatchback 370g 33” with a 1” extension to play 34”. I can pull this if you’d like. Very good shape. Grip is brand new. Sold
  9. After some more testing I think these wedges will be a contender with any other OEM this year. They are good looking, good performing, and all around a solid club. Both the low and the mid 60* that I have are very versatile around greens and out of rough. I liked the mid better on full shots and don’t feel like I was giving up much in terms of versatility. Great sticks.
  10. I try to take good pictures but feel free to ask for more. Prices include shipping. ill trade for other callaway tipped x flex shafts. Not really interested in anything more than a couple years old. Kind of interested in a new 3wd shaft. 1. Aldila RipX 75TX hit about 10 balls with this and didn’t love it. It’s all the rage right now for a lot of guys. 43 7/8”. No tipping. Callaway adapter. $185 2. Accra CS1 60 M5 played this for a few rounds and picked up some yardage but can’t get along with shafts under 70g. 43 1/5”. Don’t know tipping. Callaway adapter. $100
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