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  1. Looking for a shaft that plays 42.5-42.75” Nothing cheap or stock. 80-85g
  2. Looking for one in great shape.
  3. I try to take good pictures but feel free to ask for more. trades welcomed for newer equipment or new size 9 shoes. note: if purchased after Sunday the 13th it will be shipped out Friday the 18th. 1. Diamana D Limited 60tx this is the 2020 version. Tipped 1/2”. Plays 45”. TM tip. $250 to $220 2. Titleist T100 50° head good shape. $90sold pin 6/13
  4. All I know is that a wedge shot with the XV and it literally rips the cover apart. Not a little scuff but way worse. Performance wise there isn’t much difference in any premium ball.
  5. Just got in a 65tx 2.0 proto and it’s too stout for my 111-113 swing speed. Ain’t no left in it though.
  6. Just picked one of these up to compare to my D Limited 60tx. Anyone played both?
  7. I try to take clear pictures but feel free to ask for more. Prices include shipping. trades welcomed 1. Custom Callaway Epic Flash SZ 9° This is in awesome shape. Pic a shaft below to pair with it. $175 head $235 with any callaway shaft below. Soooooolllld 2. Tour Issue Epic Flash 3+ if I remember correctly actual loft is 13.8 or 13.9. Beautiful head and hits rockets. No headcover. Gone 3. Accra CS1 M5 great shaft. Some of my longest drives have been with this. Just prefer something a little
  8. I’m wanting to build a set of zx7 irons with x100 shafts. The shafts I have would be 1/8” short of standard. Could I set the ferrule depth to make them play standard length? What would that do to the flex of the shaft or the integrity of the connection?
  9. 1. City, State? Fort Worth, TX 2. Handicap? +1 3. Current putter? Artisan 0519 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? SS28 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Absolutely! 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely!
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