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  1. New Nike Lucky Charm Navy - M/L - $35 shipped New Nike Sky AeroBill - L/XL - Small spec on right side shown. - $28 shipped New Nike Golf Peach SnapBack - $35 shipped $85 for all 3
  2. In February of 2020, I sat down with Judd Easterling for 90 minutes and interviewed him on his journey to becoming the Wichita State Men's Golf Coach. It was an awesome conversation that could have gone on for hours. For a guy like me passionate about chasing good stories, it was as good as it could be. When I went home, I finished 80% of this article within 3 days after we chatted. The last 20% took me 10 months. Partly because I was busy, partly because I forgot, and mainly because I couldn't find a way to wrap the story up the way that I wanted to. Every now and then I'd open th
  3. Linksoul Texas Golf Association Polo - Navy - Size L (Fits like M). Showing some discoloration and mark on back. $28 shipped. Polo RLX Size L - Pine Valley - Some sunwear and discoloration on shoulders - $38 shipped Fairway & Greene - Size L - Los Angeles Country Club - Great Shape - $OLD Peter Millar - Size M - Whispering Pines - Shows some wear - $33 shipped Travis Mathew - Size L - No logo - Great condition - $30 shipped Dunning - Size L (Fits like XL)- Firerock Country
  4. Saw Stratton's post on Instagram today about his father's passing and I immediately thought of this site. I followed Stratton's career from the time he was 12 years old through this site. His dad always seemed like one of the boys, just willing to help out and shoot the breeze. Feel weird to think back on how long that's been now. Prayer's for Stratton and his family!
  5. Nike Tiger Woods “Frank” Polo - Size Large - Brand New - $old Travis Mathew Road Soda Size XL Full Zip Jacket - Brand New Navy - $72 shipped
  6. Late fall, early spring. It’s pretty thin, more for layering on a day you’ll need to get rid of it or to be comfortable going out on a night that’s gonna cool off.
  7. No pockets on either. Adidas is a little thicker and almost fleece like. TM lighter
  8. Size M New Adidas Club Sweater 1/4 Zip - $48 shipped Size L New Travis Mathew White Elephant 1/4 Zip - $old
  9. Item 1 -New Without Box Size 8 - FootJoy ProSL - Red/White/Blue. Tried on in shop and never worn. Tissue paper and silica still in shoe. $old Item 2 - Like new Size 2XL Polo Golf Flint Hills National (Top 100) Logo Vest. Orange. $38 shipped
  10. 2nd time I have made that mistake... Brain not working without an evening coffee. Good catch. You are absolutely right.
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