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  1. I am a 6 handicap and play the jpx 919 tour. I ordered the ping g425 iron a few weeks , should have them in hand in a few days. I found the g425 look more like a players iron with amazing forgiveness. I did extensive indoor testing and couldn’t believe how forgiving it was compared to my current set. I ordered the pings in power lofts so the iron lofts match with my current set although the numbering is off I.e gap wedge in g425 matches my jpx pw etc, I am not worried about having two gap wedges. also making them power spec reduces the bounce a little bit which is more in line with m
  2. Life has gotten busy with work and kids so I dont get much time to practice. The 919 Tours are punishing if you dont strike it out of the middle. I wanted to give ping clubs a try as they are typically the most forgiving clubs from MOI perspective (almost 2x of what 919 Tours are). I hit the 7 iron at PGA SuperStore (on a GCHawk) and tried my best to hit shots all over the face. I was very impressed with ball speed and carry distance retention, especially off toe shots which is my miss. In the past I have stayed off GI clubs because they look chunky and sound very clicky. I found the G425 iro
  3. Very cool. I hit them at PGA Superstore a few weeks backs and I knew I had to get them. They were super-forgiving, so I placed an order for these last week. I currently game the JPX 919 tours and I am really looking forward to give these a good test before putting them in the bag.
  4. That 10-12 week timeline is outdated. I called up ping on Monday to ask and they told me you won’t get it before End of June. They are prioritizing g425 line which makes sense
  5. Ordered the G425 irons a couple of days back. I was initially planning to order G410 but Ping told me don't expect delivery before June . Now the wait begins. I was quoted a 3-4 week time before these arrive.
  6. Maybe go for power specs to lower launch and play U wedge as your PW
  7. Pga superstore has a similar guarantee https://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/performance-guarantee/
  8. That’s interesting. Was that a custom order or fairly standard specs ?
  9. Looking forward to your review of the g425 irons
  10. For people ordering the new g425 line, is there a backlog like the g410 line. Last I checked the g410 line was 3-4 months back ordered.
  11. Absolutely, talked to ping customer service on the phone about it. They didn’t offer g410 in retro initially but it’s now an option with both g410 and g425.
  12. Ping g410/g425 can be bought in retro lofts so that should satisfy your requirements
  13. Go to a big box store and ask them to let you try the mizuno shaft optimizer. That will give you your top 3 shaft choices based on your swing. Its a good starting point. But I agree with everyone else, the best thing to do is to get fit.
  14. Correct left/right spin is a function of path, AoA, face and dynamic loft. Although GI clubs make it harder to launch lower because of head design so I guess one could say it’s less ‘workable’.
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