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  1. Moving the ball back makes me more steep and worsens my low point control. It’s a personal swing issue
  2. I was hitting them a bit heavy coming from a thinner soled club . I spent a few range sessions ensuring my low point was a little bit more forward so I was striking it cleaner. After that it was point and shoot. Hopefully, it continues
  3. Played my third round with these and finally it all clicked. Hit 12GIRs today, it blew away my previous best of 9 GIRs. These clubs are so easy hit.
  4. if you want a stress free round, g425 will knock the other two out of the park. You will sacrifice on feel though.
  5. Define fast ? I swing my 7 iron 87-90 mph and I went with DG 120 S300. That shaft feels the best to me
  6. I went to the G425 after playing JPX 919 tours for two seasons. I just don't have enough time to practice so I needed something forgiving. I have played two rounds with the G425s and these are going to stay in my bag for a while. They are super forgiving (esp on toe strikes) and the size of the head doesn't bother me much . The offset was a bit annoying the first time I looked at it but I have gotten over it / adjusted to it. According to Arccos, my approach play has improved (by +0.5 SG) over last season and I am hitting 1-2 additional GIRs than normal. I'll take that any day. I
  7. I have preordered it but the whole rechargeable battery thing is making question the purchase. I know I am going to forget to charge this before a round. No harm in giving it a run with a 90day money back guarantee
  8. I use the grooveit brush plus a towel. That’s all you really need
  9. Why is that problem ? Just refer to your club by their loft and making sure distance gapping is okay.
  10. Adam teaches golf via skill drills as opposed to mechanical positions, although he presents the technical stuff in his Strike plan videos. His skill drills are amazing and will get you keeping the ball in play. My personal opinion is that Adam's teaching style is very appropriate for recreational golfers or golfers who don't want to be range rats.
  11. I have been playing mizuno for 14 years. Currently have the JPX 919 tours (traditional lofted). I purchased the ping g425 with power spec loft. I wanted to reduce the bounce on the ping clubs to be closer to mizunos. Now my 7 iron in Ping g425 is equal to 6 iron from my JPX set. I ordered a set of 5-UW and the gapping seems to be close to my JPX 919 tours. You have to be mentally okay with ignoring the number on the bottom of the club.
  12. i thinks it’s about time we had a discussion of blades vs cavity. We haven’t had one for so long
  13. They are both great irons. From what I have heard from others and experienced myself testing, the p790s are low spinning. If you don’t get the right launch and decent angle, you are not going to be able to hold greens with it. If that aspect of p790 works for you, it’s a coin toss. I would personally choose i210 for looks.
  14. Ordered g425 irons black dot with dg 120 s300 on feb 1st with DiscountDan. Received my order in mail today. Super excited to see how it stacks against the jpx 919 tours
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