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  1. Anyone have one for a discount?
  2. Mizuno T22 50 degree Chrome Finish DG Tour Issue s400 Golf Pride Z cord Brand New - bought and took off the store sticker. SOLD! shipped and PayPaled to the lower 48.
  3. Can someone post a picture of address of a 60 degree t22. Trying to see how different the topline is from T20
  4. I currently have Zx7's but winter has me wanting to tinker with the bag. I am lefty and liked the JPX 921 SEL's but hated the 4 and 5 irons since they aren't the tour model. It looks like the next closest thing for me would be to replace the 4 & 5 with 223's. Anyone combo the 921 Tours and 223's? Looking for feedback.
  5. Tiger doesn't use a TM staff bag I thought. Usually has the Monster logo on the all black bag
  6. The 2Ball 10 isn't very big in size so i would imagine the 11 isn't much larger. They both might be slightly bigger than a #7 (I own a #7 and 2 ball 10) but I wouldn't guess that much
  7. Anyone have one they are looking to sell?
  8. I love my 2 ball ten and considered getting the 11 but I just don’t care for the shape of it. That being said kudos to odyssey for bringing the heat with more head shapes.
  9. Seems like Callaway is dead set on that awful face shape where there is no bulge and roll and the toe sits funky. Tsi3 is safe in the bag I guess.
  10. Built myself a rack for the stable.
  11. I too didn’t want to spend a couple of hundred on a putter rack so I have been building my own for under $100. It’s a wall rack that will hold 5 putters. I’ll post a finished product once it’s fully assembled. It was pretty easy to make and I’m not that handy
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