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  1. I cut the shaft 8.25” from the hosel like they show in their video however the KBS CT putter shaft does not fit into the Stability shaft. I’m pretty bummed. Is this a known thing or am I doing something wrong?
  2. This is such a crazy good deal! I can’t do a top line alignment but the finish, milling, shaft is all so dope!
  3. Anyone have an account who sells these?
  4. So lead need out (assuming towards the ball?) allows the waist to extend? Trying to picture this. Thank u
  5. Alright gents, looking for some help/feels/content to help me get my shoulder turn on a better incline. I have a fairly flat shoulder turn with very little right side bend (I am lefty). When I try to incorporate right side bend I feel as if my head is coming along for the ride too and it feels like a reverse pivot. Are there any good drills or thoughts you could share that can help me get my shoulders on a better incline without the head coming for the ride?
  6. I have a RDX Black 70 stiff that is a little too soft for my liking. How much do I have to tip it to getting it to feel stiffer? 0.5” or .75” enough? Also does anyone have any experience with the Ping Tour shaft vs. RDX black?
  7. They’re not running really any this year or late last year when golf sales spiked due to Covid. I’ve been looking for one myself. They used to have 20% off $100 or more quite frequently
  8. I liked how stable the club head is and I think it looks nicer on the crown vs. my old 410 lst. Not sure I would call it a dislike but it’s not the best looking driver on the market. I think TSi3 and epic speed look a lot nicer.
  9. Wasn’t at the course when taking those photos. Grass is visible in CT these days lol
  10. Left Handed Ping G425 LST 10.5 Includes choice of: Ping Tour 65x playing at 44.5” Ping Tour 65x playing at 45” Stock Ping 17 gram weight and OEM 20 gram weight included Headcover and wrench included. Driver has been used 2 rounds and MINT! $475 shipped and PayPaled to the lower 48
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