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  1. I’m still on the fence. Seems like the Speed would fit me best, but I’m so sick of Callaway having 12 different heads (includes all of the tour ones). Seems odd they release 3 drivers at a time and despite the ability to spec heads out they still need custom tour heads that aren’t available at retail.
  2. Really wanted a LH 19 degree hybrid but they were sold out! Bummer
  3. You may see the TD at some point in RH but not LH. Will be very hard getting one in lefty
  4. That is not the chocolate finish through the Garage. Looks more like an Oil Can or torch finish
  5. Going to get a Speed w/ Graphite Design shaft most likely. Too good of a deal not to give it a try.
  6. Ts2 hybrid was amazing. Will be interested in the TSi2
  7. Bingo. I played a lot this summer trying to only focus on right tilting more and man did it feel awful. Clearly I have gone away from it and in return it’s hurting me possibly even more with my swing.
  8. I’ve been recording my swing quite a bit lately and I’ve noticed my hips are turning and stopping prior to my arms finishing. I feel like I can’t turn my hips anymore so how do I sync them up with my arms?
  9. I actually prefer the insert to be honest. I own both a Toulon garage and the pro black insert and just really like the inserts
  10. It’s like this with every OEM pretty much. You bought Zx7’s but could have just purchased the 785’s...
  11. It’s not the same driver. Different tech, higher moi, slightly faster club speed from the crown. How much better probably not a ton but it’s not the same.
  12. I know it's always a divided conversation when it comes to this, but I will never buy a #7 with the dot alignment aid. Solid line or bust
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