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  1. If any lefties want the Gen 4 deal but don’t want the irons let’s talk
  2. Zx7’s are a bigger profile iron than t100. The Zx7 I find more forgiving throughout the set. I think the T100’s look nicer due to them being smaller in size, but the Zx7 are the winners in my mind due to forgiveness. I think both perform great through the turf so it’s honestly a matter of preference.
  3. That’s a solid deal if your looking for a whole bag. I’m really interested in a set of their irons but would be a pain to try and sell all of the rest of the gear to try and recoup money.
  4. Where can you view this on their website? I don’t see it but I see the commercials all of the time
  5. Anyone willing to help me out? Looking to order Zx7’s but looking for a discount if at all possible. Thank you!
  6. I’m thinking of ordering lefty long irons in the p770’s and TM’s website shows them expecting to ship in like 1.5-2 weeks. Does anyone know if TM’s website is accurate? I ask because I heard 770’s were backordered into 2022.
  7. What’s hero pricing compared to the $149 retail?
  8. IMO Wilson should use this as marketing and make those who wish to get the special pricing be obligated to post an honest review within say 30 days. I can’t imagine they had better sales days than this mess up in a while lol
  9. Less and less every time someone orders one
  10. I would disagree but that’s the beauty of opinions. I won’t say the quality has decreased because I think they’re still well made, I just prefer older Hoofers at the moment or even the mascot version many collegiate teams have used. I switched to a Titleist players 4 for the first time which is a great bag but just weird for me.
  11. My prediction: uglier and further away from the old school ping hoofer design everyone loved. And by the price increases we are seeing from Ping they will probably be close to the price of a Vessel bag lol. Some sarcasm in my prediction, but probably some truth as well.
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