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  1. What brands do you guys like for vests? I’m looking for some that can be worn on the golf course or on a casual day to the office. seems like there are some nice options out there like Johnnie-O but I can’t see spending $125-150 a vest.
  2. The cheaper the better. It’s for a friend.
  3. Brand New Lefty Epic Speed 10.5 Head only Will include a Callaway adapter for a shaft. $350 shipped and paypaled to the lower 48.
  4. IMO you should get a Visio putting mat and use tees on both sides to reinforce when the stroke gets out of whack. I would work making a shorter stroke at a very slow pace getting the putter to understand how to trace the arc. Little by little I would increase the pace and stroke length. If you don't know the proper arc you will never make meaning reps towards it
  5. Haha. I think Scotty through us a bone this release but still pretty hard to get unless you pay the secondary market prices.
  6. They can mix any color. I thought of doing Tiffany so asked them about it and they said no issues at all. I’m picky because some blues are not Tiffany. I also made the custom mix this pink as I was particular on the pink. That’s why I didn’t go the Cameron custom shop route.
  7. Looking to buy a bunch of clothes. Anyone have an account to save me some $$$?
  8. Hahaha. If I have a putter it’s being gamed in some capacity and I’m not worried about resale value. I actually customize all of my putters so they’re worth next to nothing. That way I don’t have an urge to sell them.
  9. I ended up getting a Champions Choice for a steal so sent it out to get customized. Just got it back today so figured I would share. Matte Raw finish Custom Stamps & Paintfill Now I just need to find the right putter cover.
  10. some baby oil in the headcover every so often?
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