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  1. By E Schuster Nine months removed from major knee surgery, in his third event of the year Tiger Woods answered any and all questions about his ability to perform. Ah lad, I sure did miss ye. I gave up flipping channels between golf and March Madness as the back nine began, of course UNC put such a beating on the Sooners that there really was nothing to watch. I didn’t want to miss another history lesson. Beginning the day five shots behind Sean O’Hair seemed a bit much even for Mr. Woods. Even though we are talking Tiger Woods and a 26 year old with a great game and a couple of wins to
  2. By Apryl DeLanceyThe company philosophy states that there are many things that separate them from other golf shaft companies but one is most important: “We do everything ourselves”. The company doesn’t have to buy materials from outside the company whatsoever. Everything in a Mitsubishi shaft is created by the company from start to finish – something they call Vertical Integration. This allows them to control every step of the design and manufacturing process. Mitsubishi (MRC Golf) has manufactured golf shafts for over 20 years and has been in the States since 2004. Most in America recogn
  3. By Apryl DeLanceyHank Haney used it as one of his tools to "fix" the golf swing of Charles Barkley. Vijay Singh has been reported as a user and gave this quote after winning the 2009 Deutsche Bank Championship, "System-1 has helped me tremendously. I always had a good rhythm, but I never had a consistent rhythm. It’s making my swing a lot more consistent, not just with the driver but the whole game. It’s one rhythm for the whole game instead of having a quicker rhythm for irons or slower rhythm for the driver." This is the Sonic Golf System -1. The System comes in two versions - solo and pr
  4. By E Schuster It’s been a long four years since Retief Goosen held a PGA Tour trophy aloft. Having lost the edge which made him one of the elite players on the world stage, the soft spoken South African with the master craftsman touch on crusty quick hard greens returned to the putter he used to capture his two US Open crowns in winning the Transitions Championship over a large group of contenders. Playing steady one under par golf over the final 18 holes Mr. Goosen reminded me of the man who putted his way to victory at Shinnecock Hills. Of his final curling 5 foot par putt : “It was g
  5. Started in 1995 by Harou Yoshimoto, the Crews Tour van is a distinctive and regular sight at Japan tour events but in the rest of the world Crews is just part of the Japanese OEM crowd. Truth be told it’s probably less well known than Japanese manufacturers like Vega, Royal Collection, and Miura and probably alongside the likes of Yururi and Fourteen in terms of brand awareness. This is no reflection on the quality of these brands but just an acknowledgement that golfers are unlikely to know much about them. Our interest in the Crews Tourlink D-460 was piqued when it won a driver test in a maj
  6. By E Schuster Despite having spent part of Saturday night in the hospital sucking fluids through a tube in his arm rather than his mouth, Phil Mickelson won his first WGC title Sunday. Having been unable to consume food for the previous three days and suffering from feverish shakes prior to his trip to the hospital seemed to have little effect on Mr. Mickelson’s game. “I enjoy this process of competing, being in the final group, tied for the lead, against a player who is playing some terrific golf, feeling that pressure, feeling that intensity, and how important each shot is throughout the
  7. By E Schuster As for Mr. Rollins, “I have no complaints,” Rollins said. “I did all I can do. Shot 3 under on championship Sunday and came up short.” He did indeed play well, one of the few who moved in the correct direction up the leaderboard on Sunday. Even more notable than Mr. Yang’s victory, and in no way taking anything away from the South Koreans’ marvelous win, was the week Erik Compton delivered. Walking all four rounds, despite having permission to use a cart since only nine months ago he received his third heart, he finished tied for 44th place at 3 over par. He’ll play next
  8. By Apryl DeLanceyBy Apryl DeLancey Edit This Honestly, I never had a preference for a particular tee. I was always more worried about the larger equipment for my game - namely my clubs. Mostly I would just use whichever wooden tee I happened to pick up at a demo day or attached to some golf apparel I acquired. Over the past weekend I played 18 holes with Evolve Golf’s Epoch Tees and actually noticed a difference. Pushing in to the ground was now smoother, more effortless. In addition, the same tee lasted for the entire round. Even the high-swing speed member of our foursome managed to o
  9. By Apryl DeLancey Have you heard of the Bobby Jones apparel and accessories line? Named for the golfing legend it is seen in the likes of golf and high-end magazines with relative frequency. Many of the company’s watches have been in the press over the last few months. There is much more to the Bobby Jones line, including women’s fashions and even a new fragrance. New for spring from Bobby Jones is the short sleeve pique polo shirt with ruffled collar and white enamel buttons for women. A pretty and feminine design, the shirt is imported pima cotton with a bit of stretch for comfort.
  10. By E Schuster Geoff Ogilvy managed to give the impression that he was playing a casual round on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, rather than in the finals of the Accenture Match Play Championship. Hit the ball, take a little stroll, hit the ball again, stroll some more, no hurry, no rush, no big deal. Get to the green, knock the ball in the hole, move on to the next tee. I thought to myself, self I thought, this is the visual definition of unflappable. There were times where I wondered, is this guy even awake? When he wasn’t moving it appeared he may have died standing up. And hit shots?
  11. By Apryl DeLanceyMy party and I were the last four to get on the bus at the PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day. The four of us made our way back to the back of the bus and each had to sit in different rows that were not close to each other. I happened to sit next to Joe Laurentino, author of The Negotiable Golf Swing. Mr. Laurentino is the Head Golf Professional at the Indian Hills Country Club on Long Island and a PGA member since 1997. As someone that studied physics rather extensively in my college days, I really enjoyed hearing him talk about his theories on what is and what is not negotiab
  12. By M AndersonMizuno irons are held in about as high a regard as you can find. Each one of their forged weapons exude a quiet quality that many brands would sell their souls to achieve . Even their choice of marquee player - Luke Donald - emphasizes the image that Mizuno may be that little bit more elegant, a little bit more classy than the other big brands. The trouble is, this approach just does not work with drivers. Drivers are loud and brash with the adverts noisily claiming that this driver is the one that will add 20 or 30 yards off the tee or that they will straighten out your crooked
  13. By E Schuster Phil Mickelson brought both iterations of himself to the Northern Trust Open, displaying them proudly over the four day tournament. Day one saw the player in control of his amazing talents as he carded a 63. Day two who showed up but the player with the amazing talent but uses it in an imitation of Bozo the Clown. Hello mediocre 72. Saturday Mr. Mickelson eagles the first hole and proceeds to stroll around the grounds in a mere 62 strokes acquiring a four stroke lead along the way. This is a position from which he’s never lost a tournament he has to like his chances. Sund
  14. By E Schuster Jim Thorpe, the man with one of the most interesting swings in all of golfdom, is in trouble with the IRS. Unlike a slew of recent cabinet appointees and other high level government job seekers who have neglected to pay taxes, Mr. Thorpe has been charged with four counts of failure to file an income tax return and three counts of failure to pay income taxes. These charges carry a maximum 7 years in jail and up to a $3.2 million dollar fine. We’re into high stakes stuff here, and not for the first time. Mr. Thorpe was investigated by the IRS for failure to file tax returns f
  15. Mom Nature pounded Pebble Beach with 60mph winds and driving rain on Sunday forcing the tournaments final round to be delayed until Monday. Unfortunately more rain fell Monday causing the cancellation of the final round allowing Dustin Johnson to collect his second victory in his last nine starts. “I’ve never won a tournament in tennis shoes,” said Mr. Johnson, who came to the course to collect his trophy, thank the rain-soaked volunteers and grasp the timing of his great week, even if he only got in three rounds. If a tie game is like kissing your sister, then winning a rain shortened even
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