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  1. [quote name='melo' timestamp='1313540131' post='3493698'] are you willing to sell the r11 13.5 head by itself? [/quote] PM me with an offer and i will consider it
  2. Two more beautiful flatsticks have happy new homes..... Open to all offers... Lets keep the momentum going :-)
  3. 007 on its way north... thanks Ken! Make some offers if you're interested..... I am motivated to sell
  4. Last Chance! Leaving Town Tues Morn! Make Offers If InterestedHowdy WRXers! Got a pile of high end stuff I am ready to move on from. You guys, as always, get first crack! Let me know if you have any questions. I will answer any question except "What is your bottom line?". That said, I will definitely consider fair offers. Thanks! All prices include Paypal and Priority Mail shipping. I always ship the next day, so expect them quick. Shipping from Long Beach, CA First off I am interested in thinning the herd a bit on my Byron Morgan collection...... 1) Byron Morgan 007, 355g he
  5. DH 89 is Sold! Thanks a million! Everything else is still available
  6. [quote name='OOVII' timestamp='1309307391' post='3343730'] Weight of CI-18? [/quote] Channel Island headweight is 350g I believe. I can double check on that though. And don't hold your breath on the vault being open for too many more gems :-) I am not a very good putter ho... I very rarely sell any off! Especially Byrons!
  7. [quote name='dropknee' timestamp='1309296979' post='3343210'] What don't you have? [/quote] Too bad I am only allowed ten items.... I got a whole second ads worth of jive too!
  8. Betti's, Byron's, and More!Time to clear some space on my putter racks! I am motivated to move these, so the prices are good. I will take offers, but I not planning on giving these away so please make sure your offers are reasonable. You guys are getting first crack, so if I dont get offers that are fair I will just fleabay em! I ship everything USPS Priority the next day. Prices include PP fees and Priority Shipping. If you want any lie or loft adjustments they can be made. I can also put different grips on and cut them to different lengths if you want to, just let me know.
  9. I bet that RAZR with the Ckua Steve Marino Prototype is a bad mambo jambo. Great shaft..... low spin monster with a low spin monster long head. GLWS!
  10. Great Seller here! I assure you his putters and gear are top notch! Have fun in Vegas big daddy!
  11. [quote name='Jc0' timestamp='1308010966' post='3304816'] So a few months ago I picked up some new vokey cc wedges, 52, 58, and 60, from Edwinwatts. Got bored today and decided to take a closer look a them and I noticed something interesting. The 52 has a standard serial number, its like 8 digits, but the 58 and the 60 have THE SAME 5 digit serial number. At first I thought this meant that they may be counterfeit, but after looking again I noticed that the serial numbers were xxTxx. Are these counterfeit or did I get lucky and pick up some tour issue stuff off the rack. As a side note i
  12. Great seller here guys! Sick combo too! GLWS!
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