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  1. I'll second this setup. I usually play mid to low launch shafts (BB and XC in the driver before HD), IZ is easy to launch and a flat ball flight.
  2. I played s400's for a few years and switched to the modus 125 6 months ago. I've toyed around with the 120's in the past and always liked the feel of the modus but didn't get the same results as s400. 125's play very similar to s400's for me but I prefer the modus feel. Impact feels slightly crisper and dispersion seems a little tighter. Not sure if this is fully shaft related but I've noticed that on flighted 3/4 shots I don't lose the ball left with the 125's. Controlling ballfight has been a lot easier since moving to the 125. For me the biggest reason for sticking with the
  3. I can't figure out what it is exactly, but the turf interaction is different. One of my playing partners has played the RTX4 since it came out and switched to the same spec Zipcore and is have trouble around the greens, usually digging more. Another playing partner had the same issue coming from SM8 to Zipcore. I had the same issue coming from SM7 to Zipcore on my 58. Had the leading edge dulled on the 52 and that has been good. Still can't figure out the grind/bounce combo needed on the 58 but it is different from what I typically play. Spin wise they have been great, almost
  4. [quote name='royalgingerness' timestamp='1358277549' post='6233577'] [quote name='Moss Boss/Turf Smurf' timestamp='1358252280' post='6231359'] [quote name='royalgingerness' timestamp='1358233818' post='6230993'] Nice set-up. Strange to see Jesper with a bag of new clubs from as opposed to mixed bag of old beaten up favorites. Anyone have any information on those Puma shoes he's wearing? They look really cool to me - much more of a traditional looking shoe than the ones Poulter was wearing last year. Always loved Jesper, hope his hand is on the mend and he has a good season.. [/quote] tho
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