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  1. I'm IN!!! Need this badly, hitting my 15 deg a bit too high.
  2. thanks for the info! So I prob have the tour-v 125 and why the total club weight is similar/slightly higher than my other wedge with tour 125. Didn’t want something that stiff in my wedge as i had the 610 stiff before and thought that was a bit too stiff and the tour-v 125 prob plays like the 610 s+. Guess I’ll find out when I hit it this weekend.
  3. Hey, guys. I have KBS Tour 125 in my wedges currently and just installed a KBS Wedge shaft from an old TM EF wedge in a spare 54 wedge thinking it's a KBS Tour 120 shaft. Label just says Wedge FST under KBS. Same head, built to same length/swingweight, same grip, and the wedge with the KBS "Wedge" shaft weighs a couple grams more total weight. Thought it'd be about 5 grams less total weight with a Tour 120. Haven't hit any balls with it yet but I messaged KBS and they said the KBS shaft in the EF wedge is a Tour-V 125 s+ shaft. Step pattern is the same as the Tour 125 i have in my gamer
  4. Callaway vintage x-forged, md grooves, c-grind
  5. I owned a set about 10 years ago and played great with them (as far as I can remember, lol). Newer irons imo can be a bit more forgiving with a shorter blade length but nothing wrong with the r7tp’s.
  6. Ordered around 2/28 and received 5/5
  7. My office manager got fit at club champion and cost him over $2k for a set of mizuno jpx 921 hot metal pro with fitting. I asked why so much bc stock set costs $999 and it was bc they charged him for the c-taper shafts he was fit for. C-taper is a no up charge shaft from Mizuno, smh.
  8. I ordered custom combo set 2/27. When I called a week ago, they said it should be built around 4/16
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