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  1. Callaway subzero/tour models have flatter lies than most fw woods. The glued hosel models are .350 so you can set your .335 shafts a bit flatter. I play 3 wood at 42.5” which also flattens lie a bit as well.
  2. Ping DLX Cart Bag Used for 6 rounds ***SOLD*** Machine M2A Converter Putter Head is Carbon Steel Copper Plated Flange and neck are aluminum bronze with antique finish DG Black Golf X100 3iron shaft (has a light gold tint and goes well with the head) 33.5" No headcover. Will ship in an old one for protection. Will include new Iomic grip and extra weights and screws pictured so you can adjust weight to your preference. $450 shipped and paypaled
  3. I'm IN!!! Need this badly, hitting my 15 deg a bit too high.
  4. thanks for the info! So I prob have the tour-v 125 and why the total club weight is similar/slightly higher than my other wedge with tour 125. Didn’t want something that stiff in my wedge as i had the 610 stiff before and thought that was a bit too stiff and the tour-v 125 prob plays like the 610 s+. Guess I’ll find out when I hit it this weekend.
  5. Hey, guys. I have KBS Tour 125 in my wedges currently and just installed a KBS Wedge shaft from an old TM EF wedge in a spare 54 wedge thinking it's a KBS Tour 120 shaft. Label just says Wedge FST under KBS. Same head, built to same length/swingweight, same grip, and the wedge with the KBS "Wedge" shaft weighs a couple grams more total weight. Thought it'd be about 5 grams less total weight with a Tour 120. Haven't hit any balls with it yet but I messaged KBS and they said the KBS shaft in the EF wedge is a Tour-V 125 s+ shaft. Step pattern is the same as the Tour 125 i have in my gamers, just starts .5 inch closer to tip (6 inches from tip) as the 125 are 8i shafts. Do the Tour and Tour-V have the same step pattern or do I have the KBS Tour 120 9/pw shaft? I tried searching but wasn't able to find any step pattern diagrams for both. Thanks in advance.
  6. Callaway vintage x-forged, md grooves, c-grind
  7. I owned a set about 10 years ago and played great with them (as far as I can remember, lol). Newer irons imo can be a bit more forgiving with a shorter blade length but nothing wrong with the r7tp’s.
  8. Ordered around 2/28 and received 5/5
  9. My office manager got fit at club champion and cost him over $2k for a set of mizuno jpx 921 hot metal pro with fitting. I asked why so much bc stock set costs $999 and it was bc they charged him for the c-taper shafts he was fit for. C-taper is a no up charge shaft from Mizuno, smh.
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