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  1. [quote name='Santiago Golf' timestamp='1432649175' post='11627976'] Some of these guys are Club pros and some are euro players. They got to go work next day. Wether its in a pro shop or practice round for a tournament. If I was out of it and had tournament that same week, I would bounce [/quote] None of these players are club pros. They are all top tier tour pros. The qualifying at Walton Heath is the only venue for qualification within Europe and is only open to players who are members of the European Tour who are not otherwise exempt. You are right in that the vast majority of them a
  2. [quote name='Papa Johick' timestamp='1420038111' post='10664947'] Oh and 426/410 are a bit shorter than what you stated... There is lots of Trouble though [/quote] The OP is located in Zurich, so the course planner shown is in metres
  3. Titleist UK do not etch serials onto the clubs anymore. On the 710 line and models prior, a serial number was stamped on the ferrule of the 6 iron (unless it was a custom order). For example on the 710 line of Titleist irons a set with standard specifications would have a 4 digit serial on the six iron ferrule only. A custom set (one with non-stock shafts/grips or custom loft/lie) had a 6 digit serial stamped onto the ferrule of every club. The serial numbers on the 712 model line is found on the hologram sticker on the shaft of the 6 iron. This sticker should have a serial on it towards the
  4. I'm currently testing the Matrix Ozik HD6 in an Adams 9015d 9.5 and like it quite a bit but have been itching to test the DI6 out. I know the HD6 should be slightly lower launch. Looking for the opinions of those who have played with or tested both. Which shaft is longer in the same head (carry vs total)? Which one is lower spin and better in the wind? Which has the tightest dispersion? Swingspeed is ~105 and I've had quite a bit of success in the past with Rombax 6Z08 in driver and 7Z08 in 3 wood. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Hi guys. Can anyone tell me the BBGM for the Nike VR Pro Str8-fit driver please? Hope someone can help?! Thanks.
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