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  1. My buddy shoots normally in the high 70's to low 80's. He'd scare par a few times a year and work the ball...(when his swing is on) really wants a club that can better reward good shots and not terribly punish the bad
  2. Helping a buddy back home. He currently plays AP1's and wants to know the forgiveness of the J36 PC's in relation to the AP1's. Thanks
  3. Just curious how FJ clothing fits? I wear a medium in Nike and was curious if I'd be a Small or Medium in FJ? Thanks
  4. The Bridgestone J36 seem to be able ot be had a good deal.
  5. I'd go with a 5wood, 8 iron and gap wedge. I've actually gotten very good at putting with a wedge. Guess it says something about the state of my putting game.
  6. Adams Fast 10. Very straight driver.
  7. Just picked up a MP Titanium 3wood for 35 bucks. Input will be forthcoming.
  8. I'd suggest the Grafalloy Epic.
  9. Original AP1'sHey all, I have a set of 4-PW Titleist AP1's in good overall shape. They have Project X 5.0. Slightly soiled Lampkin white grips and all have matching serial number Trades: Ping I5, I15, S58B'Stone J36PCCallaway X-Forged 07Taylor Made R7 TPAdams A4Selling price 325.00 which includes shipping and paypal. Soles of the irons PW Face wear Gouge in 5-iron. Only club to have one - doesn't affect play Shaft labels
  10. Thank you for the confirmation. -M
  11. 15* tip diameterHey gang, Curious what's the tip diameter of the Adams super hybrid 15*? I've heard both .335 and .370 and that's from Adams themselves
  12. I was talking the original ones [url="http://www.titleist.com/historical_clubs/details.asp?id=8"]DCI Black[/url]. Hit them again yesterday and I might be on the cool-aid but am seriously thinking about gaming a 15yr old set of irons. If I find a set for the right price, I couldn't go to terribly wrong.
  13. It's a great, great golf course. Love the layout and if you manage it keep it in the generous fairways it's a really easy golf course. -M
  14. Looking to find a golfing buddy. I'm in Kingsville but could drive to Corpus area to play a round on weekends. Let me know if anyone is out there. Mitch
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