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  1. It may be the Crown Jewels but seeing great shots there is still a very rare event. Hit drive...what’s the number?...find iron that goes that number...hit iron to number (or something like)...putt for birdie...roll it 8 feet past...come back for par (because the greens are that good)...repeat. The only time the PGA Tour events ever became interesting was when two players were in contention and it became a matchplay situation. Trouble is everything being dumbed down to a level meant that you would typically have 6-8 players in contention and then the spectacle is again diluted to the point of not being of interest at all.
  2. It’s a moot point. You can still typically be 60 yards offline and still be looking at birdie on most TPC holes (obviously excluding water hazards). My point is PGA Tour golf is a pale imitation of the real game diluting it down to a level that suits the knuckle dragging fraternity as exemplified by ‘Brooksy’ row.
  3. Use Google maps and do a measure of a typical PGA Tour TPC course and you’d be surprised. Don’t forget, PGA Tour counts first cut of rough as ‘fairway.’
  4. I don’t watch. The only tournament worth watching now is The Open.
  5. Driver...wedge....driver...wedge...driver...wedge...it’s a complete bore-fest. Fairways are typically 60 yards across and they still cannot hit the short stuff a lot of the time. Only defence is stupid green speeds. It turned me off watching the PGA Tour a long time ago and now the European Tour is being dragged down the same path. PGA Tour has dumbed the game down to the lowest level possible to attract the maximum possible dollar. This ‘manufactured’ spat between two crass individuals who are the ‘future’ of the game is what you get. They’ve worked out that you need something to talk about as the golf itself is so boring.
  6. Me too...don’t see any great shots on PGA Tour. That’s my point.
  7. There are a lot of people who think that the garbage the PGA Tour peddle is not actually golf.
  8. Great post...nobody outside of the US actually watches the PGA Tour which is why they are terrified of the PGL. To the rest of the world the PGA Tour is a joke and well on the road to self-destruction. Absolute travesty that they bought out the European Tour and will slowly and surely kill that off too.
  9. Logically, Titleist would appear to be the most vulnerable. There is a reason Titleist is so vociferous in the distance debate because anything affecting sales of the Pro V1 will massively impact on their bottom line. I’m not sure how their club sales are performing now but it was reported a few years back that they were losing money on every club they sold and relied heavily on the Pro V1 to keep in the black. If the RBs do something to level the field specifically relating to the ball, I can see Titleist being hit badly...no pun intended.
  10. It’s a really hard argument to make for one or the other as no PGA Tour players that I can think of have ever won multiple events on the European Tour where the variety of golf courses is completely different to the ‘one set up fits all’ approach of the PGA Tour. Okay, not many PGA Tour players have ever played on the European Tour for any length of time, but I wonder how many European Tour events Phil would have won over a few seasons had he tried it.
  11. If the PGL gets it right, it doesn’t really matter if the cream of the PGA Tour are not part of it. Imagine watching something akin to the Ryder Cup every week with the drama and excitement. Teams and individuals battling each other with the promise of higher earnings the better they do. There are plenty of talented players outside of the PGA Tour that could make it work. Look at the success of the various cricket Super Leagues around the world...if the PGL could replicate that everything else including the majors becomes a sideshow.
  12. Different perspective...I see a drunk version of Justin Thomas. Seems to me that’s the crowd the PGA Tour are going for. Crass and lacking class. The golf they peddle is a dumbed down version of the game and you end up getting a dumber down spectator but that’s ok if it makes money.
  13. My former boss (7 handicap) played at Wentworth the day after the PGA Championship and shot 80 (his handicap). This was the first year after the Els changes and the only difference to the Sunday tournament conditions was that the grandstands were being dismantled. He even eagled the much-maligned 18th which obviously helped.
  14. The beauty and attraction of Augusta is that it is two courses in one and that is what creates the drama. Peter Dobereiner, the great golf writer, says it much better than me but in essence Augusta is not that difficult to shoot par...but to shoot under par is a completely different matter. The key to hitting birdies is to make sure you leave yourself a makeable putt. Every pin position has an ideal place where you will have a makeable putt. However, the room for error in finding that spot is minuscule and to hit that spot in the first place you need to be in the right part of the fairway. Fairways are generous and the greens are relatively large albeit fast and contoured. Keep the ball in the right place and par is not a difficult target for a scratch golfer. Even old guys like Lyle and Woosnam who don’t play that much are only just missing par.
  15. I remember Seve saying that out of the top 5 European players (Seve, Faldo, Langer, Woosnam and Lyle), Lyle had the most talent by far with Seve second.
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