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  1. I get it that if you enjoy the game the way it’s played now, you don’t want it changed. Golf is far easier now than it was 25 years ago and I can see why you don’t want to give that up. I’m 10 shots better now than I was 25 years ago but I get no sense of satisfaction out of it anymore...I don’t feel that I’ve earned it, if that makes sense. I can play to 10 picking the clubs up once in 6 months and not really enjoy it after playing avidly 2-3 times a week for years. Perhaps it’s just me that finds the modern game boring and, thinking about it, perhaps I’ve just fallen out of love
  2. Poor design is poor design...those courses don’t tend to stay around too long, particularly if they are unplayable. I’ve said it before, but nobody seems to have noticed. The game is dying in the UK and it’s because the modern game cannot be played on the majority of our courses without it being a vastly diluted experience. I played a course 2 years ago that is in the top 100 courses where I used nothing longer than 7-iron for my second shot and I’m not that long. The tees are at the boundaries of the site and nothing more can be done to make it a proper challenge to modern equipme
  3. Are they not playing from the right tees, is the course not designed correctly or are they not using their handicaps? I suppose until you understand the problem, you don’t see the problem and that is where the problem lies.
  4. It was tongue in cheek...sorry you didn’t get it. You talk about ego...I’ve asked several anti-roll backers what you think you will lose and there has not been one response, not one. Whether it’s you thinking that you won’t be able to compete with skilled golfers or what I don’t know...I would love to hear.
  5. MOI is a very complicated area in golf club design which I suspect is why the OEMS don’t use it too much as a marketing device...they tend to ignore the impact that the shaft has on whole club MOI and just focus on the clubhead which is only one variable. In fact, if I am reading it correctly, too much MOI in the clubhead can make it impossible to square the clubface. I’m not an engineer, but you may be able to extract some useful tidbits from here: https://web.calpoly.edu/~rbrown/MOI.html
  6. I may well have misquoted, but I know what I meant. Check out the article at: www.thepeoplesclubs.com/tourissue
  7. I think you may have saved the Distance Insights Project about 6 months of research right there...great effort
  8. That driver impact image...I’d be a bit worried by the one low on the toe!! Reckon it was a loosener
  9. Give them 3 weeks, give them a whole pre-season and they’re still not hitting 300+ yards.
  10. 14 clubs allowed, yes? We no longer use 3-iron through 9-iron, therefore golf is only half the game...simples. If you add in that you only need to hit high, straight shots, it’s probably less than half
  11. C’mon, these are some of the best guys in the world and I can hit that stuff better than them and so could you without 3 weeks to get ‘dialled in!’ Ok it’s a marketing video to show how fantastic the latest and greatest is...don’t be pulled in that there is next to no difference with how the game used to be played...you know better than that.
  12. I’ve said it before, the game you are pushing is only half the game that golf used to be. Taking half of the game away really is to your detriment, not mine...dumbing it down to the lowest common denominator of driver, wedge, putter is not golf no matter what you think.
  13. Retail heads are worked to a 10% tolerance, Tour heads are worked to 1% tolerance...or so I heard.
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