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  1. Sorry I didn’t mean bumpers, 50 yard wide fairways is the same thing. Sorry again...playing golf and not competing is not playing golf! Surely you’re competing against the course and yourself if nothing else? Without that it is just meaningless and a good walk spoiled and all that..makes your stance a bit clearer and I’m cool with that.
  2. My personal desires don’t come into it. My fear is for the future of the game...where you’re taking it by letting technology take over is off the cliff. The drive for technological advancement means that everything has to be measured and turned into a statistic. In turn that takes skill and natural talent out of the game...you can see it already. It won’t be long before yardage lines are painted on every fairway, bumpers added along the fairways and you’ll be allowed to tee up every shot. I don’t know, perhaps a lot of the anti-rollback sentiment is driven by a fear of
  3. A couple of things. 1. Have you tried getting hold of balata balls recently? 2. 90% of my rounds are in some form of competitive environment or other...be it club, inter-club or regional competitions. Unfortunately to be competitive, I am forced to adopt the 460cc/wedge game. The winners of these competitions are typically the ones that drive it long (not necessarily straight), have a half-decent wedge game and hole a few putts. That is what golf has become and as I said before it is a poor excuse for what the game once was. I am genuinely sorry that you th
  4. Not being able to hit a club well is a measure of where the talent and natural ability run out...let’s not forget that.
  5. Driver is easiest club in bag to hit (excepting putter of course) and by miles (no pun intended!). Even my 27-handicap mate hits his driver better than any other club. That’s where the game is totally out of context...driver should be the hardest to hit club not the easiest. Yes pros are good across all facets, that’s why they’re pros. I’ve played with a few and a good few +handicaps and the biggest differentiator is the short game. I’ve played with a + whose 3-iron carried 20 yards past where my drives finished. (He played driver on one hole in the whole round and lost it 100 yar
  6. You’re right it is all about perspective. Are you saying that you are looking forward to the day when golf becomes a game where the challenge is reduced to a point where skill and natural talent don’t matter? Having transitioned from persimmon/balata to 460cc/Pro V1 you’ll remember how much easier driving became overnight. The skill of driving long and straight was made so much easier. The challenge to hit a fairway was lessened to the extent where you didn’t get that sense of satisfaction of just getting a drive on the short stuff -only dissatisfaction when you missed.
  7. That’s the issue for a lot of us...the game you learned to play is a very poor imitation of what the game once was. The bland, dumbed down version you play does not offer the richness and depth that the game was founded on. The ruling bodies have just realised that the decision to allow the Pro V1/460cc combo was the worst thing that could have happened to golf (20 years too late). To them, it’s only now obvious which direction that poor decision is taking the game and to be honest I don’t think there is anything that can be done now. I feel truly sorry that you missed
  8. You’re right. I don’t think there is any chance that past styles of play will be restored...not even close. That’s a real pity...the game now is just a pale imitation of what it once was.
  9. If a ball is universally spinning more, it will be more difficult to keep it straight. Take my Justin Thomas example from a few posts back. He wouldn’t be missing the fairway 60 yards right anymore, he would be missing it 120 yards right. To keep it in play, he would have to change the optimal club delivery parameters. He would have to swing slower for a start and with more focus on club path to target to reduce the side spin imparted.
  10. What most people seem to assume is that while the pros are hitting the centre of the face, the clubhead to target path is also square. Justin Thomas immediately springs to mind as someone who regularly hits it over 300 yards but also 60 yards right of the fairway.
  11. You’ve just hit the nail on the head and highlighted the biggest problem. The PGA of America may know what is going on with 99.99% of golfers in the US, but the distance issue is not a US-centric problem...there’s a whole other world out there where the problem is massive and needs to be recognised.
  12. Exactly. When the game is about the money it’s no longer a game. Now he’s Chair of the PGA Tour player’s advisory council, expect him to toe the party line even more. The first thing he’ll do is pull any course that has any fairway less than 60 yards wide and make sure that every course is over-watered to suit his ‘air game.’ It’s all part of the PGA Tour self-funding its members and clueless advertising execs being bought by the PGA Tour ‘product.’ You can tell that the ruling bodies are just a bit of an irritation to the PGA Tour who have no respect for the integrity of the game
  13. Sorry...Rory is only an ‘active competitor’ when the course is watered to death and there’s no wind...why do you think he moved to the PGA Tour?
  14. I largely agree, however, how many times do you see a Pro shouting at his ball to ‘Get down’ because they think it’s flying the green when it actually pitches pin high? Rory did it a couple of weeks ago on a par 3 (so no risk of a flyer) and it fooled the commentator to the point where he thought the ball was going to airmail the green by miles. He was a bit non-plussed when it finished 6 feet from the flag.
  15. I see judging distance as being one of the key skills in playing golf. I would go so far as to say it’s one of my biggest advantages over the guys I play with. Nowadays 95% of the guys I play with have DMDs, usually GPS, and some of my advantage is lost. That is until we play on winter temporary greens (we don’t have yardage books for the course) or they have forgot to charge their device and, I am not joking, they haven’t got a clue what club to hit.
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