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  1. Hey guys! Been a bit but I do not get out like I want to these days and these are just collecting dust! Absolute mint clubs and have 3 range sessions and 3 rounds on them and the clubs show that. Standard L/L/L....Started to regrip them and had to stop unexpectedly but have the other 4 grips to throw in for whoever buys them. The MCC plus 4 grips have 0 play on them. 850 shipped. pin 4/19
  2. Getting rid of some items today and hopefully looking for a quick sell! Will ship to the lower 48! Open to reasonable offers! I can be reached at 8508556414 for a faster response also. $SOLD - Taylormade M1 3 wood w/Tour AD-DI7X, GP MCC+4 and measures at just under 43.5" as seen in the photos. There are some scrapes where the face meets the crown, as well as another one near the toe area. Noticeable at address but not horrible being so light. I can provide more photos upon request. Comes with M2 headcover, not M1. $SOLD - Taylormade M2 19* Hybrid with Tour AD-DI85X, GP MCC+4. Very clean club, used sparingly and no marks on the club that I can see. $SOLD - Ping Limited Edition CAMO Hoofer. As a veteran, this bag was awesome and had so many cool compartments and the style brought me back to the deployment days. Been sitting now that I have a Vessel... I know, I went boujee.. lol.. but would love for someone to take this bag off my hands! Last up is a Ping Tour 75X shaft out of my G400. Very clean and solid shaft. $SOLD
  3. Trendygolf.com will not ship to US fyi for these shoes...bunch of BS
  4. I ordered a pair of the 270 and the Infinity Tours..... the payment kept spinning.... then I refreshed like an idiot so I have 2 sets of each coming in lmao
  5. Selling a couple things sitting around. I am open to offers, looking for quick sale. PayPal only, will ship to confirmed shipping addresses only! Lower 48! M4 Driver Head with new adapter(No ferrule) - ~~$150~~ $130 shipped!! Great condition, very tiny, small mark on bottom of club, used for about 10 rounds and a couple range sessions. Overall 9 out of 10! Bushnell 1600 Tournament Edition - ~~$70 OBO~~. **SOLD** Battery is low and the numbers are fading inside the view finder. I do not know if it's because it needs a new battery...? I haven't used it in over a year since I bought my daughter and new Jolt V4. Comes with original fanny pack style carrying case as well.
  6. Can someone give me the measurement from the bottom foot(where the bag will rest) to the top where it is strapped in......? Im wanting to get this for my daughter but want to make sure it will fit her US Kids Golf bag. Thanks!
  7. Looking for a quick sale today. Used this for 1 round in my M4 and went another direction. It is stock length and straight from TM. $75 shipped OBO. If you need more photos, text me at(850) 855-6414
  8. Yea my 6 has the barcode and serial and the 7 has a different serial and no barcode
  9. I ordered a new set of irons from someone, they ordered straight from Srixon 4-PW Z765 with a U65 3 iron.... the U65 came has the authentic sticker near the hosel but what I found odd is the 6 iron does not have it, has the barcode and serial number but the 7 iron also has a serial number with no barcode.....? Anyone experience this....? I mean they look super legit...but you never know nowadays....I’m guessing maybe the 7-PW was maybe slated for a mix set...? Idk....just want to make sure
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