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  1. 100%. I'm definitely not a picker so I'd see this problem long before you would.
  2. The thing about C-Tapers, and I've been playing them for years and years now, is that they're very unique junk. They work better for me than anything else on the market and I just flat out prefer that boardy feel and flatter flight, but if you have any speed, they're junk. I could post countless pictures on 130X's with bent tips. I re-shaft my 2 iron pretty much every year and my 4 - 7 irons every other year. I've only had to do the 8 iron once and I've never had to re-shaft the 9-LW. Other than that, best shaft on the market for me. KBS has been good about replacing them under warranty, but t
  3. I have the new Scotty grip, the thin grey one. I've had SuperStroke's in the past but have ended up back at the Pistolero and I think I'll stay there. The FlatCat caught my eye, but for feel, I think I'm just going to stay with the skinny grip.
  4. They look great and after a few swings, you don't notice. You're just mesmerized by the head shape!
  5. They did replace the heads that I destroyed, I have to say that. But being up here in Canada, it took a long time to get warranty. I spent most of those two summers playing with my old Titleist 909 before I finally went back to it full time after the 3rd M2 cracked
  6. I'll never believe that they are, only because I've caved in or cracked every single TM 3 wood I tried out (3 of them, an original M2, the 2017 M2 they sent to replace it and the other 2017 M2 that replaced the replacement). I don't swing as fast as some of the bombers they have on staff and I sure as hell don't hit as many balls and I only ever hit 3-wood off the tee. I find it hard to believe that I'm just unlucky 3 times in a row and they're giving that junk to tour staff. Come at me all you want, but I won't play TaylorMade stuff anymore.
  7. My exact setup. TS3 in 8.5º set to 7.75º. Was fitted into the 8º TSi3. Launch with the TS3 was 13º-14º, launch with the TSi3 was 10º-11º with about 300 less spin. It landed so much flatter and ran so much further than good strikes with TS3. Add that it looks better and sounds a million times better, TSi3 is a clear winner.
  8. Original Grafalloy blue X pull, 43.5" $200 + Shipping from Canada
  9. 41 Years old, Hitting it further than I did when I was 20!
  10. Down in Bragg Creek, we've already got more than 6". It was patio beer weather and then -snap- February weather...
  11. Little fuel on the fire...head over to TXG's Youtube channel to see a comparison between the "Ventus" Black TaylorMade puts in the SIM and the Aftermarket Ventus Velicore from the ProStock wall.
  12. That NP2...what in the #$%!!! That thing is gorgeous!
  13. I don't know who's right who's right or who's wrong or who puts their shaft where. What I do know is that as recently as last week at my TSi fitting, a very reputable fitter saw me take a couple of swings with my driver and immediately headed over to the "Pro Stock" shaft wall because he ascertained that nothing the Titleist rep. brought was really all that stellar. They have an entire wall of no-upcharge shafts that come with the driver matrix of all the manufacturers. There were DEFINITELY shafts on both walls that looked pretty much identical. I didn't hit them side by side, so I can't say
  14. I really hope they do well. I played Grafalloy for YEARS and they pretty much got put to bed by True Temper. So I finally commit to switching to an LAGP shaft and I hear their designer moved on. Maybe I'm bad luck for shaft companies.
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