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  1. Playing today at GlenEagles...4º as a high Should be fun!
  2. As stated, the market is flooded with Low/Low profiles at the moment and one person is going to get slightly different results than the next. The LAGP Tour Axs blu in my signature was the height and spin killer for me, and it's available in a 60 g weight. I'd give it a look as well.
  3. I’d be looking at TSi2 or G425 Max with something in the Mid-launch category like Ventus Red, TourAXS Red or AV Raw Blue in the weight/flex that you can time the best.
  4. I don’t know if anybody noticed, but it looks like the LA Golf site is up and running again. lagolfshafts.com They actually did a really good job. Looks like the Olyss didn’t make the cut and they’ve streamlined to the Trono, TourAXS line and the putter shafts.
  5. I just played the Smoke Black RDX 90 hybrid in a 6.5 flex in a U500 for the first time today and man does that thing ever feel stable. My last 2-iron had a PX 7.0 steel in it, so that’s saying something. Great flight and awesome for the stingers.
  6. Confirmed at Glen Eagles on Friday. It's supposed to be 10-12º...shorts weather!!
  7. May 3rd last year, and that was only at the Par-3 at Golfuture in Calgary. Hopefully playing on Friday!
  8. What's "the track"? lol. The wife's birthday was on Friday or I'd have driven down to Lethbrige with the boys. And then this bloody snow. Nature, you are one crazy mother...
  9. I have always done much better with the 2x4 feel over anything that lets you feel the load. The shaft is a timing device first, flight control second, and people would do far better to look at weight before they even considered flex. Flex is arbitrary between companies - weight is weight.
  10. My fitter said he hadn't heard of any new utilities dropping this year, just the hybrids that came out already. That's why I ordered my U500.
  11. I very rarely hit the driving iron off the turf. The U500 is an absolute beast off the tee and I ordered mine with the HZDRUS Black Smoke RDX at 17º and after a couple sessions, bent it to 18º. That took what was a small amount of offset to a really small amount of offset and I actually notice that extra degree of bounce helps in the turf. Just flies a tad higher off the deck now.
  12. HeatherGlen will be an absolute zoo this weekend I'm sure.
  13. They have the newly minted Mid-Master amateur there this year. Seems like a mulligan for us over 40 guys, but I’ll take it lol
  14. Almost the exact same boat. MP-5 4-9, Vokey 47° and a T-MB deuce. Just reading through this thread inspired me to have a look at some of those places that will restore your irons. At $50/head, I’m just gonna get my MP5’s restored and forget about the new line.
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