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  1. Same boat here. 46º, 51º, 56º and 61º all inbound. PW in Chrome, GW and SW in Raw and LW in Copper!
  2. I'm going to bet that it has a lot to do with internal weighting. There may just not be room above the toe weight to get hot melt to the middle of the club? The new T200 is a lot thinner, high in the blade, than the U-series irons, making it feasible to get hot melt anywhere in the U's from the toe, but not so in the T200. Just a guess.
  3. Had the pleasure of being up close to Tiger in 2000. There has never been a better iron strike put on the ball. I've been at Foxwood and watched Moe Norman hit balls, but Tiger did it at speed and that iron swing was mesmerizing. 2000 Tiger, hands down, best swing ever. Coupled with his work ethic, it definitely cost him longevity, but the question isn't about the longest lasting swing.
  4. Gonna second Jeremy or Craig at Modern Golf
  5. Norm Jackson at Cowachin Golf club is a really good instructor and is one of the best human beings I've met. I highly recommend him.
  6. Haven't played there since it was The Elks, but I always really liked that track
  7. The Calgary qualifier for the Am is at Elbow Springs next month and the only practice round I could get booked was for this Wednesday. High of 36º! Thank God we're off early, might have to cart it for this one.
  8. Had a pretty good run last week that included Mt. Kidd and Mickelson National. That was the first time I've pegged it at MN, and maybe it's because I played pretty well, but man...that track is SO good. Instantly one of my fav's! It's incredibly unique, as in you never play the same hole twice. The green complexes were pretty awesome with backboards and slopes to use and places you definitely can't miss it. Lots of room to hit driver and the greens were rolling really well. The only knock I had was the (drivable?) Par-4 7th. All risk, no real reward. When I play it again, it'll be a wedge-wedge, pretty boring hole. Other than that, what a track! Really nice, grass range, super friendly greeting in the pro-shop and the staff/marshals were all very pleasant. We played with a member, so it was $120. I guess Non-member guest rate is in that $175 range, which is a little too steep for my taste when you can play Kananaskis for $100. But for the lower rate, I'll be back there in a heartbeat.
  9. I'll probably be dead before that old 909F2 comes out of the bag. I've learned my lesson. I've looked, I've bought...and I've gone back. Rinse, wash, repeat. The moral of the story is, if you find a good 3 wood - stop trying to find a gooder one!!!! lol
  10. Pretty pumped that I pulled the trigger on the U500 this spring. This will fit a certain group, but it's not for me.
  11. lol, not exactly breaking news these days
  12. Unpopular opinion here. Most of these look really good, but the T-100's re giving me that cheap, Nike SlingShot vibe and I think they're ugly. The current T-100 is a beautiful iron.
  13. He plays Soft Stepped X100’s, so pretty unlikely he’d fit the Rebar profile
  14. Actually, the Red and White shafts in the TourAXS line will fit a lot of players. It's fair that they don't have a ton of options, but it's not all rebar.
  15. Most of the fitters around me carry LAGP product now. It's available and the DJ signing can only bring more exposure. I think it's also an important step away from the idea that it's a niche product for a guy like Bryson. DJ has been playing Fuji products for as long as I remember and it seems like his driving hasn't suffered if last week was any indication.
  16. Looks like DJ's run with the old Speeder is over. He's become a full partner at LA Golf and will sit on the board as well according to the LA Golf medial release. It will be interesting to see how many LAGP shafts he moves into now that he owns a piece. You can bet they're developing product for the rest of his bag outside the driver and putter.
  17. Put me in the group that had better results across the board with TSi3. Spin was lower, it was faster, way flatter, longer and straighter than the TSi2. I firmly believe though, that the better dispersion can be 100% attributed to confidence. TSi3 is the best looking/sounding driver I've ever hit and I was just having fun smashing it. That's not exactly scientific, but it's real.
  18. Side note - I love this little trend of the driver faces that show the ball marks. The TSi3 leaves a crystal clear ball mark just like this PXG does. Wipes clean with a wet towel and leaves no doubt about the strike!
  19. If that's the case, I don't understand that move. Both the new irons have usage on tour, so clearly there's a preference between the two, which are drastically different. I hit one shot with the 510 and put it down, couldn't stand the look. I can't imagine a 'tweener' look would have a different result - part of the appeal in the U500 is how sleek it looks at address.
  20. Glad I'm not the only one showing a couple miles on the tires lol McGreggor "Jack Nicklaus" Persimmon Driver TNT Persimmon Driver Pinseeker "All-Graphite" driver Callaway Big Bertha Warbird Wilson INVEX - that thing was pretty wild. Lynx BOOM BOOM Titleist 975 Titleist 905R Titleist 907D2 Titleist 910D3 Titleist 915D3 Titleist TS3 Titleist TSi3
  21. Just put my trusty 909F2 15.5º fairway back in the bag. Got my old faithful Grafalloy blue X in there. It's so damn hard to get that club out of the bag.
  22. I'd bet good money that if they're replacing the U500/510, it won't be much of a change. Similar to the 716-718 TMB. I kept the 716 in the bag until this year and I still see 712U's kicking around.
  23. I'd have to tape a 20" putter to my shin and kick the damn thing lol. No chance I'm getting down there...
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