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  1. Awesome putter. I dropped some bombs yesterday with mine. Glws
  2. Any difference in feel or performance?
  3. Big thread wrx club tech. A lot of guys like the mmt 125, steelfiber or accra.
  4. Tsi2 4 wd, cobra f9, g410 5wd or sft 3wd. Buy all 3 and pick the one that works the best.
  5. I haven't even seen the tsi2, just got to hit the tsi3. I did hit the tsi2 fairway. It was very nice.
  6. What driver do you have? Can't see witb or signatures on my cell.. thanks
  7. Took my pro's tsi3 10* smoke 6.5 and tsi2 16.5 smoke 6.5 out on the course for 9 holes. My driver swing is around 100, but man these worked and felt amazing. Hot 5 of 6 fairways. The one I missed was low on the face and spun high and right. Not sure what to buy now. Was debating raw blue stiff flex 10.0 and 15 raw blue. Now debating smoke stiff or x flex. 1st picture is a late dog leg right that plays 312 from the whites. Best drive i have hit on that hole ever.
  8. I would have to say the 0211 seem a smaller, are pretty forgiving and feel better the the g25. It's been a long time since I've had a g iron though. I did hit the g410, g400 at the range. They just seem so big anymore. 0211 seem like a good tweener iron.
  9. Can anyone compare the performance of the tour head vs the retail? Less fade bypassed because of the higher lie?
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