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  1. If hitting to a net outside, how much space do you need behind the ball and between the ball and the net? I'm unable to find this info on their website (only has "indoor mode" specs, which may be the same...)
  2. Had the purest round of my life the last round before my Srixons arrived in the mail
  3. Longtime Mizuno iron freak. Bought a Srixon ZX5/ZX7 combo set this year as a treat after gaming MP64s for a decade (with the occasional Mizuno MP54 4-iron or MP4 short iron sprinkled in). Love the Srixons, still love the Mizunos as my backup set. All good golf clubs, no problems...... ...... except when I wash the faces of my Srixons, I get this awful squeaky sound and feel, really viscerally irritating, like nails on a chalkboard kind of thing. Anyone else have this experience? Or any metals experts care to speculate? I promise it's not just in my head.
  4. I'm persuaded by this thread (and youtube) that the g425 is a little bit better golf club than the g410, performance-wise. Pretty much everyone is saying the g425 is a little longer and has better spin consistency. However! I ended up buying the 410 for aesthetic and psychological reasons. I love my g410 5 wood and feel like buying the g425 would be a message to the 5 wood that I don't believe in it anymore. So when I am ready to hit a shot with either club, part of me would be thinking about my ability to betray myself, which in my experience is not a good swing thought. I also think the turbulators are cool - from address, the g425 looks like it could be any brand. Golf can make a person go insane.
  5. For what it's worth, I asked my fitter (who used to work at Ping but not for a couple years) if he knew the difference between the 410 and 425 fairway woods, and his response was: "I think the main difference is they took off the turbulators on the top"
  6. I recently took a flier on an ebay 5 wood purchase, a Ping G410 17.5 degree with an Oban Kiyoshi HB shaft in X-stiff. I've never used a 5 wood, and traditionally I have only hit (and been fitted into) stiff shafts throughout the bag. My average driver swing speed is ~107. Well, after 10 rounds, this G410 5 wood in extra stiff is now my favorite club of all time. I went and bought another identical Oban shaft for a 3 wood and planned to find a G410 14.5 degree to match. But after rabbit-holing on it a bit, I'm wondering if I should just get the latest tech and buy a G425 Max 14.5 degree instead. Some reviews (TXG, etc) seem to indicate it's a step up in ball speed and spin consistency. But it's of course hard to know what's marketing and what's real improvement. I don't have a chance to test these options against each other I've seen that there are threads comparing G410 and G425 driver models. But I'd like to know if anyone has thoughts on 410 vs 425 Max fairway woods. Thanks!
  7. 1. 2 of my weights stuck together. any tips to loosen them up. wd40? 2. using the PRGR. should i select driver as my club? or a different club because the shaft of the trainer is shorter thanks!
  8. I've watched the Alex Noren rehearsal routine. I love it, very weird looking. Here's what I notice. Am I observing it correctly? Weight shift down Right elbow in front of torso Left wrist flexion I'm still struggling to understand "arm direction" after watching the DJ video and my own swing... it looks to me that my arms are moving forward and diagonally down, and physiologically I can't really imagine them moving in too different a direction. Perhaps a down the line video will help. Face on, it just seems like my body is just getting out ahead of the arms. In other words, a sequencing problem more than a direction problem. And the Noren right elbow in front of torso is meant to train body/arm sync (sequencing) rather than direction. Let me know if this is right/wrong.
  9. Also @MonteScheinblum is there an efficient way to remain focused on practicing No Turn Cast while also working on the arm direction issue?
  10. LOL funny.. the start/stay typo didn't confuse me at all. My brain knew you meant "stay." And yet I too typed "start." I also edited my post after I saw you posted the 2 videos basically simultaneous to my post Anyway! I know you mean "stay closed longer." Is there also another component of "shift better," or is that the key thing you meant with the shift?
  11. Thanks Monte! Really appreciate the feedback. Just want to clarify what you mean. 1. Shift better = start closed longer? Or do you mean two things there. I totally understand what start closed longer means, but "shift better" is harder for me to pin down. 2. Which way are my arms moving, and which way is correct? I'm thinking "cast to 8:00" and letting my arms and body react. I don't think I know how to describe the directions my arms are moving... Edited to add: you posted the two links above just as I posted this response. I think I understand now what you mean by arm direction based on the DJ instagram.
  12. When I watch good swings, I love how free the wrists seem, especially at the top. When I watch my own swing, my wrists appear.... less free. I suspect I lose swing speed and create some sequencing issues as a result of my less than ideal wrist hinge. So I want to open a discussion for people who struggle with this issue and ideally generate some ideas about how to work on it. I've been working on Monte's No Turn Cast, and my feel on the backswing is that I am setting the wrists as early as possible and letting my body react, before of course casting gently and patiently as a dove to 8:00. So... 1. Do I have enough wrist hinge/set at the top? Am I diagnosing correctly? 2. If (as I suspect) I do not, how can I work on getting more? My feel is to get as much as possible as soon as possible. Do I practice the top position statically? Is it a grip thing? I don't want to make the thread just about my swing. Would like to have a general discussion about improving wrist hinge. But any other thoughts on my swing videos are welcome. Known issues: not enough backswing hip turn, right knee fires too hard and too soon on downswing, and pelvis is a little reluctant to turn all the way through to the finish (probably related to left hip injury). Videos are PW full speed, 7 iron slow mo. Sorry for the crummy camera angle. I was filming myself taking the first ever swings with my new Srixons and set up the iphone in a flower pot.
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