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  1. Looking for both 3 and 5 woods with Oban Devotion Stiff (04 flex) 75g shafts. Open to different heads.
  2. I've watched the Alex Noren rehearsal routine. I love it, very weird looking. Here's what I notice. Am I observing it correctly? Weight shift down Right elbow in front of torso Left wrist flexion I'm still struggling to understand "arm direction" after watching the DJ video and my own swing... it looks to me that my arms are moving forward and diagonally down, and physiologically I can't really imagine them moving in too different a direction. Perhaps a down the line video will help. Face on, it just seems like my body is just getting out ahead of the arms. In other words
  3. Also @MonteScheinblum is there an efficient way to remain focused on practicing No Turn Cast while also working on the arm direction issue?
  4. LOL funny.. the start/stay typo didn't confuse me at all. My brain knew you meant "stay." And yet I too typed "start." I also edited my post after I saw you posted the 2 videos basically simultaneous to my post Anyway! I know you mean "stay closed longer." Is there also another component of "shift better," or is that the key thing you meant with the shift?
  5. Thanks Monte! Really appreciate the feedback. Just want to clarify what you mean. 1. Shift better = start closed longer? Or do you mean two things there. I totally understand what start closed longer means, but "shift better" is harder for me to pin down. 2. Which way are my arms moving, and which way is correct? I'm thinking "cast to 8:00" and letting my arms and body react. I don't think I know how to describe the directions my arms are moving... Edited to add: you posted the two links above just as I posted this response. I think I understand now what you
  6. When I watch good swings, I love how free the wrists seem, especially at the top. When I watch my own swing, my wrists appear.... less free. I suspect I lose swing speed and create some sequencing issues as a result of my less than ideal wrist hinge. So I want to open a discussion for people who struggle with this issue and ideally generate some ideas about how to work on it. I've been working on Monte's No Turn Cast, and my feel on the backswing is that I am setting the wrists as early as possible and letting my body react, before of course casting gently and patiently
  7. Reduced prices on the MP55s and the MP20 HMB 4 iron. Also offered dramatically reduced pricing for NYC pickup. MP4s and hitting mat are sold.
  8. Anyone use the Srixon Ultra Light? 3.48 lbs, looks kinda nice I just got my K1-LO in the mail, and for the life of me I can’t adjust the straps to a comfortable setting.
  9. Pics are fixed, sorry about that. $500 for the MP55s, $1250 for combo set (which contains the two 6 irons and two 7 irons for versatility)
  10. Mizuno Yoro Craft MP55 4-7 irons: Oban CT-115 Stiff, SST pured. Standard loft, length, lie. These are Japanese market only Mizunos, in a really nice satin finish. Golf Pride Tour Velvet. Outstanding condition, played for a half season. The 7 iron hooped one from 165 out for eagle on Streamsong Black #18 over water, into a sunset, with a gaggle of spectators overlooking the green. I’ll miss it. I’ll throw in 10 White NO1 Japanese Grips with either the MP55s. $475 shipped. $375 NYC pickup. Mizuno MP4 6-PW: Oban CT-115 Stiff, SST pured. Standard loft, length, lie. Beautiful irons in
  11. Open to heads only or with shafts. Top choice for shaft is DG120 stiff, but definitely fine withother shafts.
  12. NTC has been very helpful to me in terms of ballstriking. One thing that I’ve found very helpful to go along with it is PATIENCE in transition. One issue I’m finding is I used to like to hit lots of flighted short irons, 3/4 type shots, 95 yard pitching wedges, stuff like that. With NTC, I’m struggling to do that. With all the focus on wrists, I have a lot more trouble adjusting tempo and length of backswing. Basically in focusing on getting my wrists hinged in backswing, casting to 8, and swinging with what feels like a chilled out tempo, I end up hitting my irons my
  13. Roger that. I think the key takeaways here for me are: 1. Improve hip turn 2. Extend spine in backswing to maintain centered pivot And bucket / dodge ball drill will help with both. Separately, I think with some of the PGA tour pros pictured above it kinda depends how you want to draw the line tbh. For example if you look at JT, it looks to me as if his back shoulder is basically centered. But it doesn’t really matter. Curious what “gears” or whatever that software AMG uses would say (I’ll go look it up).
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