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  1. I have one of the these in my garage, speaking of classics.
  2. I had a set of the Silver Scot 845 irons. They were, if I recall correctly, the first set of jacked upped lofts designed for better players. What's funny is the pitching was 47 degrees and the 9 was a 43. The 6 irons was at 31 degrees. By today's standards they would be weak lofted. Of course the blades of the day (late 80s) were 3 or so degrees weaker. The Silver Scots had progressive offsets as well
  3. jimb

    TSi3 or TSi2

    What is fascinating to me is that video by Adam Scott going over what is in his bag this year. Scott has one of the best swings in golf. He is gaming a TSi2 with a Ventus Red. As some have addressed in this string of comments when the TSi3 is hit pure dead center it feels extra special and produces great distance once it is dialed in. But who hits it dead center all the time? That is what Scott said was the reason why he picked the TSi2 over the other TSi driver iterations. He said the TSi2 was the most forgiving in the new Titleist driver line than anything but the TSi1, which he acknow
  4. For me, I find the Max LS spins less than the SZ. In fact, it may spin too little for me. I took both to range today and hit balls with both drivers. I don't find the LS to be more forgiving that the SZ. The advantage the LS would have over the SZ is the sliding weight in the back of the clubhead. I you hit the ball consistently on the toe side for example, you can move the weight toward the toe side of the clubhead to get more mass behind the strike. There are many good players who strike the driver consistently on the toe or heel side of the clubhead face. So the LS will be a benefit
  5. Elevate Tour plays significantly different than the DG line. The VSS addition really works at dampening vibration. I have hit the new ETS models. They are supposed to make the tip a little firmer feeling, but keep the same trajectory. I had the Elevate Tours in a set of 2013 X-Forged irons and really enjoyed the way they played.
  6. I've switched, sort of. Both a 9 degree models. I think LS definitely launches lower than the SZ for me. I do have a slower swing speed than you stated in your post. The LS has a larger footprint and sounds a little different. I am still getting used to it and have the SZ in reserve. Since both drivers use the same adapter it is easy to compare with the same shafts in both to see if the LS will move the SZ for adoption.
  7. I have never had a problem with the Golfworks epoxies. I like the Tour Set Plus for speed and shear strength.
  8. Have been playing the Mavrik SZ with the Graphite Design AD XC in the S/R flex for a while and liked the results I was getting with it. I got the bug to get another driver so I made the move. Just received my 9 degree Epic Max LS with the MMT 60S shaft installed. It has a larger footprint than the SZ. I took it to the range yesterday to give it a whirl. I absolutely loved it. I am not a bomber like Phil - or many on GOLFWRX - but it is hard to bomb drivers at 72 years of age. I normally carry a drive in the 225-230 yard range. I was quite surprised by the MMT shaft. I absolutely loved
  9. For me the KBS Tours are a mid flight shaft and the Elevates are a mid high shaft. Elevates may feel softer in flex than the Tours.
  10. Parson's stole Ben Hogan's tag line "Nobody builds a golf club like we do." He said it in TV commercials when he made a personal appearance as president of the Hogan club company. There is a huge difference between the Hogan commercials and PXGs.
  11. Shaft load in how you develop your speed will be important. As someone above posted how "aggressive" the move is important. DJ, for example, plays DG X100s in his irons and they are soft stepped from what I have read.
  12. I have never had a set of forged irons that were adjusted without some little marks where the club is clamped into machine. I have done it myself many times on a Mitchell Steel Club machine and I have gotten little dents near the sole of the club. The bending bar needs to be proper fit and tightness. If the bending bar doesn't have a clamp it will dink the hosels. There are bars used for short hosel irons and some don't have clamps. That type of bar will dent the crap out of the hosels.
  13. Yeah, just watched a video someone posted. It seemed to me at the time the ball took an unusual bounce forward with his approach and went long. Memory fades over time I guess because there was no bunker. Watson used the rule that your worst putt will be better than your best chip so he putted that next shot. Rules are meant to be broken :). The ball was up against taller grass. I remember Watson in his prime. He used to hammer short ones in the back of the cup. That ability faded over time.
  14. Watson winning would have been more remarkable. What was remarkable, and perhaps cruel, was who beat him. Cink is a nice guy and a very skillful player, but you don't think of Cink as an Open contender. In fact, that Open was his only major win to date. Watson hit a perfect shot on that last hole of regulation and got a horrendous bounce as I recall into a bunker over the green. Actually, it was a three putt there that sunk him. That win by Watson would have been awesome.
  15. Can anyone recommend who still refinishes persimmon woods? I have a Wood Brothers Texan driver sitting around that needs to be refinished. I want to send it to someone who knows what they are doing.
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