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  1. Let us know how the lofts and lies are when you put them on the machine. My lofts were 2 degrees stronger than specs. Lie, length, and soft stepping were perfect.
  2. A big factor is shaft length. I have that shaft in mine at 45.5" and it is D4.
  3. Epic Speed with GD XC shaft. Callaway X2 Hot 3 wood with Aldila Tour Blue.
  4. My set came today, under 2 weeks from date of order. They are perfect. Hit them this afternoon. Very powerful ballflight.
  5. Under $200 per new iron would be my limit, but that would need to be something special. I just bought a set of new Srixon Zx7 irons at $162 per. Drivers? I would go up to $400, but used. Typically, at CPO. I buy a lot on CPO, and usually 'like new' condition.
  6. I will test them against my X-Forged CB at the range first and then see how they perform on the course. I am really looking forward to giving them a whirl.
  7. Well, I have a set of Zx7 irons being delivered on Monday. I ordered them from Srixon directly on September 2nd. My only experience with Srixon irons were the Z765. They were okay, but my 2013 X-Forged irons were better, so they did not last long. I am a range rat, and I hit the 765s quite a bit on the range and on the course before I unloaded them. Currently, I have the 2021 X-Forged CB irons in the bag and I must admit I do like them, but not as much as the 2013 model. At any rate, I am going to give the 7s a shot. I will also add that all the switching from the 7s back to the 785s, as many posters had stated, is puzzling. Golf is such a mental game where confidence plays such a huge role in success. It does take a while to get the feel of new irons so I will play with these for a while before deciding on the set I will keep or dump. Supply chain issues now with golf club components have impacted big time on custom builds by virtually all manufactures. I was fortunate to be getting my irons so quickly. I am a high ball hitter. I think the lofts on these, along with what others have said, suggest the 7s might be between a players distance iron and a players iron. I think it would be easy to adjust the lofts on the 7s without an issue given the shape of the sole.
  8. I ordered a set of Srixon Zx7 irons on September 2, 2021. The lefthanded set was 5-PW, plus 1/4" length, and soft stepped stock Modus3 Tour 120 stiff shafts. The grips were the stock model Golf Pride. I received an email this morning from Srixon that the irons have shipped and the expected delivery date is Monday, September 13, 2021. I would add I ordered them directly from Srixon off their website.
  9. Probably the red 6r. By the way there is an online fitting on the Fujikura site.
  10. I have the Zx7 on order. The PW in that set is 46 degrees. I currently play a MD4 50 degree and will continue to keep that club in the bag as my gap wedge. My other wedges are a 56 and 60. My current PW is 45 degrees. If I were playing the Zx5 I would probably keep the same setup. For the majority of the time I have played golf I did not use a gap wedge. I carried a 54 and 60 and learned to hit partial shots with the PW to adjust to the gap between it and the SW. But I will admit to a lot of that time I did play blades with much weaker lofts in the PW and that Zx5 is 44 degrees of loft. In the worst case you can always take a 50 and bend it one degree stronger, but you will get one degree more bounce on it as well.
  11. When I was younger, now 72, I used to love to hit the 2 iron blade off the deck. I hit it off the tee at my home course as well on tight holes, so I really got used to hitting it solid. But, now my gapping in the longer clubs is getting too narrow. I went to the 4 hybrid when my length with the 4 iron and the 5 iron was less than 10 yards. The hybrid 4 goes father than my 4 iron.
  12. I am nowhere near those distances, but your setup is what I am considering. I like hitting irons. I might try the 4 utility. I do not mind hybrids especially out of the rough.
  13. I have heard good things about the Ping Crossover. Thanks
  14. I have a set of Srixon on order. They are the Zx7 models in the 5-PW. I have been playing Apex hybrids in the 3 and 4 and was thinking of maybe switching out the 4 hybrid for a utility iron in the 4 iron loft. I was also considering going to the Zx5 4 irons instead of the utility or the hybrid as another alternative. What I have found, as I have gotten older and my swing speed has diminished, the distance gapping in the top end of the bag has shrunk. I do have confidence in hitting irons and hit the center of the club face consistently. Does anyone have thoughts on this?
  15. I just ordered a set of Srixon Zx7 irons two days ago. Before I did I was considering the Titleist T100 and T100s irons. My ball flight tends to be higher and the thought that the T100s would like provide me with a lower ball flight and more distance was very appealing. If I were purchasing the Titleist irons I would likely go T200 in the 5 and 6 iron and then the T100s in the 7 through PW. I think Titleist did a great job with the design and options with the new T series irons.
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