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  1. Now 73 years old. Play Srixon Zx7 irons in 5-PW. Went to regular flex shafts. My feeling is if your swing is consistent and you can hit the middle of the club face, then you can play anything.
  2. I would have to say the 3 wood off the desk. 3 hybrid off the deck, no problem. My 3W play is a liability.
  3. For anyone who has refinished a Wood Brothers Texan Driver: What are the size and type of the sole plate screws? Did they use Frearson or Phillips head screws? It is hard to tell by looking.
  4. I had the LS and it was too low spin for me. Went to the Speed and love it. I hit it as far as the Mavrik SZ, which I had, but Speed was a lot more forgiving.
  5. I wanted a 4W, but for lefties such as myself, no luck. Thanks for the info. I might reshaft my Mavrik with a GD AD-F in the S/R flex. I have the GD XC in S/R in my driver and love it.
  6. I want a new fairway wood. Currently have the Mavrik 15 degree 3 wood. Pluses or minuses in comparison with the Speed FW needed. Speed FWs are for sale on CPO at a good price. Thanks
  7. Callaway Jaws Full Toe 60. 10 degree bounce.
  8. I have Project X IO shafts, 5.5 flex in my Srixon Zx7 irons and love them. My 3 and 4 hybrids in stiff. My 3 wood is stiff. My driver has a GD XC in S/R flex. My wedges are S200 shafts. All work for me. Personally, weight is more than flex.
  9. Seems like your 9 is about 4 degrees weak. Get all lofts and lies checked and adjusted. Do the whole set.
  10. You mean you 8 iron is close in distance to you 9 iron?
  11. I was playing golf last week and found a Callaway ERC Soft ball that someone lost. It was Triple Track and at first I thought it was a Chrome Soft Triple Track, which I have been playing for a while now. This ball worked amazing well for me in comparison to the Chrome Soft. I played both balls to compare them with the same conditions outdoors. I was consistently 10 plus yards longer with driver and the ERC Soft over the Chrome Soft. My irons were longer as well and the ball spun well enough. I love the sound and feel of the ERC. I guess it fits my swing speed better. I picked up a dozen yesterday.
  12. I am not ready to give up on my 3W yet, but I love hybrids off the deck and with a tee. I have an Apex 3 and 4 and can't get rid of them.
  13. My Zx7 irons have been adjusted and they did dent in a few spots where the loft/lie machine clamps squeezed the heads in place for adjustment. That is normal for forged clubs. These are some of the soft forgings I have ever owned and they feel marvelous. So if they get a little dinged up it doesn't bother me. They are sweet!
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