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  1. Hi all. I've got a few questions about the golf, dark, and field lenses... For a bit of background, I've got prescription G30s that I really like and have had for a long time, but since my eyes have changed a bit, it was time for new lenses. I ordered a pair with the prizm golf. I like having a lighter tint since it allows me to not have to change glasses even if it is cloudy, the sun is setting, or I go into the clubhouse. I recently got my prizm golf glasses and the tint is very weird... as you can see from the attached image, the rose tint on the two lenses doesn't cover a w
  2. Google searches are pointing in all the wrong directions... it would be really helpful to have that fixed.
  3. Hi all. I've got a few clubheads for sale today with lots of pics to show the conditions as accurately as possible. Payment via PayPal (send me a message for my paypal e-mail address) and all prices include shipping via USPS priority mail to the CONUS. My bag is set for now so I'm not interested in any trades. Please let me know if you have any questions. Up first is a used PING G SFT 10* clubhead and headcover. As you can see from the photos, the club has been well used, but not abused. There are no dents or scratches. The marks on the clubhead are all rub marks from a previous owner n
  4. > @monks66 said: > the one on left is kelly green ball??? where St. Partick's Day 2018 they had those as a special edition... iridescent cover with kelly green text. Not sure if there are still available anywhere.
  5. Hey all. I've got some Srixon Z Star and XV 6-ball packs that I bought a while a ago. I recently pulled some out to use them and noticed what I think is an issue with the dimples on a bunch of them. I contacted Srixon, and sent them the picture that I've included below (along with a description of what I noticed), but the Srixon customer service rep that e-mailed me back said they don't see anything wrong with the golf ball in question. Before I pursue this any further with Srixon, I'm curious to find out what you all think about the attached photo... all three balls are 5th gen Z Star an
  6. There have been similar threads about this with the original handcrafted vs non PX yellow and black and I'm assuming "small batch" is the same as "handcrafted." When a shaft is made, because of the variances in equipment, materials, people, etc, there will be some difference between the actual specs of any shaft and the exact design specs. How much difference there is varies from shaft to shaft, but in the end you pretty much end up with a bell curve of distributions... many shafts are very close to the design specs and some are "close enough," but there will also be some extreme outliers
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