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  1. Because the clubhead is rotating a bit coming in to impact, the toe of the club is traveling faster than the center which is traveling faster than the heel. Your Trackman speed of 105 mph is going to be the average speed of the clubhead at impact, not the exact speed of the point on the clubhead where you made contact. Thus, if you hit a shot toward the toe side of center, the ball reacts to a club traveling faster than 105 mph, but Trackman doesn't know that and divides the ball speed by the too low value of 105 mph when calculating the smash factor, which gives you the impossibly high resu
  2. Bubba Watson has been playing with a BiMatrix shaft in his driver for many years. As best I can tell, the shaft was originally introduced in 2012 and it was discontinued because no one was buying it until he repopularized it. John Rahm still uses the Aldila Tour Green in his driver. That was stock in Callaway and Titleist woods for a while (2013 ish?) and is currently about $80 from Golfworks. Neither of these shafts are expensive and I doubt anyone would call the shafts elite, at least not currently, but they seem to still work out pretty well. The key is to find wh
  3. If you'd like to upgrade, but are also being cost conscious, I'd suggest that you start by going to a demo day or heading to a golf shop and just trying out some clubs. That will give you an idea of what kind of improvement is out there for you just from changing lofts, shafts, or going to something newer, even if it is just a stock setup. And, if you don't come up with anything that excites you, you can always go for a full club fitting somewhere. As a side note, I haven't done a driver fitting at any of the specialty fitting stores, but based on threads on here and talking to f
  4. The second part of Stuart's comment was pointing out that ill fit equipment can keep you from having good fundamentals... some people don't have the physical ability to swing an iron with a 130g steel shaft on the proper plane. So providing them with a shaft that better fits their ability gives them a chance of having good fundamentals. Just handing them a stock club and yelling at them to fix their swing does not.
  5. Not really weird. The issue isn't really PING, it is the supply chain. I don't remember the details, but there are some shafts and grips that are basically impossible to get right now because of how covid f'ed things up. So if someone ordered a set with those options, PING has to wait on the supplier to produce and ship the components. Clearly PING had (or can get) plenty of Alta shafts, but Mitsu is having trouble getting the Tensei Orange to PING, which is why you could get one, but not the other.
  6. This. If you play a Srixon long enough to start noticing wear on the ball, it does tend to happen along the seam, but I regularly play 18 (or more) with the same ball (Z-Stars) and haven't noticed any performance issues. Hell, I played in a tournament with one ball that hit a cart path on 5, but I was playing poorly so I kept using it... shot 38 on the back and stuck an 8 iron to 2 feet on 15 to win a closest to the pin.
  7. If there's nothing that you'd obviously like to change then it is hard for anyone to know where to start in terms of giving you recommendations. In this case the best thing to do would be to go to a golf shop or find a demo day where you can try out different weights, torques, flex profiles, etc and see what happens.
  8. Picking up an aftermarket shaft isn't necessarily going to be an upgrade unless something about the new shaft better fits your swing than your current shaft. So, the important question is, what's wrong with your current shafts?
  9. It is true that a heavier club head will give higher ball speeds than a lighter one assuming the swing speed is the same... in that case the heavier club head has more momentum, which result in higher ball speeds after the collision with the ball. Comparing a 206g driver head (based on PING G425) with a 201g head, the ball speed drops by less than 1 mph for the lighter club head. The difference in ball speed increases with club head speed... for a 90 mph driver speed 5g results in a change of 0.6 mph ball speed while a 120 mph driver swing gives a difference of 0.81 mph with a 5
  10. I'm confused... you say in your initial post that you are thinking of making the blades 1* weaker or the CBs 1* stronger, but you mention later that you have a 5* gap between the CB 6 and blade 7 iron... if you go 1* stronger with the CB you'll end up with a 6* gap, not 4*. Regardless, if you like the way the blades play, adjust the CBs. 1* of a change in bounce really isn't going to be noticeable.
  11. I really hope that when people ask you what kind of irons you play your response is always "smashed steel."
  12. There are videos of DJ and Rory hitting a persimmon driver around 300 yards, so clearly you can still bomb it with those clubs. I'd be much more interested in seeing a dispersion chart of something like 100 shots each with persimmon and modern driver. My guess is that is where the big difference between the two will show up.
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