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  1. I have an old R9 driver that I have never been able to hit. I had it re-shafted two years ago with a aldilia DVS 75S (45 inches) and still have 7 out of 10 mis hits that result in a terrible slice. I have been teeing off with my ping 5 wood (aldilia NV 75S) 42.25 inches for the last two summers and typically get about 205-210 yards off the tee. My 5 wood is my "go to club", I can stripe it right down the center of the fairway but my lack of distance is annoying, it doesn't kill my game but an extra 30-40 yards on my drives would greatly help me cut a few strokes. My question is should I cu
  2. I think giving a set of custom fit fourteen irons to myself would be a great way to let them be seen by those that may not have heard of fourteen golf at the many municipal courses I play in Illinois.
  3. We need a little helpThe organization I work for runs a charity golf outing every year. This year we have 20 foursomes come out. I should point out that I currently do not work on this event, but after this year, I will be on the committee. The first hole went great, and then the slow play began! We birdied hole #1 and then had to wait 3-5 minutes before every shot after that. I'm not sure how the foursome in front of us was playing so slow....they were in contention for the tournament but do you really need a team huddle to talk strategy before every shot? I sure tried to get my point acros
  4. Thanks for all of the replies! My current drive is playing 45.25 inches and I have been toying with the idea of cutting it to 44 to see if that helps. As for the lessons, that is something else I will look into. I really appreciate your insight and your suggestions!
  5. Wanting to lower my scoreMy golf league has started and once again I am frustrated with my drives. I have really improved my short game and putting the last few years but can't shoot really low due to my driver. I tend to swing nice and easy but hit a few modest 210-220 yard drives with enough fade and side spin that when my ball lands, it typically rolls 10-15 yards straight right (I'm right handed). However, when I really try to get on a drive, it tends to slice 100 or more yards to the right. the funny thing is that with my hybrids and irons, I have a mild, very playable 3-7 yard fade. Ev
  6. My father inlaw recently joined my golf league (lucky me right?). I played a practice round with him on Sunday and then played our first league round yesterday afternoon. This round was to establish a handicap and the guy was plumb-bobing every putt, stepping away from putts if there was a gust of wind ect!. What really got me mad was how he long he took to put his clubs back in his bag and get into the cart.. There were times it took him 30 seconds fiddling around his bag before we were off to my ball! And for all the time he spent on the course he shot a 49 (9-holes) which isn't bad for a
  7. I always wear jeans when it's cooler and jean cutoffs in the summer with my best Dale Jr. cut off shirt! (I have to wear sleeveless shirts due to my 199mph swing speed)
  8. I hate when people "find" mine and pocket it even when it isn't lost!
  9. You can get top quality Z-star tour yellows at most recycled golf ball sites for around $20/dz. I have been using recycled balls for three years and have no issues. The balls are like new and only about 1/2 price when you include shipping. You can also get older versions of the proV1 for cheaper than $20/dz
  10. I think it wouldn't be that big of a deal on a slow weekday afternoon but I wouldn't expect it on a weekend! Especially with a 3-some behind! I would have called the clubhouse and if they said it's ok, I would have asked for my money back. I HATE waiting on every teebox! (No I don't play much weekend golf)
  11. Anyone use it?I stumbled across the playerspass.com and it seems almost too good to be true. There are several local courses that are 2 for 1 greens fees Mon-Friday and after 1pm on weekends. The annual fee is only $67 and that will have paid for itself after 2-3 rounds. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  12. playing a sliceI have been toying with cutting down my driver from 45.5 inches to 44 (i'm 5'10"). Currently I am hitting a 15-25 yard slice that will roll another 10 yards straight right upon landing with my driver. The distance is typically 220-240 yards. The funny thing is I play can typically hit my irons and hybrids pretty straight with the exception of the occasional slight 3-5 yard fade. On my drives, I try to focus on rolling my wrists on impact and sometimes I can hit is straightish but never a dead straight shot. The only problem is I don't want to cut down my shaft and not like it,
  13. sounds like he must be divorced and his wife moved out.......
  14. Everybody wants something for nothing. You "think" they said the prize was a putter and now you are saying the store ripped you off because they didn't give it to you? Maybe if you had registered for the contest in advance, paid an entry fee, and had the prize in writing, you might be able to say you got ripped off. However, getting a free sleeve of balls by winning a spur of the moment putting contest with only 11 people is a score anyway you look at it. This post is definitely not worth the time to read it.
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