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  1. Weather looks good this upcoming weekend. You can probably make a 2pm tee time and be done before sunset.
  2. CGA charity silent auction starts on Monday. Some pretty sweet golf courses available--many with no or reasonable restrictions. https://www.charityauctionstoday.com/auctions/2021-cga-silent-auction-20919
  3. This popped up on my news feed today for some odd reason. A funny read. Maybe we should invite him to this thread. https://www.5280.com/2020/09/how-to-finish-14th-at-the-denver-city-amateur-golf-tournament/
  4. I actually just did a quick comparison of both schedules, and you would only have a conflict on 4-5 weekends all season. And the other cool thing is that only 5-6 courses overlap.
  5. Typically they reserve 6 foursomes for each tournament; 9 for majors (+/- 1, I think). Based on e-mails, about 4-10 days before the tournament, there is a call out saying there are X spots left, and they will have to give back any unused foursomes back to the golf course. That's when I typically sign up; though usually I let the organizers know at the previous tournament if I'm likely in or out for the next tournament. If the tournament is full, you can always get on the waitlist. It seems like there is a last-minute cancellation once every other tournament.
  6. Front Range Golf Club has posted their (tentative) 2021 schedule. May 9 - Indian Peaks Golf Course May 16 - Racoon Creek May 23 - Fossil Trace Golf Club June 6 - Red Hawk Ridge (Major) June 12 - Legacy Ridge June 26 - Saddle Rock July 10 or 11 - Ryder Cup at Westwoods July 18 - Common Ground (Major) July 25 - City Park July 31 - Coal Creek August 7 or 8 - Willis Case August 14 - Murphy Creek August 22 - Walnut Creek (Major) September 11 or 12 TBD September 18 - Colorado National (Major) September 25 - Green Valley Ranch October 2 or 3 - Invitational
  7. Good luck! I usually can only plan as far as tomorrow; June is way too far away for me.
  8. Dang. It's down to $55 now! Two pairs for $110 with free shipping is a pretty good deal. I play in mainly dry conditions, but they have been pretty stable in moist/dew-y conditions.
  9. Has anyone tried out the indoor simulator place called X Golf in DTC? Looks like they have a 12-week 3-man league for $300/person on Mondays and Thursdays (Wednesday is already full).
  10. The two times we played 9 at Fox Hollow last summer was Meadows, and that is definitely the easiest 9 to walk.
  11. The shoes are now $70 (I also would've bought at this price). Plenty of sizes available in both colors and widths.
  12. If mine (plus-no-plus model 2-PW) hadn't been stolen out of my garage 14 years ago (they were probably 14 years old at the time), I'd still probably be playing them.
  13. I'm pretty annoyed that I took both cars to the car wash on Sunday, and both cars had to go out in this dreck tonight. My weather app said we hit 66° today; now we have almost 2" of snow on our grassy areas.
  14. A friend booked a time for South Suburban this Sunday. I'm thinking about it.
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