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  1. Topgolf - the actual golf entertainment business Toptracer - technology and licensing Topgolf Media - I guess best known for their World Golf Tour video game All detailed here... http://press.topgolf.com/2020-10-27-Callaway-and-Topgolf-to-Combine-Creating-a-Global-Golf-and-Entertainment-Leader
  2. Reports say that Callaway took on about $550M in Topgolf debt.
  3. I've bought both the 4-wheel and 3-wheel CaddyTek carts from Costco this summer. Here are my thoughts... 3-wheel CaddyTek cart + I can't describe it, but it just feels better built than the 4-wheel (but the 4-wheel is also well-built); probably because it is a few pounds heavier + One-button press to fold/un-fold + Easy to maneuver due to swivel front wheel; but I actually keep it locked most of the time so that I can shove it forward as I walk - About 2 pounds heavier than the 4-wheel - Doesn't fold up to a small size like the 4-wheel or BagBoy push cart; rather moot poi
  4. There is no hand brake, which is fine given the price difference. If you bought it this summer, and it's within 90 days of purchase, you can do a live chat with Costco customer service to get a price adjustment. One of my carts was bought 110 days ago, so I have to do a return/re-buy.
  5. Some of our Thursday group want to go out and play, but it'll probably be upper 40's (at the most) by 3:30pm. I've turned too fair-weather golfer for that kind of punishment.
  6. We got 4-ish inches in my neighborhood. My kids shoveled the driveway around noon, and by 4pm it was already bone dry (as is the majority of the surrounding streets).
  7. I was looking to go golfing on Sunday early afternoon with the wife, but we'll be up at 5 bleepin' AM that morning because Arapahoe Hockey doesn't want kids to have fun on Halloween. Who the heck schedules a 7am hockey game for 13/14-year-olds the morning after Halloween?!
  8. I thought Tin Cup was nationally distributed? (I'm not a whiskey drinker, so I wouldn't know.) Welcome to Denver! Hope you can get out on Saturday and then brace for the winter weather...then be back out late next week in shorts.
  9. There were a few ladies at practicing at Colorado National on Wednesday afternoon that probably would've gotten your attention.
  10. Pretty chilly in the morning (my car said 43° when we got out of the car). The pro shop said they were running 20 minutes behind due to frost, but the starter was able to catch up rather quickly. I shot a 78 from the gold tees with a triple, double, and four bogeys. I also burned the lip on about five putts. Regardless, it was nice getting out on the course with my dad.
  11. You don't have to be lonely. At golfers only dot com. As someone who's been married 20 years, I cannot offer that much advice. My guess is to find tee sheets with two spots available, you take the third, and a single will have to take the fourth spot. As also mentioned above, I would also probably join a ladies' league and develop a social network through that--many of whom should be able to set you up with single men.
  12. Yikes. Looking to get out to play 18 with my dad on Wednesday morning. Nothing is available. edited to add: luckily found a 9am tee time at Colorado National, but it's an hour away. blah.
  13. Bear Dance was great as always. I hadn't played there in a very long time, but I forgot just how diabolical the greens are. First, if you don't get or keep the ball on the right tier, you're screwed. Second, it's so difficult to read the correct break on putts. Basically, be super aggressive on the front 9, and hold on for dear life on the back.
  14. If you're playing this weekend, you picked a pretty good weekend to visit. I'm playing Bear Dance on Saturday.
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