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  1. Wow. If I had gotten more advanced notice, I would've seriously considered this. $200 isn't a terrible deal.
  2. Played Broadlands for the first time on Saturday. My first 18-hole round since July 31. I was 1-under through the first five holes, then the wheels came off, and I limped in with an 85. My drives were mostly on-point, I did dunk two into the water off the tee (mainly aimed in the wrong direction); and my short game was pretty good (save for one duffed chip). I did have some trouble with approaches (often too long because of the wind or hit it too thin); I also had 40 putts because I couldn't get the speed right on downhill putts, and I would blow them by 5-8 feet. What really killed me (almost literally) was the heat. This is one of the few tournaments that offers a discount for walkers, so I did that; plus, the weather forecast was pretty benign (so I thought). I thought I brought enough liquids with me. We saw the beer cart on the 2nd hole, and there was a marshall driving around with a large cooler of iced water bottles, and I picked up two bottles on the 6th hole. Then...nothing. By the 12th hole, I ran out of water, and by the 15th hole, I was feeling the initial signs of a heat stroke (slight headache, stopped sweating, increased heart rate). On the 16th tee, I called and complained to the pro shop that we hadn't seen the beer cart or marshall since the front 9, and the person who answered the phone told me he's not responsible. Somehow I did par 16 and 17, and I bogeyed 18 only because I put my drive into the lake almost next to the green. I then limped over to the beer tent and drank two Gatorades in under 3 minutes. Lesson learned: bring lots of water when walking. While it's a massive pain in the rear to drive from Parker up to the 36 corridor, I now find solace that I can pick up some of the best Chinese BBQ in town on the way home. HuaKee BBQ (https://www.huakeebbq.com/) is next to the Westminster H-Mart (Asian supermarket) at 36 & Sheridan. The BBQ pork and roast pork belly are out of this world good.
  3. Hit some balls at Lone Tree Golf Club tonight. Their new-ish short game area is really nice; although any shots beyond 50 yards is from an elevated position. Their practice green is really beat up compared to the beginning of the season; hopefully it will be back to normal next season.
  4. After my disaster of a round at Coal Creek on July 31, I literally did not pick up my golf clubs during the month of August. Today, after hitting a single range ball on the range (I had planned on hitting a bucket but work made me arrive 5 minutes before our tee time), I set out on Lone Tree GC. My first swing, a 3-iron off the 1st tee, sent the ball 150 yards into the junk. My second swing was not much better, barely clearing the junk. Five swings later, I was in with a quadruple bogey. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting much. Then I went bogey-par-par-birdie-par-bogey-par-bogey for a 42 (40 adjusted). I really only had one bad drive after the 1st hole, my approach shots weren't terrible (although most ended up pushed right of the green or short and left), and my putting wasn't a bleep show. I think I got up-and-down four times for a birdie and three pars. Maybe I'll find some time this long weekend to hit some ball. Maybe.
  5. I can't hit a fairway wood or hybrid to save my life, so I simply carry a driver, 3-PW, GW, SW, LW, and putter. I do want to add a 17° UDI or something because I want something that gets me 260-275 off the tee.
  6. Anyone who's played with me knows I reach that milestone within the first four holes!
  7. Someone down at Trent Werner's school offers Aimpoint once in a while, but, again, I would highly recommend against doing the class at Meridian. I believe TW has set up shop somewhere north, and I'm sure that course's practice greens are significantly better.
  8. Lesson learned from City Park: don't play the tips unless you are a near-0 capper. The par 3's are killer. I shot a smooth 97 with 43 putts. I got off the tee mostly okay (except I did dump two balls into the muck on #13 off the tee with my 3-iron). My lob wedge, which is usually so trusty, probably cost me 10 shots (duffed a few chips, or I was so inaccurate with it that it lead to 3-putts). I'm still having issues with ball contact, but I don't have time to hit the range (or get lessons) anytime soon. It was also so bleepin' hot when we teed off around 1pm. I went through both of my water bottles by the 7th hole, and I constantly refilled them. I think I'm still feeling the effects of heat exhaustion this morning. This was my first time ever playing City Park, and I thought it was a fantastic course.
  9. Yes, most likely a sting. However, when my daughter was 4 (I was holding her in the water while surrounded by stingrays), a stingray thought her leg was food. She screamed bloody murder, and, of course, we freaked out because we thought she was stung. When we got her into the boat, there were two semi-circular "hickeys" on her leg just above her ankle; you could see the small indentations made by the stingray "teeth". It broke the skin just enough to cause light bleeding.
  10. I heard y'all had torrential rainfall like what happened to us yesterday (conveniently at about the furthest place on the golf course from the clubhouse) often this summer. That really sucked. I'm so glad I remembered to bring an umbrella (initially for sun shade purposes). I've developed a really bad case of pushing the ball with my driver. No draw to bring it back. Straight as an arrow roughly in the 1 o'clock (maybe 1:30) position. I'm also still having issues finding anywhere close to the center of the clubface on iron shots. I'm guessing these issues will not do me any favors when I play at City Park on Sunday. Regardless, it was nice to get out and play five dry holes with @Noodler and @jacobEDGE. As an aside, some of us went to Dry Dock Brewing to dry out. They currently have a Blood Orange Blonde (just like their Apricot Blonde) that is one of the most refreshing summer beers I've had in a long time.
  11. Just an FYI that 5th gen balls are still $28/doz if you're looking for Z-Stars. The white is available now, and the yellow is "in stock soon", which I would take with a grain of salt.
  12. Back in the day, I used to play in a league at my local Putt-Putt course. My buddies and I were good golfers, but we got destroyed every week. If this was a bit closer to home, I would probably want to try to field a WRX team. https://www.rockymountainbarleague.com/rocky-mountain-bar-leagues/minigolf/
  13. After 5 weeks on a road, I arrived at home four hours later than planned on Sunday night (thanks, Southwest). I didn't get to play as much golf as planned in Sweden, but I will post some pictures soon. I haven't swung a club since June 27, and I'm playing Meadow Hills tonight with @Noodler.
  14. If early enough in the morning, I'm surprised the golf course doesn't offer a few back 9 only tee times for a 9-hole rate. A few courses in my area do that.
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