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  1. Arrived at my in-law's house in Sweden yesterday. I heard it hit 101 in Denver. It was chilly while having dinner at 8pm last night. I had to wear a fleece jacket. #sorrynotsorry
  2. I've been playing golf for 35-ish years. Never a hole-in-one, never an albatross, never holed out on a par 4, and only a handful of eagles on par 5's. Over the past 20 years, I went from a 6 to 15 (stopped playing for a few years after my kids were born) and now back down to a 7. I've only had one eagle during the span. About 15 years ago in February. I drove the ball into some trees. My first punch shot hit a branch and knocked the ball straight down. My second punch shot attempt just missed another branch, bounced down the frozen fairway, and eventually rolled into the hole. Pure
  3. My wife and I had to cancel Saturday's golf with my parents due to issues with appliance installation (and subsequent handyman visits). Instead, I found a last-minute 6:30pm 9-hole round at Lone Tree on Friday night. The course is in phenomenal shape. FRGC event at Red Hawk Ridge today. I think I missed five putts inside 2 feet today and chunked two lob wedges (one into a creek). My tee shots were hot and cold. Still somehow hacked an 81 from the tips. As luck would have it, the winds shifted directly into my face on 15 (playing 501 yards today), so that was fun. I put my drive 140
  4. Amazon has older gen balls for $25-$28, which is the per-dozen price for 3 for 2. Bought a dozen each of white and yellow XVs late last night. Delivered this evening.
  5. I'm very much in the Lou Malnati's camp. Sadly, only 33 hours in Chicago, so my co-workers and I weren't able to do a lot. Lunch at Cruz Blanca (pretty good even if Rick Bayless is no longer attached to it), team dinner at Soju BBQ (highly recommended), and after-dinner drinks at Bar Siena (really good Old Fashioned). But when my company's office has a rooftop deck like this, you better believe I'll be asking to visit more often!
  6. Sadly, it's WN (an airline I rarely fly) to MDW (an airport I think I've been through once in my life). UA was literally twice as expensive, so Concur said no. I also learned that MDW has Clear kiosks, so at least I'll get my money's worth out of that this trip (as well as this summer). Regardless, I love Chicago. My company's office is in the West Loop, which has a ton of awesome restaurants.
  7. It's been a true BOGO the past few years. Amazon also simply cut the price down to $20/doz. I wish the Golf Discount performance packs came in XVs.
  8. We probably could've finished 9 holes at The Links with our 9am tee time, but I think it was for the best that we cancelled. What a crappy way to finish a long weekend. I'm off to Chicago on Tuesday morning for a work trip.
  9. Supposed to play golf with my parents on Sunday. The weather forecast went from pleasant to okay to wtf. May have to cancel.
  10. A private, Nicklaus-designed club near my house offers a range-only membership. Back in the day (20 years ago), it was only $500/yr (adding a spouse was half-price). You had your own area on the opposite side of the range, which meant that an employee shuttled you there and back. There weren't that many range members, so the grass was always in pristine shape. The short game area was just okay (I've heard they re-built it), and the putting greens were tiny and bad (when I went last year, they still were). The best part was access to the Nicklaus-designed 3-hole short course. The range membersh
  11. Whatever you put in the name fields persists as you switch states/countries (at least it does in Chrome), so that makes it a bit easier.
  12. (Apologies if there is already a thread like this. I tried searching, but I couldn't find anything.) tl;dr - How many people have the same name as you in the GHIN database? Do you have the best index? Growing up in Kentucky, I thought I had a pretty unique name. Yet, there is a guy with the same name as me in Denver. We have never met, but our lives have closely intersected over the past 20 years. He's a doctor. His group's practice was a few hundred feet across a vacant field from where I worked for almost a decade. I had to unlist my phone number because his patients
  13. The burning question is whether you'll be bringing tigers to carry your clubs.
  14. Usually it's the "big wigs" or sales guys of the company who then get to write it off as a business expense. My company sponsored a charity golf scramble at Inverness for a few years. I had to pay the $150 entry fee, but I didn't have to take PTO, and I was able to write-off a portion of the entry fee as a charitable donation. I always got assigned with the customers/vendors who provided my company the least amount of business. haha
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