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  1. Sorry that wasn't clear. I meant for eye-balling purposes when using my GPS app. For example on a par 3, I use my app, and the others in my group will use a rangefinder. They shoot, and I long-press on my app where I guesstimate where the pin is. 95% of the time, I'm within two yards of what their rangefinders say.
  2. My $3 GPS app on my phone can get within 0-3 yards compared to laser rangefinders just by eye-balling the pin. Of course, that's only when I can see the bottom of the flagstick. Otherwise, front/middle/back is fine. What my GPS app does infinitely better than a laser rangefinder is pin-pointing the distance to areas of the fairway where I'd like the ball to end up. Or how much I need to carry over bunker in order to hit the fairway--not just the part of the bunker that the laser can hit.
  3. If you're okay with the used route, 2nd Swing will strengthen/weaken lofts on any purchased club for a few bucks before shipping.
  4. Club Champion is offering 50% off fittings right now.
  5. My Facebook memory from 2014 popped up today noting that Cry-tler's 6 years remaining in his contract extension meant I could continue to go golfing the next 86 Sundays during football season.
  6. Random observation when looking for clubs on BST or eBay... Anyone else surprised at the number of left-handed golfers that play x-stiff shafted clubs over standard length and a degree or two upright lie? I think I've played with two left-handed golfers all season!
  7. It was bleepin' hot today. I was glad to get out and hit the Family Sports range with my dad this morning.
  8. For handicap/rating purposes, I think they need to re-evaluate them. I mean, when you can go driver-wedge on #2, then have to go driver-4 iron on following hole on #3, I think it needs to be looked at. There has been a pretty long-standing rumor that they were going to sell off half of the course to build more houses.
  9. Deer Creek just sent out an e-mail. Course closed starting November 9 for the season. They plan to re-design "several areas" of the course--whatever that means. They should first re-design the scorecard and make #2 a par 4 and #3 a par 5. The area where the range is located will be officially razed this month to build new homes. "Hopefully through the remodeling process we can incorporate [a] driving range in the new design perhaps in a much more desirable location." Not really sure where they could possibly fit in a range unless they shorten holes and/or fill in th
  10. Dang. My work gave everyone a free half-day PTO for Election Day. My direct report chose to take the afternoon off. Interesting... I just saw that starting November 16, Kennedy is transitioning to Babe/West for 18 holes, and Creek will be the 9-hole course. I wonder if this is a seasonal or permanent change?
  11. Topgolf - the actual golf entertainment business Toptracer - technology and licensing Topgolf Media - I guess best known for their World Golf Tour video game All detailed here... http://press.topgolf.com/2020-10-27-Callaway-and-Topgolf-to-Combine-Creating-a-Global-Golf-and-Entertainment-Leader
  12. Reports say that Callaway took on about $550M in Topgolf debt.
  13. I've bought both the 4-wheel and 3-wheel CaddyTek carts from Costco this summer. Here are my thoughts... 3-wheel CaddyTek cart + I can't describe it, but it just feels better built than the 4-wheel (but the 4-wheel is also well-built); probably because it is a few pounds heavier + One-button press to fold/un-fold + Easy to maneuver due to swivel front wheel; but I actually keep it locked most of the time so that I can shove it forward as I walk - About 2 pounds heavier than the 4-wheel - Doesn't fold up to a small size like the 4-wheel or BagBoy push cart; rather moot poi
  14. There is no hand brake, which is fine given the price difference. If you bought it this summer, and it's within 90 days of purchase, you can do a live chat with Costco customer service to get a price adjustment. One of my carts was bought 110 days ago, so I have to do a return/re-buy.
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