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  1. Lesson learned from City Park: don't play the tips unless you are a near-0 capper. The par 3's are killer. I shot a smooth 97 with 43 putts. I got off the tee mostly okay (except I did dump two balls into the muck on #13 off the tee with my 3-iron). My lob wedge, which is usually so trusty, probably cost me 10 shots (duffed a few chips, or I was so inaccurate with it that it lead to 3-putts). I'm still having issues with ball contact, but I don't have time to hit the range (or get lessons) anytime soon. It was also so bleepin' hot when we teed off around 1pm. I went thr
  2. Yes, most likely a sting. However, when my daughter was 4 (I was holding her in the water while surrounded by stingrays), a stingray thought her leg was food. She screamed bloody murder, and, of course, we freaked out because we thought she was stung. When we got her into the boat, there were two semi-circular "hickeys" on her leg just above her ankle; you could see the small indentations made by the stingray "teeth". It broke the skin just enough to cause light bleeding.
  3. I heard y'all had torrential rainfall like what happened to us yesterday (conveniently at about the furthest place on the golf course from the clubhouse) often this summer. That really sucked. I'm so glad I remembered to bring an umbrella (initially for sun shade purposes). I've developed a really bad case of pushing the ball with my driver. No draw to bring it back. Straight as an arrow roughly in the 1 o'clock (maybe 1:30) position. I'm also still having issues finding anywhere close to the center of the clubface on iron shots. I'm guessing these issues will not do me any favors
  4. Just an FYI that 5th gen balls are still $28/doz if you're looking for Z-Stars. The white is available now, and the yellow is "in stock soon", which I would take with a grain of salt.
  5. Back in the day, I used to play in a league at my local Putt-Putt course. My buddies and I were good golfers, but we got destroyed every week. If this was a bit closer to home, I would probably want to try to field a WRX team. https://www.rockymountainbarleague.com/rocky-mountain-bar-leagues/minigolf/
  6. After 5 weeks on a road, I arrived at home four hours later than planned on Sunday night (thanks, Southwest). I didn't get to play as much golf as planned in Sweden, but I will post some pictures soon. I haven't swung a club since June 27, and I'm playing Meadow Hills tonight with @Noodler.
  7. If early enough in the morning, I'm surprised the golf course doesn't offer a few back 9 only tee times for a 9-hole rate. A few courses in my area do that.
  8. I've played it twice, and I think both were around the 5-hour mark. I definitely understand the frustration of 5+ hour rounds; however, if I'm with good company and conversation (and if I have shade on a sunny day), I really don't mind.
  9. It wouldn't surprise me if the CGA rate also disappears next season at CommonGround.
  10. pseudoswede

    Denver Golf

    I would allocate for 5 hours and be pleasantly surprised if you play it quicker.
  11. I officially sentence you to use my profile picture as your's.
  12. Just so you all know. It appears my sprinkler system has been on the fritz since Monday night, and my neighbors said my yard is now a nice shade of brown. Karma's real, y'all. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I was able to let my neighbor into my garage, and he was able to power cycle my sprinkler controller so that I was able to connect to it via the internet.
  13. To do a bit of level setting, there isn't a course in Colorado where you're teeing off from a snow-capped mountain summit over a mile-deep canyon to a postage stamp green. You're either playing in the mountains (at around 9000 feet above sea level) or you have a nice view of the Rocky Mountains (at various altitudes). Uniquely Colorado courses Arrowhead Golf Course (Denver) Fossil Trace (Denver) Redlands Mesa Golf Course (Grand Junction) Broadmoor Mountain Course (Colorado Springs) Hiwan Country Club (Evergreen) Denver golf course with amazing view
  14. Arrived at my in-law's house in Sweden yesterday. I heard it hit 101 in Denver. It was chilly while having dinner at 8pm last night. I had to wear a fleece jacket. #sorrynotsorry
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