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  1. Slow-moving cold front swept through the front range on Sunday. It was shorts weather in the morning. By the time the Ravens/Steelers game started, Parker was being rocked by strong winds. Around 4pm, I ran out to pick up some stuff at King Sooper's, and it was chilly. By 5pm, when I was filling up the car with gas, it was crazy cold outside--and the winds didn't help. My youngest was rock climbing over near Bailey, and she said it got super cold/windy on their hike back to the car around 2pm. It also sparked some brush fires in the foothills. My daughter was leaving work at Park Meadows, and she thought it was snowing.
  2. Instead of working today, my company is doing a volunteer gig at Habitat for Humanity. It's gorgeous outside already. Ironically, I have the day off tomorrow, but of course it's going to be the coldest day of the week.
  3. Demand is there pretty much 7 days a week. If demand declines in 2022, I'm sure many public courses will start offering pre-paid passes and such to generate more cash flow.
  4. As far as I know, the best deals are usually found at the Denver Golf Expo.
  5. I'm just glad she tested positive here and not in Mexico. That would've been unpleasant being quarantined within sight of the beach and ocean! She's bored being quarantined and itching to get back to playing hockey. Littleton tournament started tonight; man, if we could've had her in the line-up tonight, we probably could've taken down the #1 team in the state.
  6. A lot of the guys never returned after the website/forum upgrade snafu. I also think a lot of us also made it a point to post about every round played. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! (We were supposed to be in Cancun right now, but my youngest tested positive for COVID last week (again).)
  7. You could also block it out far right OB like I did because of the same reasons. Chances of winning a season-ending FRGC trophy vanished on the first tee.
  8. If you ever play TPC Colorado, you'll never want to see another one in this state ever again.
  9. Oops... I meant Highland Meadows. Again, hockey parents + whiskey + midnight = bad idea
  10. My kid has a hockey tournament in NoCo in January, and we're staying at the Embassy Suites right near there. If the weather is good enough, and the schedule is generous, I will bring my golf clubs. Edited to add: hanging out with hockey parents is bad for my liver.
  11. Growing up in rural Kentucky, my friends were in junior high and basically became the high school golf team because they were the only ones who played golf. One friend was the #1 golfer from 7th grade to senior year--he went on to play in the Web.com Tour for a few years. I went to school across the river in Indiana, and I started practicing with the high school team in 7th grade--mainly because I could get a ride home from one of the upper classmen. The high school team was only 10 players when I started, so plenty of room for me.
  12. Same thing I do during golf season -- 12-ounce curls. But seriously, my work just got approved to have in-person yoga again once a week. It's amazing how much it builds your core and back.
  13. I drove by Wellshire multiple times taking my kid to/from 7:15am hockey practice yesterday and today. Then I drove by Hyland Hills golf courses this afternoon on the way to a hockey game. I'm jealous of everyone that got out to play this beautiful weekend. Next weekend also looks great--except I'll be in Steamboat for a hockey tournament.
  14. I think that bike is for golf course employees. I always get a kick out of pictures of people with golf bags on NYC subways. For alternate golf transportation, Coal Creek has golf bikes and Raccoon Creek has golfboards. My dad would take his motorcycle from Castle Pines to Family Sports golf range. He'd stick a few golf clubs in one saddle bag (with most of the shaft and grips sticking out) and a shag bag full of range balls in the other saddle bag.
  15. This is the cart barn at my in-law's club in Sweden. Up until recently, I basically never saw carts out on the course except for the truly disabled golfers. Now, I do see the occasional foursome of dude bros in carts. If I were to turn the camera around towards the clubhouse, you would typically see 40-50 push carts. What I also like that clubs in Sweden usually have a station with a compressed air hose where you can blow away all of the grass clippings and goose poop from your shoes and cart wheels before putting it back into your car.
  16. Pretty cool that Doak still hangs out on IBBs. In that same thread... RainDance National in Windsor, COFred Funk/Harrison MinchewResort with membershipsGolf course scheduled to openMid July 2022All but a handful of tees (on three holes) are seeded And growing. Website is up, and looks like homes are being sold already.... https://raindancecolorado.com/raindance-golf/
  17. Good luck, gents! My golf clubs have been hanging in my garage since late September, and I basically have zero time through the end of the year to break them out again.
  18. It's not the most intuitive, but the icon to the left of each thread turns black when there is new content. It's a star if you've contributed to the thread, a circle if not. Since you've contributed to this thread, it will be a star. If it's black, click on it, and it will take you to the first unread post. If you hover over it, it says the same thing...
  19. Costco sold an Under Armor bag which was made by Sun Mountain for $99. It's done well for me, and I'm kind of bummed they don't make it anymore. The Sun Mountain Pebble Beach bag on sale at Costco feels a lot cheaper and was more expensive. Otherwise, I would easily go for another Ping Hoofer.
  20. Last year they offered a $25 9-hole twilight rate which we took advantage of quite a bit. Definitely worth it for that price.
  21. I'm really pushing my kid to go to CSU instead of CU Boulder... so hopefully I'll pop in starting in 2023.
  22. Has anyone heard anything (@CDM?) about Deer Creek and its future? Looks like they're still doing maintenance, but it's still closed.
  23. Whomever thought it would be a great idea to buy a house on the right side of Murphy Creek's range 100-250 yards from the tee boxes....yikes.
  24. What I find funny is that Murphy Creek is basically on top of DIA and the jets at Buckley are LOUD. I find it just as noisy as Meridian in that aspect. I also find golf courses in office parks infinitely better than surrounded by houses. Zero chances of kids screaming and roof replacements; and low odds of dogs barking and miter saws.
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