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  1. Thanks. I figured that out after going back and re-reading the full rule 1.3 that you referenced earlier. Thanks for the help. Cejka teed off and hit it right, flying over a water hazard that began close to the tee area. It carried the water, because there was no splash and the ball was shown using video to bounce on the far side (I’m not sure whether one bounce or two but I think they said twice - I tried to rewind but was unable to do so). The video did not show whether the ball bounced while still inside the hazard or outside. The hazard line was about 3 feet from the dropoff and the ground appeared relatively flat on both sides of the line all the way to the dropoff. Cejka dropped on the green side of the hazard (with an official present to aid him with the drop) and made a really good par. Jimenez questioned the drop and suggested that had the ball landed outside of the hazard it would have almost certainly kicked further toward the green rather than toward the hazard. Langer was also in the grouping and as far as I know he didn’t express an opinion on the drop. In defense of Cejka the cart path was about four feet from the hazard line (about 7 feet from the dropoff. The ball could have ricocheted from the path back toward the water, although I didn’t notice a big change of direction in the bounce (maybe it bounced twice - if so, I didn’t see both bounces, only the one before it left the screen). Sorry for being so long, but I wanted to explain as well as I could what occurred. Regardless, I’ve learned something else about the rules today. That’s a good thing. Thanks for the help.
  2. So is KVC no longer applicable? Is it now “reasonable judgement” instead of KVC? To my thinking, those two are far from the same.
  3. As I understood it, nobody clearly saw the ball land. An official was there to aid in the drop. MAJ = Miguel Angel Jimenez, who was in the same playing group and questioned the ruling.
  4. With KVC, an official surely cannot “suppose” that it must have crossed the line, can he?
  5. Yes. That would be another option but I don’t think it was viable in that instance.
  6. Either that or a drop from where it crossed the penalty area on the tee side of the water.
  7. Nobody saw whether the ball bounced above the hazard line or not. TV video did not show, for sure, that it completely crossed the hazard line (they supposed that since it bounced twice before going back into the water it must have landed above the red line). To me, that ruling was completely wrong. I agree with Miguel.
  8. So true. Great point. I wasn't really a Rahm fan until recently, but he's completely won me over in the last few months.
  9. I coached basketball for many years. I hate trash-talk and showboating (yeah I'm old and I'm old-school). I used to tell my players: There is really nothing that you can say that will get under the skin of the players on the other team. They've heard it all before. The only way that you can truly get to them is to outplay them, and do it with a kind and sportsman-like, compassionate nature. It will drive them mad!
  10. I think you said this pretty well. I doubt that he will ever own the golf world, but I think that he could improve his image greatly if he would just give us an honest "shucks, I really stunk that shot up" instead of the "That was perfect! How did that happen?" attitude - along with some heartfelt congratulatory end of round humble pie (even if it is actually all an act). Humility would serve him very well. I'm not sure that it's in his genetic makeup, but we humans are adaptive creatures. I really hope that he figures it out because I feel sorry for him and would like to be able to pull for him.
  11. Drinking is, no doubt, a contributing factor. That said, you don't see this type of behavoor at ANGC and they sell beer (pretty cheap, in fact, by other comparisons). I think another issue (imo a much larger one) is that people know that they can get away with it at these other venues.
  12. I never said that I wasn't pulling for the US because of BD. I just haven't been able to make myself pull for him personally. Maybe I can do that in the Ryder Cup (I was able to pull for Reed, another golfer that I can't seem to pull for). Maybe I won't be able to.
  13. I can agree with this, except that I don't dislike him (I don't know him). I'm just not a fan. He's gifted with great talent and definitely adds an element to the tour that draws fans to watch - those that are his fans as well as those who aren't.
  14. I can't seem to make myself pull for BD, but I'm adamantly opposed to heckling any golfer. Spectators should be just that imo: spectators. I'd personally like to see all events police fans the way AGNC does. Golf is not basketball, football, or any other sport and that excuse for the rude behavior doesn't work to convince me that heckling and boorish behavior is OK.
  15. He's got a great game. He can play. I respect his talent.
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