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  1. I'm old enough to remember having a 56* SW as my highest lofted wedge and learning to open it up. I tried several 60* LWs and while it wasn't disastrous, I never felt totally comfortable - square faced felt like something I could have done with an open 56* and opening the face of the 60* was very difficult to judge. For me, it was a very niche club. Prompted by many threads on here, I decided to try a 58* and the difference to me is significant. It performs like a more lofted 56* with both square and open faced shots and I find it much more predictable, whether on full shots, loft
  2. codman

    Cleveland RTX 3

    I picked up a used RTX3 50* wedge a few months ago for a couple of reasons. 1. I found that, to my eye, my Vokey SM7 did not flow visually from my Srixon Z565 irons. I'm not saying for a second that the RTX3 is a better club than the Vokey but its shape and V sole are a better transition from the Srixon PW. 2. As an added bonus, the RTX3 came with an NS Pro Modus shaft that matches the irons well.
  3. A true master of his craft, the label of The Voice of Golf was fully deserved. Let's not forget that prior to his TV career, he won 20 tournaments, played on EIGHT Ryder Cups and had five Top 10 finishes in the Open. Everyone will have a Peter Alliss story but a personal favourite was during the old World Matchplay at Wentworth, when Frank Nobilo's match finished all square. Frank headed speedily for the clubhouse from the 18th green and it was pretty obvious where he was going. He reappeared after a few minutes, and literally ran to the 1st tee for the tie holes, with Peter Alliss
  4. I can only speak for the Srixon. I think they're brilliant driving irons. I bought a U45 23* with the stock Nippon NS 980 steel shaft. Loved it but it flew quite low, so got it reshafted with the Miyasaki shaft that was stock in the U65. Like a different club with a better higher flight for me.
  5. I had MP60s for 12 years and they were fantastic. It was more the advancing years of the user rather than the clubs themselves that brought about the change to the Srixons!! No regrets with the move two years ago, with the combination of more forgiving heads, lighter smoother shafts (the Mizunos had DGs), and hotter faces (and stronger lofts) being very appealing.
  6. See my post on page 57 about Koepka's practice routine yesterday. Maybe spanking 5 dozen brand new ProV1xs into the dunes, rather than down the range, has thrown his game off!!!
  7. I was at The Open yesterday (Saturday) and went to the range for a while. The range comprises two fairways on The Valley course and there are numerous distance boards and target flags. However, once Koepka progressed beyond his wedges and short irons, he hit every shot thereafter deliberately wide right into the knee/waist high grass in the dunes. Those brand new balls are not being found. I thought it quite bizarre - unless Ricky's Portrush mates have been given a tip off and will be out trawling the dunes for brand new ProV1xs on Monday morning!!!
  8. Just home from the first day of the Irish Open. Course stunning - if it was in Northern Ireland it could definitely host The Open. Crowds not as big as Portstewart last year and the sprawling layout of the course makes the attendance look sparse on TV. The Glashedy links are in the shape of a C, with the Old Course in the middle. There are a few good vantage points and it appeared as if a lot of people took advantage of these, rather than walking the hilly terrain. Traffic very well managed with parking on site and my normal 35 minute journey took less than 5 minutes longer. Back tomor
  9. Couldn't agree more about Wayne Riley. By far the best on course commentator Sky have. Very sharp on the game with just the right mix of humour but, importantly, without trying to be "the man". Perhaps Sky thought that having Beemer was better than having a neutral Aussie!! BTW I think Rich is excellent too.
  10. A few years ago I read a book called, I think, "Tales of the Ryder Cup ... by the Caddies". The explanation of Clark's strange reaction when he hit the hole in one shot was interesting, though not in a nice way. He had a reputation for being very tough on caddies and in the lead up to Oak Hill 1995, his relationship with his then caddie was at rock bottom. Apparently, he hit the shot absolutely perfectly and his reaction was along the lines of "Well I've hit it pure, now you'd better have given me the correct club". Not very nice, if true. I believe that he and the caddie split immediat
  11. I know many of you in the US have your favourite and not so favourite commentators but, count your blessings, you don't have to put up with former Ryder Cupper Howard Clark's unique grasp of the mother tongue on Sky TV's usually excellent golf coverage. This morning he referred to your young Mr Spieth as "Jason, sorry Justin" and a few minutes ago he came out with this pearler, "Brooks Koepka is playing way above his height. His length is his power." And these are far from isolated examples. It's English, Jim, but not as we know it!
  12. Elsewhere on the site are some excellent photographs of Rory testing some Scotty Cameron putters. When he dabbled with left hand low earlier this season, Rory said that he had putted this way as an amateur but my memories of him as an amateur and in the early days of his pro career were with the method shown in these latest photos, with the left forefinger straight down the shaft and the fingers of the right hand overlapping. It seemed that Dave Stockton had him go to the traditional reverse overlap and most would agreed that this has proved streaky at best (4 majors notwithstanding) and h
  13. World rankings at Irish Open Rory McIlroy 3 Danny Willett 9 Russell Knox 28 Rafa Cabrera Bello 30 Rory not the only guy in the top 30 #justsaying
  14. Minor changes only. I could play equally badly with your setup! Solid choice.
  15. It might surprise some of you to know that this year's European Ryder Cup captain might'nt be as popular in his home country as you would think. Has been known to be rude and dismissive, and many people are somewhat bemused by his image abroad of the genial Guinness drinking Irishman.
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