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  1. "Since the "centrifugal force" you speak of does not exist I suggest that your parents wasted a good amount of money on your education." Most of the explanations I have read here are making a fundamental mistake. The original question was why does the ball end up farther away then when it started, not how fast it seems to be moving. For the ball to end up farther away then when it started there has to be the right circumstances. First, the putt must be fairly short, mostly less than 6 feet unless green speed and slope are very pronounced. Second the green speed must be fairly high, this means less friction on the rolling ball. Thirdly the putt is almost always going to be across at least some kind of slope and the ball will be approaching the hole from the high side. As the ball hits the lip and begins to fall into the cup it will pick up some velocity due to gravity. If the entry speed+the speed increase due to gravity is high enough the ball will not have time for it's center of mass to fall below the lip of the cup before it exits, usually at about a right angle to the initial angle of approach. Call this the point of no return. Under very exact circumstances the ball can make a 360 deg turn and still not drop into the cup. But these usually end up very close to the lip as the ball will have expended most of it's energy by the time it exits. Here we are talking about putts that end up farther away then when they started. So we have a ball that was initially struck with too much force and has now picked up additional energy by briefly falling down hill. As it exits the cup at about a 90 deg angle to it's initial approach the ball is now going down hill on a fast green so it is quite easy to see that it may roll some distance farther than where it started. In exceptional circumstances, ie: severly sloped greens and very fast green speeds(think Augusta National and the Masters) the ball may roll a considerable distance more than when it started. Again, this usually happens under circumstances of a fast green and some slope to the putt. The bold is the reason forums are both good and bad. make reference in jest, and receive a stupid remark such as above. Either add to the conversation, rebuttal in an educated matter, or continue along. Centrifugal, yes, is a "made up" or perceived or what ever one wants to call it "force". it is an easier way to teach those for every force there is an equivalent opposing force. so, you give the negative force a name. or, you put a minus sign in front. doesn't matter. But, thank you for your observations. I dont mind being wrong, i am married, with kids, so being correct happens, uh, never. Good day. stop knocking people and what their parents do/did for them. Parenting is hard yet rewarding. YOUR INBOX IS FULL TRYING TO MESSAGE YOU ABOUT YOUR WANTED TO BUY POST A FEW MINUTES AGO
  2. Just one item today, please PM me with any questions Titleist 712 CB Irons 4-PW, Heads Only, Condition is Very Good 8.5+/10 These look amazing, they were played maybe 8-10 rounds with minimal range use $315 shipped
  3. Need to clean out the extras, please add $3 for shipments west of miss. Mizuno Hat, Fitted, L/XL, never worn, $13 shipped Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta Driver, stock Matrix 6Q3.1 X Flex, Very Good Condition,no cover, $105 shipped Cobra Cube Headcover, New, $16 shipped SLDR 12 Degree Head, Good Condition, with cover, $70 shipped
  4. [quote name='tym002unt' timestamp='1451105539' post='12764408'] Trades? [/quote] sorry no trades
  5. Merry Xmas to all, looking to sell this shaft, just too stiff for me Tour Issue Project X Hzrdus 6.5X Driver Shaft 76 Grams, 2,9 torque, Pure midsize grip 44 Inches with factory installed Callaway Adapter, perfect condition, hardly used $245 shipped OBO
  6. [quote name='Warrick' timestamp='1450521956' post='12738722'] is the fit/sizing comparable to the golf shoe version? [/quote] Your inbox is full!
  7. Just a few items today, for sale only please. Callaway XR Pro 9 Degree Driver HEAD ONLY, includes new headcover and wrench, no adapter Condition is Very Good/Excellent, asking SOLD Titleist AP2 712 3 Iron, project X 5.5 Non-Flighted, 1/2 inch short, 38.5 inches Very Good Condition, asking $50 shipped Rogue Silver 110 70x, 2.8 torque, just over 43.5 inches, no tipping or extensions, 1 time pull Excellent condition, $115 shipped OBO
  8. Thanks for checking out my ad, please pm me with questions or offers. I ship the next day after payment, or the same day if possible, nice discounts for multiple items Please add $5 for shipments west of Miss. FOR SALE OR TRADE 1. Scotty Cameron 1997 CLN US Prototype #2 34 Inches, original shaft and grip, no headcover Condition is Good 8/10, no bad dings or anything, just gamed SOLD 2. Vokey TVD K Grind 60 Degree Lob Wedge, S200 Shaft, Condition is 7.5-8/10 Shows some face wear but overall its pretty good, head and sole are 8+ SOLD 3. Titleist 915hd 20.5 Degree Hybrid HEAD ONLY 8/10 Condition, no cover $90 shipped 4. Callaway 815 16 Degree 3 Wood, Brand New Speeder 665 Stiff Flex and matching headcover, SOLD 5. Odyssey Black Series #5, Like New 9.9/10 34 Inches, Matching Headcover SOLD 6. Nike Covert 2.0 Tour Head Only Condition is Good 8+/10, Nike Covert headcover included SOLD 7. Odyssey Versa 90 V Line, Brand New 34 Inches, matching headcover included $90 shipped obo 8. Scotty Cameron Sante Fe Putter 33 Inches, no headcover, condition is good 8/10 $145 Shipped OBO 9. Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1.5 34 Inches, no headcover Condition is Good 8+/10 $155 shipped obo 10. Exotics XCG7 Beta 13 Degree 3 Wood Aldila NV 75 Stiff, stand length Condition is Excellent 9++/10 $80 shipped obo
  9. Thanks for checking out my listing, please PM me with questions or offers Callaway PM Grind 60 Degree Wedge KBS Tour V Stiff Flex Standard Length & Lie Lamkin Grip Condition is Very Good-Excellent 8.5++/10 $90 shipped Aldila Rogue Silver 110 RIP I/O Driver Shaft X Flex 60 Grams, 3.4 Torque Callaway 815 Adapter all recent models 44.5 Inches New Decade Grip Condition is Excellent 9+/10 SOLD Callaway XR Pro 18 Degree 5 Wood Project X 6.0 Shaft Standard Length with Original Grip Condition is Excellent 9/10 No headcover $145 Shipped Titleist Vokey SM5 58.08 Wedge, California Chrome M Grind Stock Dynamic Gold Wedge Shaft Standard Length & Lie Condition is Good 8+/10 (pics make it look way worse than it actually is !) $75 shipped Callaway Apex Combo Set 5-PW 5-7 are Apex, 8-PW are Apex Pro 5&6 are in Very Good Condition 8.5+/10 7 Iron is in 7.5+/10 Condition (looks better than the pics show) 8-PW are 8+/10 1 Degree Upright (green paintfill) sold
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