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  1. I have had a Big Moss roll up mat for about 10 yrs, and it’s still in decent shape. It’s been put through it’s paces too. 3 kids, a dog, used inside and outside. I think mine is called the TW model? Maybe 3’ x 12’, with a hole on each end. They are worth a look, because mine has been a great buy for me.
  2. Voke and Titleist gotta sell wedges, period. They can’t make a new line and say it’s not better than the previous. Other than the bounce and grinds, a wedge is a wedge to me for the most part.
  3. In my opinion, the old Adams Idea Pro Blacks are the most “point and shoot” hybrids ever made. Just my humble opinion. They can be had on ebay for like 30 bucks. Shaft of course, will play a role. But these are the one hybrid that never wanted to hook on me.
  4. Definitely Kisner. Or Pat Perez. I’ve always been a fan of CH III as well...but not sure if he’s much of a drinker?
  5. Ben Hogan Apex Plus from ‘99. Apex 4 shafts. Went back to them this year, and they are as good or better for me than anything out there nowadays.
  6. Last year at a Champions Tour event, nearly every player went to the side of the tee box scrounging around for broken tees. After they’d hit, they’d throw the broken tee back over next to the tee marker. I specifically remember this, because it surprised me.
  7. I don’t care that they’re going low. It was a good time being there on Thurs. I liked watching DJ, but I’m cool with watching Rod Pampling and Cody Gribble too. Just happy to have a tourney in Michigan again. My only gripe was that my kid and I couldn’t get real food until 10:00. I wanted a burger for breakfast at 8:30.
  8. Going Thursday with my 12-yr old son. Pretty excited to finally have a tournament back in Michigan. I used to go to the Buick every year at Warwick. Never been to Detroit CC. It will be a big deal for my son. He still thinks I hit it pretty good. Wait til he sees these guys in person. I’m guessing they go pretty low this week.
  9. egehoski

    Odyssey PT82

    > @DrJACOB said: > I have the same BeCu Cleveland designed by as above except in Left hand (rare to find). The shape is as close to the DBAP or the old 8802. The new 8802 is stainless steal with a deep milled face therefore offering a different feel. > > After contributing to this thread, I pulled it my PT 82 out last night on my indoor green. My eyes really follow the sight line along my intended ball path. The sight line is not only on the flange but also the top post. The Line should come together as one if your eyes are in the proper position. Not 2 slightly separ
  10. egehoski

    Odyssey PT82

    Tell you what, I just got a used lefty PT-82 last week. I’ve been putting in the house on my green with it quite a bit, vs my regular Cleveland Designed By putter. It’s different. Not bad different, but just a different feel. I can’t say it’s softer, but it’s a totally different feel/sound with that insert. The sightline doesn’t bug me too much, but with my flatter stroke it ends up looking like 2 slightly separate lines. I’ve been holing putts, but I’m not gonna put it in the bag over my Cleveland anytime soon. I’ve tried most of the heel shafted putters available to lefties like me. I’ve ne
  11. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to see how this will play out in my world yet, because I live in Michigan. I’ve left the flag in playing solo, when I’m just cruising through a quick 9. But I want it out when I’m playing a real round. Just my preference. I do know that not everyone plays at courses with perfect cups and flagsticks. It could be a real pain if guys keep straightening the flag prior to putting. Just a thought. I guess I’ll see how it plays out when league season starts up here. But me personally, I’m not into it. (Advantage or not)
  12. I spent a lot of years and money trying a ton of putters, before I realized the Cleveland Designed By that was in my basement was the putter I should be using. To me, it’s just simpler. Everything is easier for me with a blade. Distance control, accuracy. I still try other putters, because that’s just the nature of the beast. But I always go back to the blade. It fits my stroke. I tend to leave the face open with a mallet or any of the bigger spaceship looking putters. Long live the blade.
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