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  1. What made you switch the to the ventus. Same two shafts I am testing right now in my Tsi3. Fwiw I got an atmos black in my 3 wood.
  2. What promo code you guys using? Only see a 10% off.
  3. Appreciate the PM and taking care of me. To your point I think it would eventually work its way out but was being careful to not damage another weight.
  4. Has anyone has an issues with the weights. I dropped one on the floor when i was screwing it off and it took a nick out of the thread making it hard to get back on now. Other than that I am loving the trainer so far≥
  5. Wonder if it has to do with the stiffer handle section in the vb and those players not being able to load it making it spin more than the black.
  6. That makes sense to me. Vb is definitely super stable across the different weight classes.
  7. Wonder if that is why a lot of the tour pros are going ventus black in 6 over 7 due to the balance point and the 7x being on the lines of counterbalanced.
  8. Where are you guys getting your weights from?
  9. Perfect. That was my plan. Once I settle on a shaft and length I will most likely get it melted.
  10. I think it is just of the flexes are exotic. Like the 7.0. 6.5 should be standard.
  11. Anyone tried putting multiple weights in the tsi3? I play my driver 44.5” and even with the +4 swingweight still lower than I like.
  12. Anyone been able to find a good place to order weights for the tsi3 driver?
  13. Where is everyone ordering these from?
  14. 1. Baltimore, Md 2. 9 3. zx7 3. Yes, would love too 4. Taylormade p750 5. Forged and the compact design with added forgiveness 6. Absolutely
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