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  1. Looking for the +2 or +4 weight.
  2. Looking for 35” in good shape.
  3. Perfect. That was my plan. Once I settle on a shaft and length I will most likely get it melted.
  4. I think it is just of the flexes are exotic. Like the 7.0. 6.5 should be standard.
  5. Anyone tried putting multiple weights in the tsi3? I play my driver 44.5” and even with the +4 swingweight still lower than I like.
  6. Anyone been able to find a good place to order weights for the tsi3 driver?
  7. 1. Baltimore, Md 2. 9 3. zx7 3. Yes, would love too 4. Taylormade p750 5. Forged and the compact design with added forgiveness 6. Absolutely
  8. I believe ping lists cut weight and now raw. My guess that is the difference.
  9. Agreed on the shafts being real deal in both. AV series reminds me of the D+ series the oems use to use. It is a new version of the pro series without the premium materials that was specifically made to a stock option.
  10. Looking for a set 4-pw project x 6.5 shafts. Over standard be ideal.
  11. Got a few items up for sale today and prices obo. Only trades be a ventus black hybrid or fairway wood in x or sm8 low bounce k. 1. Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum mid slant. This one I never got to refinishing. It comes with a shaft and Winn grip and plays 35.5”. Looking for sold Cleveland Rtx4 raw wedge set. 52, 56, 60 mid bounce. This are in great shape. Shafts are Nippon modus 130 x and play a half inch long. Standard loft and lie. Grip on 60 is Gpmc and 52 and 60 have utx midsize. Sold 3. Diamana df 70 tx 41.5”. It has a 3/4” butt extension. Not sure of tip
  12. Looking for a 5 wood head only ideally.
  13. Interested to see when txg does the lst video. The max video was pretty impressive for where Matt was striking it. I played the 400 and 410lst. Wondering with the drop in spin with a low spin shaft the max will be the ticket.
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