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  1. CLOSED 7. TaylorMade ATV 52* & 56*. Retail serial heads, but they are shafted with Tour Issue S400's & Tour Velvet Cord grips, logo down. There is a 1/2" extension in the 52*. (52*: 35.75", D4.) (56*: 35 3/8", D5.) I just can't seem to do 4 wedges! 52* is SOLD! 56* available $75 shipped.
  2. Eatonton, GA 31024 +2 RAC MB TP ZTP TI DG X100 105 -no idea, hit 6i 180yds Mid-high Mid-high
  3. "What's your lowest price shipped to 55555?" I have responded with "What's the highest amount you'll send to paypal [email protected]?"
  4. Going out of town for the weekend. Will answer all PMs as soon as I can.
  5. I still game a full set of these myself. It might have been a minor flop on the retail side as far as sales go for TaylorMade, but they are still in the bag of many a tour pro. I think that proves that with the right setup they are hard to beat. I do wish extra faces were easier to get though. I think that is the only failure by TaylorMade on these. Could have kept it going with different grooves / finishes on the faces.
  6. You are 100% correct on this one. Tour Issue ATV serials end with T & don't start with it. Raw or standard finish.
  7. This would be an awesome addition to the collection!!! [attachment=1619113:image.jpg]
  8. Behind 18 green in 97' when Fluff set Tiger's bag down right in front of me. I was a club ho then as I am now so I was fully checking out what he was playing (MP 14/29 combo, with raw 588's)....but when I looked up Tiger was right there & gave me the ball from his pocket that he finished the round with. Think it was the 3rd round that year. Still have it in a case! Titleist Professional 90 with "TIGER" stamped on it.
  9. Plus if those are S400 or X100 they were made before they changed the graphics to start 2012 with flex on the silkscreen label. They will eventually show major signs of wear, but I don't think they are fake at all.
  10. On #2 I can cut it to your desired length & grip it no charge.
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