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  1. I haven’t lost any distance in other clubs. They are actually up, pw 155ish i just turned 29, I can promise that the getting older is not causing it. I probably just need to get my numbers rather than guessing
  2. Yep, same thing I was doing. I don’t think this transition as caused me to add much spin. But it more like ballooning for sure. I’m starting to wonder if the lower lofted driver head and maybe lower launching shaft would get my distance back
  3. Ok, I have a local place I could get those numbers from. I for sure are hitting up on the ball way more, I tend to get quick and slide. I’ve been working on staying behind the ball better and I believe that could have me hitting to far up on the ball if that could be another cause
  4. I lost probably 15 yards this year on my driver. I started again with lessons and am playing the best golf of my life. I’ve always been in the high 290s in driver distance but this year I have increase my launch angle. I’m hitting all shots way higher than I ever have driver specifically. current setup is cobra f9 with oban white o4 set at 10.5 do you think I could get the 9 degree head with a different launch angle or could I try a lower launching shaft? Any suggestions
  5. I am planning on getting fitted for iron shafts in the near future. I’m pretty sure I’m due for X flex and want to make sure before making a mistake. I have a true spec right around the corner and will be going there. This will be my first fitting and the question I have before booking is the iron heads themselves how much impact would that make. I have a fairly new set of titles it CBs that I personally really like. Do I need to go in knowing that this process will cause me to get different heads or is it possible to just keep mine and order shafts?
  6. I’m going to give a mini driver a go, I don’t carry a 3 wood and have a slot for a club so maybe this could be a fairway finder. My question is if you were going to buy a after market shaft for it would you buy a 3 wood shaft or a driver shaft? Also do people typically play these heavier than their driver? I play the diamana b series 60X in my driver
  7. Decided to sell a couple items to fund a purchase. Not looking for any trades at this time. Scotty Cameron future 7M 35in 9/10, just doesn't work for me. $255 shipped Oban Kiyoshi White 65g 04 flex with cobra driver shaft adapter $180 shipped Srixon U45 20 degree driving iron, recoil 110 f4 shaft $80 shipped Callaway X hot 3 wood with original flowerband whiteboard shaft 73g stiff $80 shipped
  8. I think 50 would be plenty
  9. I’m thinking about picking up a shag bag. I’ve seen the titleist ones, but I’d rather not spend that much for something I would not get a ton of use from. Does anyone have a cheap option that would do the job? Maybe some type of soft cooler, just something that would zip or be magnetic to hold all of the balls in. thanks in advance
  10. sellkng to fund a 2 hybrid I purchased. Club is in great shape with a brand new mcc align midsize. srixon u45 20 degree ust recoil 110 f4z $100 shipped
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