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  1. http://shop.callawaygolf.com/drivers-razr-fit-xtreme-udesign/drivers-razr-fit-xtreme-udesign,default,pd.html?genderHand=Mens%2FRight&a71=5884&option-1711-CEX-60=11975&option-1710-CEX-60=11970&option-1713-CEX-60=12038&option-1713-CEX-60=12030&option-1713-CEX-60-value-12030=WE%20ARE%20SPARTA!!!!&option-shaft-manufacturer=Aldila&option-shaft-model=Aldila%20RIPD%20NV%2065%20Graphite&option-54-CEX-60=11066-139-5705&option-3-CEX-60=6817&option-grip-manufacturer=Golf%20Pride&option-2-CEX-60=11509 Name: Spartan Pride (Michigan St. Spartan fan) Specs: RH 8.5* RAZR Fit Xtreme at 45.5"Aldila RIPD NV siff, Golf Pride NDMC black white 8 wraps Etching: THIS IS SPARTA!!
  2. Quick back story: Me: 6'6" way too heavy for my liking, working on that issue. I have sever back problems due to scoliosis surgery which put 2 metal rods in my back as well as fusing my spine from just below the base of my neck all the way down. My flexibility is needless to say next to nothing, pain after a round is high, but my love of the game makes me power through it all. Issue: Not really an issue, but I finally saved up the money to get a set which is longer length than standard and a little more upright lie, not saying I absolutely need this exact setup, but it's a start to finding something that might help. I've been playing with a set of MX-20's for years now, all stock with some success, my biggest compliment from everyone is how well my iron swings are. I'm not perfect, but I have been told my swing form is very nice in flow and function. My ball striking is getting very good this year and I'm very happy with how well I'm finding the clubface right now. So I've picked up a mixed set of MP57 long irons MP67 short irons, 2 inches over std, 2* upright. My question is simple, with such a big transition between sets, I plan on just practicing with the new set in small increments until I feel comfortable. But I'm wondering where I should start? With both two types of irons, as well as a whole new setup with length and lie, should I start at one end of the set over the other? I'm playing well right now, not great but with a small sample size this year I've been playing slightly better than +9 golf for 18 lately, my ball striking is good but I know with the changes it will go down moving away from the MX-20 which is very game improvement oriented. Just trying to figure out a game plan to make an easy transition into the new set once I figure out what setup is correct for me. Thanks, James
  3. I'm not no the best internet right now so my search function is not working right otherwise I'd just look this up. I'm looking to get some lead tape in order to experiment with my driver some more and see if I can find a happy medium. I love my driver but I think a few more SW points might help as I just installed a XL jumbomax grip and I'm using an 80g devotion. I'm a bigger guy so the 80g shaft really helps me feel the club through my swing, the larger grip allows me to relax more with my hands as I wear a 3xl glove which is still too tight. The problem I'm having now is with my relaxed grip I feel the shaft weight find, but I'm starting to lose the head weight as my speed increases, this is causing me to follow up instead of through at impact and my drives are getting higher and higher unless I slow way down. On to the topic now, Which lead tape is the best to get, I see lead foil in various widths, as well as heavy weight lead tape. Also, if anyone can let me know about how much lead tape it takes to add one gram I would appreciate it (for whatever width)
  4. I love the rust/patina look on my callaway I get, that is until I take a shot in the sand with it and the wedge comes out nearly clean and raw again lol
  5. Yes I was hoping they would have replaced with a $40 or $50 option because the regular price on them was $45 for the bucket
  6. [quote name='RJRJRJ' timestamp='1338972876' post='5039586'] [quote name='bbtt123' timestamp='1338966517' post='5039500'] I didn't pay $9 for the bucket, it was $30 on sale. The normal price per dozen were in fact the same as the ones I suggested, so I get faulted for both the mistake they made, plus buying during a sale they advertised? [/quote] Why did you only get a $9 refund on a $30 bucket? Im a little bit confused. How much did you actually pay? Why is the bucket called a Z-UR [b]MIX[/b]? Does than mean Z-UR + some random Srixons? Did they offer to send you a return label for a refund? Maybe an offer to pay a few bucks more for a different model? (mainly because NXT Tour is definitely a more desirable ball, even if its from the same period). What about just replacing the 20 poor quality balls? Ive had great experience with them, including an issue that I had, and find it strange that they would drop the ball the way you explain it. [/quote] The z-ur was a tour caliber ball before the z star of now, the mix was of the different models they offered (s and c which were spin and control models like prov1 and prov1x) the total order was over $100 and the z-ur was $30 for the bucket.
  7. I didn't pay $9 for the bucket, it was $30 on sale. The normal price per dozen were in fact the same as the ones I suggested, so I get faulted for both the mistake they made, plus buying during a sale they advertised?
  8. [quote name='glfpunk' timestamp='1338933592' post='5036920'] I hear you on the mixed balls. But still. You ordered a 50 ball bucket of 4+ year old used golf balls and out of 50, 8 were another model of Srixon because they didn't have enough of the Z-ur mix available. It just seems like not that big of a deal. Did you attempt or did they offer a return and refund? Seems like that would be the way to go if they can't meet your demands. [/quote] the problem isn't the 8, its the 20 total which are not even close to what I ordered. I understand it seems like not much, but 40% of any quantity is an issue. The Zur is a quality ball, I was trying to go the replacement route to save the sale and keep my outlook on them positive, I asked about the NXT tour 2008 which was a similar ball, and was outright told I was wrong about them being a comparable product. I took the $9 refund, parted ways and that will be that, but from a customer service side of it, they are completely failing by refusing to even look at my side of the issue.
  9. Well I took the refund of $9 and will walk away from this situation. In the end it's not even a ball issue now, but a lack of customer relations from them. Mint quality 3 piece for a great price and I'm suppose to settle for 30 3 piece semi-mint and 20 lower quality third tier balls? Would be similar to buying prov1 mint and getting DT solo which are scuffed up and saying your ok with it.
  10. [quote name='glfpunk' timestamp='1338923531' post='5035760'] Sounds like you're overreacting a bit. Those are old balls. Didn't they quit making them in 2008? It's not really an even trade off to expect a newer 3 piece ball that's in a different price range as a replacement for a 4 year old ball. I don't know what you expected in a 50 ball mixed bucket of 4 year old golf balls. You get what you pay for is what I'm getting at. The fact they offered to replace any of them at all is kind of a bonus. It's odd to me that someone who's been a happy customer for years would pull the "I'm taking my business elsewhere" attitude based on a single incident involving a mixed bucket of old golf balls not looking as brand new as you hoped. [/quote] Had they been labeled as 2nd quality I would be ok with that, but the attitude they have with me for suggesting a similar ball is where I have a problem. I understand the Srixon's are older, but my suggested replacement was along the lines of the HX line which is also of the same age, all of my suggestions were of balls which were comparable at the same time period, so am I overreacting when one of my suggestions is the NXT tour 2008 and their response treats me like I said I wanted NIB proV1's? I have been a happy customer, but the customer service they have shown will make me look elsewhere, or should I say lack of customer service. It was a mix bucket of the Z-ur series 1st quality, I wasn't expecting brand new, but they are a 3 piece ball which still is a performer, yet they send me 2 piece mixed in, plus balls which should have been added to the 3rd quality bin.
  11. For the past few years I've either ordered my golf balls from Lostgolfballs.com or placed orders on friends accounts when they are picking up some stuff to help push us into free shipping range. Previous years I've had huge success with 2nd grade balls coming in looking amazing, usually 10% are shag worthy and another 5-10% are friend worthy and the rest are amazing for full time play. Last week I ordered Callaway Tour I 2nd quality and to push me into free shipping I got a 50 bucket of Srixon Z-ur mix to give to my girlfriends father as he is golfing more this year. They had 1st quality balls for for a great price, so I figured a nice 3 piece ball with a good cover would be a great gesture. Well I got them yesterday and my callaway 100 bucket panned out about what I expected, 2nd quality and I really only separated 8-10 balls total as the rest looked almost new. The Srixon Z-ur's were a completely other story. Out of 50 balls, 20 of them were either chewed up by wedges or cart paths like crazy, had covers bubbling off them, or THEY WERE NOT EVEN THE RIGHT BALL! 8 of the 20 were ad333 or just said "distance" on them. So I emailed them and explained the problem, they contacted me and said they were out of the Z-UR but would offer a replacement, so I asked for a replacement of the same caliber. They respond with replacing them with either Callaway Warbird or the AD333, both 2 piece balls. I asked for a replacement of a similar 3 piece ball with a decent cover and they respond that the suggestions I made were superior products and would be unacceptable in their eyes. So getting 1st grade balls in which 8 of them are not even the correct ball and 12 of them look like they went through a meat grinder is acceptable? By far the worst customer service I have had to deal with, they fail to see that replacing an item should not be solely based upon price, especially when it was a sale price they came up with. Maybe I'm wrong, but I have worked in customer relations positions my whole work history and I'm just amazed how I'm being treated. Taking my business elsewhere for sure.
  12. [quote name='markjinc' timestamp='1338342631' post='4997912'] I feel golf is a gentleman's game. Dress like a gentleman, respect the game. Wear your cargo shorts and untucked shirt bowling. Would you wear that get-up to a business lunch? No, because it's disrespectful. Don't disrespect the game. Just one gentalman's opinion. [/quote] I wear khakis and a polo when I bowl, back during the booming age for bowling, slacks and a dress shirt were normal for guys and girls wore dresses mostly. I don't play at high dollar courses so I could care less what people wear on the course, mainly because I'm there to enjoy my game, not to try and dress pretty for other guys to look at me (seems weird to me I guess). As long as you are keeping pace or courteous enough to allow me to play through, I'm fine. In my experience it's usually the ones who think by dressing above the rest means they play without anyone else on the course so they spend time posting every shot and trying to be "perfect". I'm sorry but if your wearing a $80 belt buckle and posing every shot on a $30 course you have attention issues, I get tired of waiting on the box for guys who are posing after every swing hoping one of their playing partners compliments them on how well their a** looks in the new slacks, that is only as long as they tuck the shirt in, but then again that goes without saying it's a must.
  13. [quote name='eppey' timestamp='1337971529' post='4977564'] I'm not sure why jumbo grips would be a joke. Using what fits you is the correct thing to do. If you where a XXXL glove you should probably be using XXXL grips. Grips are made larger with more layers of tape under the grip. Although it can be a pain, that's how it's done. [/quote] It's not that jumbo grips as a category are seen as a joke, but rather the specific jumbomax brand as it is targeted to normal golfers with hands which fit their profile. My hand doesnt even come close to near the chart they have on the website. My post is more specifically geared towards findind out how I can replicate if needed, as well as wondering if the conventional theory of oversize grips making your hands quite might also apply to very undersize grips keeping your hands quite. obviously my xxxl hands need xxxl grips, but the standard in which we operate right now in golf is still very undersized compared to what I have seen now giving me better results. I guess my uphill battle with golf has transisitioned from finding golf shoes in a 17/18 (pending on maker) to finding grips and gloves which will fit my hands.
  14. [quote name='BuzzKillington' timestamp='1338039363' post='4980790'] I've been checking, waiting for a good deal. LGB now has Nike One Tour D 100 ball buckets for $54.99 for AAAA. Add the coupon code and that's a pretty good deal. They have some other deals on 100 ball buckets. Just a heads up. [/quote] I snagged a 100 bucket of both Tour D and Cally Tour I plus a 50 bucket of URx for a friends birthday, I've never had a bad shipment from them in the past few years, usually order a 100 each year to get me thru the season. I do miss the onion sack sales they used to have, once they had a buy one get one on the sacks and I snagged over 400 balls to give away to friends, couldnt beat 100 balls for under $20, all being bridgestone b330's at that.
  15. I'm still gaming my MX20's and really see a minimal upgrade when I try new irons. I can turn the ball both ways with the 20's and get more forgiveness than I'll ever need. I'm hitting my PW 150-155 with them which is honestly the biggest reason I'm not even looking at new irons. The way I see it, as long as you take care of your irons and cannot see a vast improvement when trying others, there really isnt a reason to move away from what brought you to the dance at that time. I clean them religously and use my groove cutter tool on them a few times a year to keep any knicks on the edges from getting bad.
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