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  1. [quote name='corky' timestamp='1409672373' post='10049883'] first pic is not funny.....unless you laugh at other people's genetic differances..... it's also sexist as you wouldn't laiugh if was the other way round.... [/quote] Get a life.
  2. Its decent. Not only do you have to control how far back you take the club you also have to control your speed going forward. Its harder than any other golf game. I still hit some shots that just go horribly wrong and I don't know why. Tour mode is broken as I get an error first round every time. Tournament and regular play is fine. Its worth the $30.
  3. 7 year break, played 1 year and now 3 months into the next break.
  4. No one to play with. All my friends have stopped golfing. I don't enjoy playing by myself much anymore.
  5. I've got some recoils and they are nice. I think hitting off mats is destroying my arms.
  6. I've actually quit playing golf for the time being, 3 months now, but I'm still buying equipment.
  7. Sick 906! Great fairway. Looks excellent.
  8. [quote name='woods991' timestamp='1408993621' post='10005129'] just go out and play golf and have fun doing it again, period. [/quote] This, and add to it if you no longer enjoy golf then its okay to stop and enjoy your life.
  9. [quote name='corky' timestamp='1408362739' post='9955791'] [quote name='Maaaaaardy' timestamp='1408362281' post='9955775'] If it happens I won't complain, means I can actually watch players I want to see play the game. [/quote] and maybe the Bababooyeee boys will stay at home [/quote] Idiot followed Linciacome(spelling) all day. Those folks need immediate removal from the course.
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